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Free Guitar Tools and Resources

Find our full suite of free guitar tools for chords, tuning, timing and more. Be sure to visit JamPlay.com for our full suite of guitar lessons (over 5,000), along with advanced teaching tools, JamTracks, libraries, live guitar courses and more.

Chord Finder from JamPlay

Guitar Chord Finder

Input the notes you are playing and find out the name of the chord, a very popular app!
Free Guitar Tuner with Microphone

Free Online Guitar Tuner

Free online guitar tuner. Use your microphone or your ear to tune your guitar.
Online Metronome

Free Online Metronome

The most annoying tool to ever serve a practical purpose, your beloved metronome.
Guitar Chord Library

Guitar Chords

Access our chord database with over 900,000 voicings. A huge resource!
Free Bass Tuner

Free Online Bass Tuner

Get your microphone and be ready to slap-a-da-bass with this free online bass guitar tuner.
Guitar Resource Library

Guitar Reviews & Articles

Over 100 articles featuring the writing of some our beloved teachers.
Guitar Resource Library

Guitar Help

Browse video questions and answers.