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86 Online Guitar Teachers with 3,177 Years of Experience

Knowledge is key, experience is paramount. While learning from 1-on-1 lessons proves beneficial, neglecting the opportunity to learn from a variety of guitar pros is just ignorant. We spend most of our time hunting down new teachers, flying them to our filming studio, and presenting their knowledge to our members.

Artists - Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Famed individual recording and performing acoustic artists, along with heavy metal and rock artists from various bands teach you their songs, as well as playing techniques and composition ideas in their artist series.

  • Bumblefoot

    Guns 'N Roses, Lita Ford, Bumblefoot, Salem
  • Steve Stevens

    Steve Stevens
    Billy Idol
  • Brent Mason

    Brent Mason
    Performing Artist
  • Mike Mushok

    Mike Mushok
  • Joel Kosche

    Joel Kosche
    Collective Soul
  • Robb Flynn

    Robb Flynn
    Machine Head
  • Tosin Abasi

    Tosin Abasi
    Animals As Leaders
  • Travis Miguel

    Travis Miguel
  • Dave "David J" Weiner

    Steve Vai
  • Nick Catanese

    Nick Catanese
    Black Label Society
  • Emil Werstler

    Emil Werstler
    Dååth, Chimaira
  • Guthrie Trapp

    Guthrie Trapp
    Guthrie Trapp
  • John Shannon

    John Shannon
    Performing Artist
  • Jeff Kollman

    Jeff Kollman
    The Bombastic Meatbats Mogg/Way, JKB (Jeff Kollman Band), The Sign Of 4, and Edwin Dare.
  • James Malone

    James Malone
  • Michael Palmisano

    Michael Palmisano
    What's Next
  • Doc Coyle

    Doc Coyle
    God Forbid
  • Glen Drover

    Glen Drover
    Megadeth, Testament, King Diamond
  • Lita Ford

    Lita Ford
    The Runaways
  • Shane Gibson

    Shane Gibson
    Korn, stOrk
  • Mike Keneally

    Mike Keneally
    Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dethklok, Mike Keneally Band
  • Steve Smyth

    Steve Smyth
    Forbidden, Nevermore, Testament, EssenEss Project
  • David Davidson

    David Davidson
  • Andy James

    Andy James
    Sacred Mother Tongue
  • Kris Norris

    Kris Norris
    Darkest Hour, Straight Line Stitch
  • Flattus Maximus

    Flattus Maximus
  • Dave "Gravy" Felton

  • Kaki King

    Kaki King
    Performing Artist
  • Trace Bundy

    Trace Bundy
    Performing Artist
  • Erik Mongrain

    Erik Mongrain
    Performing Artist
  • Randall Williams

    Randall Williams
    Randall Williams
  • Freebo

    Bonnie Raitt, Ringo Starr, Neil Young
  • Dustin Prinz

    Dustin Prinz
    Dustin Prinz
  • Tyler Grant

    Tyler Grant
    Grant Farm

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Acoustic Guitar Teachers

Get access to every acoustic guitar teacher to help you master your instrument.

  • Hawkeye Herman

    Hawkeye Herman
  • Mario DaSilva

    Mario DaSilva
  • Danny Voris

    Danny Voris
  • Eve Goldberg

    Eve Goldberg
  • David Isaacs

    David Isaacs
    Dave Isaacs Group
  • David Wilcox

    David Wilcox
  • Phil Keaggy

    Phil Keaggy
  • Mark Kroos

    Mark Kroos
    Mark Kroos
  • Marcelo Berestovoy

    Marcelo Berestovoy
  • Mary Flower

    Mary Flower
  • Preston Reed

    Preston Reed
  • Jessica Baron

    Jessica Baron
  • Jim Deeming

    Jim Deeming
  • Mark Kailana Nelson

    Mark Kailana Nelson
  • Don Ross

    Don Ross
  • Mark Lincoln

    Mark Lincoln
  • Peter Einhorn

    Peter Einhorn
  • Pamela Goldsmith

    Pamela Goldsmith
  • Steve Eulberg

    Steve Eulberg
  • Rich Nibbe

    Rich Nibbe
  • Nick Amodeo

    Nick Amodeo
  • Orville Johnson

    Orville Johnson
  • Miche Fambro

    Miche Fambro
  • Justin Roth

    Justin Roth

Electric Guitar Teachers

Subscribe to JamPlay and get access to every single electric guitar teacher.

  • David Wallimann

    David Wallimann
  • Dennis Hodges

    Dennis Hodges
  • Mark Brennan

    Mark Brennan
  • DJ Phillips

    DJ Phillips
  • Nick Kellie

    Nick Kellie
  • David MacKenzie

    David MacKenzie
  • Steve McKinley

    Steve McKinley
    Professional Bassist
  • Chris Liepe

    Chris Liepe
  • Paul Musso

    Paul Musso
  • Eric Madis

    Eric Madis
  • Will Ripley

    Will Ripley
  • Jane Miller

    Jane Miller
  • John March

    John March
  • Matt Brown

    Matt Brown
  • Daniel Gilbert

    Daniel Gilbert
  • Yvette Young

    Yvette Young
  • Stuart Ziff

    Stuart Ziff
  • Lauren Passarelli

    Lauren Passarelli
  • Nick Greathouse

    Nick Greathouse
  • Allen Van Wert

    Allen Van Wert
  • Joe Chawki

    Joe Chawki
  • Lisa Pursell

    Lisa Pursell
  • Ian Argys

    Ian Argys
  • Michael Nomad Ripoll

    Michael Nomad Ripoll
  • Brendan Burns

    Brendan Burns
  • Prashant Aswani

    Prashant Aswani
  • Kenny Ray

    Kenny Ray
  • Brad Henecke

    Brad Henecke

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