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Michael is a Guitar instructor at JamPlay.com

Michael Nomad Ripoll has 104 guitar lessons and videos at JamPlay, with 104 intermediate lessons. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Michael "Nomad" Ripoll dives deep in to the Rhythm & Blues, Funk, and Soul genres that were made popular by artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, and James Brown. Nomad's approach is to take techniques and ideas you may already play in other genres and look at how paying attention to subtle nuances can make all the difference when you're gettin' funky! Enjoy dozens of tips, playing ideas and other licks and apply them over spot on, genre-specific backing tracks.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Michael "Nomad" Ripoll dives deep into the rhythm & blues, funk, and soul genres that...

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Lesson 2

Nomad's Toolbox

You gotta have the tone! Nomad breaks down his sound, talks about amps, and plays with...

Length: 17:23
Lesson 3


Nomad sets up a chill vibe with his first of many genre-specific techniques. He explains...

Length: 18:12
Lesson 4


Quick upstrokes...percussive triads...you can call them anything you'd like. "Chanks"...

Length: 10:02
Lesson 5


Nomad discusses the importance of simple, muted rhythm playing in rhythm & blues. Then,...

Length: 13:31
Lesson 6


Nomad discusses how to add chord extensions inside of and outside of basic chord forms...

Length: 21:28
Lesson 7


The funkiest and most fundamental techniques of all is here! Learn how to groove, how...

Length: 10:15
Lesson 8

Skratch 'n Stab

Building on the popular "skratchin'" technique discussed in the last lesson, Nomad demonstrates...

Length: 8:01
Lesson 9


The FUNKIEST and nastiest off all techniques in the funk world..."skankin'"! Learn what...

Length: 13:22
Lesson 10

Chicken Pickin'

Ever listen to an R&B tune and you hear this anonymous groovy guitar in the background...

Length: 16:06
Lesson 11

Curly Q's

Learn a trademark R&B-style way of embellishing common chord forms. Once you understand...

Length: 23:59
Lesson 12

Inversions From Mars,...

You've seen him use them in all his lessons so far. You've heard the effect they have...

Length: 11:41
Lesson 13

Inversions From Mars,...

Nomad continues his study of inversions by discussing different kinds of chords, pentatonic...

Length: 13:53
Lesson 14

Wiggles and Worms

Nomad looks at a specific way of using slides and vibrato that emulates the sound of some...

Length: 10:30
Lesson 15

Slippin' & Slidin'

Sliding -- such a basic concept for most. Once again, Nomad presents the nuances of this...

Length: 9:27
Lesson 16

Rubber Band Man

Nomad deconstructs another basic technique - the bend. Learn how the great funksters and...

Length: 10:42
Lesson 17


Another trait of classic funk and R&B is the rhythmic use of octaves. Nomad covers the...

Length: 18:01
Lesson 18

3rd Theory of Revolution:...

Nomad pays tribute to one of the great funk masters of our time, Prince! Nomad discusses...

Length: 9:09
Lesson 19

3rd Theory of Revolution:...

Nomad continues in Prince-like fashion and for the first time in this series, he cranks...

Length: 7:01
Lesson 20

In The Pocket, Cop A...

Nomad discusses the unique role that guitarists have in Funkdom. He demonstrates what...

Length: 12:48
Lesson 21

Puzzle Funk

Skratchin', skankin', strummies...If you've been keeping up with this series, you've learned...

Length: 15:38
Lesson 22

Cuttin' Heads

There's not a lot of soloing in funk or R&B, but when there is, you gotta step out and...

Length: 9:08
Lesson 23

Cuttin' Heads: Advanced...

Nomad turns it up even more with some modal and fusion-influenced ideas to set your lead...

Length: 10:06
Lesson 24

Far Out - Wah

You've seen and heard him apply the wah in the funkiest of contexts during this series....

Length: 4:33
Lesson 25

Far Out - Delay

Nomad once again deals with the 'nuances'. Delay is used in too many settings to count....

Length: 7:21
Lesson 26

Far Out - Effects Wrap...

Nomad looks at how even more effects are used in the funk genre while demonstrating how...

Length: 3:33
Lesson 27

Acoustic Guitar with...

Nomad takes the next four lessons to discuss the unique role that the acoustic guitar...

Length: 15:21
Lesson 28

Slaps & Curly Q's

Build on the basic R&B-tinged acoustic vibe Nomad established in the previous lesson by...

Length: 6:07
Lesson 29

Percussive Techniques

Nomad changes up the acoustic groove a bit by introducing several percussive techniques...

Length: 7:44
Lesson 30

Acoustic R&B: Put It...

Take all the techniques and chordal ideas you learned in the previous three lessons on...

Length: 8:00
Theory and Improvisation

Learn how to use modes in your playing with Nomad's simple 3 step process! Get the knowledge, apply the knowledge and start playing some sweet solos!

Lesson 1

Series Intro: Modes...

The modes may look and sound like magic, but once you have the tools to practice and apply...

Length: 7:12
Lesson 2

Learn the Notes!

Before getting too deep into the modal mysteries, Nomad lays down some groundwork. Before...

Length: 6:50
Lesson 3

Learn Accidental-y

Add sharps and flats into the note learning drill. Take it slow, and take your time! Learning...

Length: 9:34
Lesson 4

The Chomp

Get the hands nice and warm before the scales come. When you're warmed up, you think less...

Length: 11:05
Lesson 5

The Caterpillar

Take on this finger twisting warm up after trying "The Chomp". Add a few more warm ups...

Length: 6:59
Lesson 6

The Trilogy

Further laying the groundwork for modal magic, Nomad introduces a way to practice position...

Length: 13:25
Lesson 7

CAGED and the Fretboard

Now that you've practiced your scales, chords, and arpeggios in open position, it's time...

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Lesson 8

Greece Wasn't Built...

Before you scale modal mountains, you need to know the patterns! Nomad takes you through...

Length: 16:01
Lesson 9

SCA & Modal Magic

Now apply the "SCA" method you learned with the CAGED major scale patterns to the modal...

Length: 9:42
Lesson 10

Be a Little Cooler

You can only sound so cool with the basic major and minor sounds. Nomad invites you to...

Length: 9:34
Lesson 11

Play Them from the 5th...

Now take the same concepts you've been practicing with the modal patterns based on the...

Length: 13:26
Lesson 12

Two String Modal Runs

Breaking out of box patterns is difficult for any guitarist at one point or another. Learning...

Length: 14:07
Lesson 13

The Rest of the Runs

Nomad finishes demonstrating and explaining the two string runs on the lower two sets...

Length: 9:00
Lesson 14

Three Octaves of Fun

Take the two string runs and apply them in three octave sequences! This is another great...

Length: 9:33
Lesson 15

Three Octaves of Arpeggio...

Nomad introduces this new, challenging exercise in which you take each mode in series...

Length: 7:10
Lesson 16

Modal Patterns in 3rds

In this next mini series of lessons, Nomad explains how to play the modal patterns in...

Length: 21:34
Lesson 17

Modal Patterns in 4ths

The fingering of this sequence is tricky! Nomad presents the modal patterns played in...

Length: 11:38
Lesson 18

Modal Patterns in 5ths

We're working our way up! There are bigger gaps and more stretches here. Make these drills...

Length: 8:07
Lesson 19

Modal Patterns in 6ths

The 6th interval is one of the most musical and sweet sounding note relationships to be...

Length: 8:09
Lesson 20

Modal Patterns in 7ths

This won't be fun, but it will be useful! The 7th interval is awkward and weird sounding...

Length: 8:29
Lesson 21

Modal Patterns in Octaves

This is the last lesson of its kind in this series...We promise! There are not as many...

Length: 7:21
Lesson 22

Parallel Universe

If you've made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS! You've graduated from the realm of modes...

Length: 13:00
Lesson 23

Let's Major on the Minors

Continuing in the introduction to your new parallel universe, Nomad shows you the theory...

Length: 5:34
Lesson 24

Stranger Qualities

Each mode has 'key tones' that give the mode its signature sound. Nomad continues to explore...

Length: 14:43
Lesson 25

Living in Harmony

Just like modes have unique scale tones that define their sound, they also have a chord...

Length: 18:20
Lesson 26

The Reveal

This is where it all comes together! Commit the 3 simple steps shared in this lesson to...

Length: 4:01
Lesson 27

Play Those Modes!

Ok! You've graduated into the realm of real modal understanding! Now it's time to play...

Length: 13:25
Lesson 28

Phun with Phrygian

Nomad walks through the three 'magical' steps while working with a Phrygian track. Watch...

Length: 9:50
Lesson 29

Love Me Some Lydian

Ahh, the ethereal and slightly spooky nature of Lydian... Move right along with Nomad's...

Length: 7:19
Lesson 30

Lydian Has a Cousin

Well, maybe their names sound similar, but their tonalities can sound quite different!...

Length: 8:19
Lesson 31

Good Ol' Minor...Aeolian

'Tis one of the most recognizable sounds in guitar history, but with your new found modal...

Length: 6:35
Lesson 32

Save the Weirdest for...

The uncommon and just plain strange sounding mode finishes off this segment of the series....

Length: 8:05
Lesson 33

Modal Mystery #1

And now...YOU get to put all your modal knowledge to work in these last lessons! Nomad...

Length: 8:46
Lesson 34

Modal Mystery #2

Are you warmed up yet?...Good! You'll learn NOTHING about the track Nomad is to play over....

Length: 5:07
Lesson 35

Modal Mystery #3

They're getting trickier! Continue to test your own modal mind with this third example....

Length: 7:36
Lesson 36

Modal Mystery #4

This is the final test (but not the final lesson) in Nomad's Modal Magic Show! Figure...

Length: 6:18

"How does he make his guitar sound like THAT?" Have you ever asked that question when just hearing someone strum the guitar. There is a polish and an sheen to their playing that seems like it comes straight off of a recording. This series teaches you to play with THAT sound over many examples that span popular music throughout its greatest decades, including present day acoustic pop.

Lesson 1

Define Pop Music Please!

"How does he make his guitar sound like THAT?" Have you ever asked that question when...

Length: 9:19
Lesson 2

The Slow Strum

Dial it back, slow it down and REALLY focus on your strumming mechanics, even if you already...

Length: 12:51
Lesson 3

Be Free With It

Nomad stresses the concept of honing in on something, internalizing it, and then forgetting...

Length: 14:29
Lesson 4

In Between Is A Dream

Pick up the tempo on the strumming a little in this lesson. Learn how to create a mid-tempo...

Length: 4:17
Lesson 5

The Ghost In The Stroke

When it comes to strumming, what you don't play is just as important as what you do play....

Length: 8:26
Lesson 6

Have a Blast, Be Fast

Kick up the tempo tracker just a bit and practice some Americana style strumming. It's...

Length: 12:35
Lesson 7

Forward Motion

It's time to apply that age old Nomadian principle of taking what you've learned over...

Length: 21:56
Lesson 8

Fingerpickin' Good

We've spent a fair amount of time on strumming so far. Now it's time to focus on another...

Length: 14:44
Lesson 9

Finger Focus

In the last lesson, the goal was to get started on fingerpicking without thinking too...

Length: 18:49
Lesson 10

Finger Families

Your fingers will now be working together, separately! Learn to strike two strings or...

Length: 9:19
Lesson 11

Finger Roll

Work with a very specific fingerpicking pattern while using a moveable chord shape to...

Length: 10:18
Lesson 12


Learn a classic fingerpicking pattern that is a lot like a particular Beatles song. Get...

Length: 11:44
Lesson 13

Something in Common

Improving efficiency while playing your guitar is always a good thing. This lesson focuses...

Length: 10:32
Lesson 14

C, We're the Same!

Ground yourself in the Key of C and "C" how many ways you can join common tones in your...

Length: 12:52
Lesson 15

Common Tone Grab Bag

Now, Nomad takes you on a creative journey! Using his decades of experience in pop music,...

Length: 13:20
Lesson 16

From E to Shining E

Due to the many open strings that can be left to ring out when strumming all the strings,...

Length: 8:06
Lesson 17


Take the key of E to the next level! Nomad presents a few more ideas that are a bit more...

Length: 7:28
Lesson 18

'A' Is for Almost Anything

The key of A is another one of those keys that can be really fun to play in! That low...

Length: 15:06
Lesson 19

Sounds in D

We've looked at the keys of A and E. Now we'll look at the rich and deep world of D. Using...

Length: 11:04
Lesson 20

Chord Flavor Grab Bag

We've spent some time focusing on what can be done in specific keys with open strings...

Length: 7:42
Lesson 21

Fingerpicking Grab Bag

The last lesson took many of the chord ideas discussed in the previous lessons and got...

Length: 10:01
Lesson 22

Neighboring Melodies

Unlock the melodic potential within simple chords. Accomplish this by looking at the chord...

Length: 11:00
Lesson 23

Rhythmic Variations

Sometimes strumming can get a bit boring. Sometimes fingerpicking can be a bit too calm...

Length: 19:09
Lesson 24

Between the Lines

Get your pick ready and practice incorporating single picked notes into your strum patterns....

Length: 11:45
Lesson 25

Mayer May Not Be

Mix up some fingerpicking, a little slap, and some chord melodies and you have a John...

Length: 6:39
Lesson 26

His Name Was Travis

Nothing accompanies a simple melodic song idea like the Travis picking technique. Nomad...

Length: 9:43
Lesson 27

Upside, Downside

What happens when you turn a chord upside down? What happens when you rearrange the notes?...

Length: 16:28
Lesson 28

Listen to the Inversion

Look at how inversions are laid out on the lower string and then hear some ways that those...

Length: 14:08
Lesson 29

Sound Familiar?

Nomad shares a handful of examples of inversion from various pop songs written in the...

Length: 9:03
Lesson 30

Yes, Less Is More

In recent pop music, the acoustic guitar can almost sound like it has been sampled...and...

Length: 10:42
Lesson 31

Altered State of String...

Get a taste of how to apply simple alternate tunings to your popular music melodies and...

Length: 15:21
Lesson 32

Harmonious Harmonics

Learn some simple, yet artistic ways to incorporate natural harmonics into your playing....

Length: 9:32
Lesson 33

Nothing To Do

Working in the style of Jason Mraz, Nomad offers a groovy, laid back track that will bring...

Length: 4:50
Lesson 34

Tom's Petty

Learn and experience the fun in playing some flowing and free feeling strum patterns inspired...

Length: 6:04
Lesson 35


Learn a complete original song by Nomad called "Nomad". If you like John Mayer and catchy...

Length: 8:48
Lesson 36

I'm Sorry

Hybrid fingerpicking, slaping, and some groovy strumming will have you making music with...

Length: 6:37
Lesson 37

In The Garden

Yes, there are acoustic guitars in songs that Katy Perry and the like sing over. Put...

Length: 8:18
Lesson 38

Why Do I Still Love...

Slow down and cool off for this Country-tinged travis picking track. Keeping things in...

Length: 5:57
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Learn more About Michael Nomad Ripoll

Michael "Nomad" Ripoll is a consummate professional in the music industry with a list of credits and accomplishments that span decades. Best known as a masterful guitar virtuoso who has played with a seemingly endless list of the most respected names in the music world, Michael has always strived to exceed the boundaries of a traditional musician’s career by proactively seeking and securing opportunities to excel in other facets of the industry.

Michael "Nomad" Ripoll is a consummate professional in the music industry with a list of credits and accomplishments that span decades. Best known as a masterful guitar virtuoso who has played with a seemingly endless list of the most respected names in the music world, Michael has always strived to exceed the boundaries of a traditional musician’s career by proactively seeking and securing opportunities to excel in other facets of the industry.

While he remains an artist and singer-songwriter first, Michael also operates as the Musical Director for world renowned artist and friend Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, has launched an innovative online format for guitar instruction, and has even contributed to major motion picture film scores. Working with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Sting, Natalie Cole, the American Idol Tour, the Pussy Cat Dolls, India Arie, and countless others, Michael is regarded as one of the industry’s most sought after session players and touring musicians.

Michael earned the nickname "Nomad" after he started posting pictures and videos of his travels around the globe on his website and YouTube. Follow Nomad everywhere his guitar takes him here at JamPlay and at ilikenomad.com