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Proper Posture - Guitar Question

"Wasp asks: "i asked this also in the forum. just starting out (never even touched a guitar before). i bought an electric (jackson dk2m). was wondering how i should be learning as far as sitting posture. chair? stool? also i should be using a strap always? how to adjust strap placement for learning? should guitar rest on my knee or hang just above it? i know these are stupid questions but want to get started the right and most comfortable way. ps: i read somewhere to adjust strap to where its in the same position sitting or standing? my prob is the only way i can do that is if it is way up there it seems like. (thats what i mean by sitting position, get a tall stool where my legs are kinda hangin down or a chair where legs are parallel to ground? lol srry for the long post but i really nit pick things alot and just want to get stated right. ty and i think this site is awesome and look forward to learning.""

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