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Unintentional Pull-offs - Guitar Question

"Vjludovico says "Hey guys, I just joined the site very recently. I'm doing Steve's lessons and starting from the beginning. It's only been about a week since I've picked up a guitar for the first time and my calluses are finally starting to form. However I have one problem that I thought would clear itself up once my fingertips started to harden, and that's when I lift my fingers off the strings to change chords or even stop playing I seem to perform a pull off. I lift my fingers directly off the string, and I've tried to lift them off in different ways (I'm not pulling the string or bending it) but I can't seem to stop this problem. Any suggestions?""

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This is a video response from Matt Brown, one of the many JamPlay instructors. If you have guitar related questions, or are struggling with a topic, we field questions every day from guitarists from around the globe. Learn more about our guitar lessons, and especially our live guitar courses for more information.

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