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Violin to guitar transition Ricky asked "Hey again JamPlay, this is my 3rd Q&A. I have been playing the violin for 7 years, so I know all the scale theory. I just seem to have a hard time memorizing chords.. do you have any idea how i can use my knowledge of the violin and easily adapt to the guitar? Obviously I have time signature, key signature, etc all down i just have a hard time bringing this knowledge over to the guitar. Please help and keep up the good work -Ricky54326"
Tabs and Chords Dear Jim, Just recently I joined And here is my first question. How do you read tabs that are written like this: [Intro] C C Am G/B G/B C G Am I close my eye G Dm7 A7 G/B only for a moment, and the moment's gone. C G/B Am All my dreams G Dm7 Am pass before my eyes, a curiosity. D/F# G Am Am/G Dust in the wind. D/F# G Am All they are is dust in the wind. I know that you must listen to the song and then play the chords, but I just cant seem to get the strumming right. As i said I just joined the site 2 days ago but I like it very much. Its more organized and the instructors like you seem to point out the beginners mistakes better then on my old website. Regards, Yordan Ivanov
Violin to guitar transition Ricky54326 writes: "Hey again JamPlay, this is my 3rd Q&A. I have been playing the violin for 7 years, so I know all the scale theory. I just seem to have a hard time memorizing chords.. do you have any idea how i can use my knowledge of the violin and easily adapt to the guitar? Obviously I have time signature, key signature, etc all down i just have a hard time bringing this knowledge over to the guitar. Please help and keep up the good work."
Strumming Technique, Holding the Pick Question Lucas Holland writes: "Hello, I'm trying to improve my strumming, using a pick. I know how to hold the pick but I'm still having some problems: 1. Should I angle the pick when striking the strings? If I angle it (upwards for downstrokes, so that the tip is pointing to my face, downwards for upstrokes, so that the tip of the pick is pointing to my belly), it seems to be easier but the pick sometimes moves out of position. If I hold onto it too hard, my hand ends up hurting. 2. How hard should I strike the strings? Thanks, Lucas "
What are triads? Philman writes: "Hello there, I would like to learn about triads, 1st 2nd and 3rd inversions can somebody at help me out. Thank you for your time and great site."
Master of Puppets Solo Fenderboy writes: "Hi, I'm working on Metallica's Master of puppets solo 2. When it starts, there are some really fast notes on it. I don't really get it how to do this. When I play it, there is limitation of speed. I think there might be a special fingering. Please please give me some tips about this solo... Have a great day!! :)"
Playing Metal Lead Akelley asked "Im sorry if you got my other form of this question first but i just saw the other Q and A solo questions and that brought attention to me. in the three videos you guys just talk about solo stuff. can you show some moe techniques and things like that. im in a metal band and have no clue how to write a true metal solo. what key of what scale should I play, or maybe what arpeggios?"
Tuning Down a Floyd Rose Tremelo Guitarguy asked "Hi this is for dennis. My Ibanez has a Original Floyd Rose tremelo system. While i was getting my strings done at guitar center, they asked what tuning i wanted. I said that i wanted D tuning(so i can play children of bodom lol). The guy told me my guitar wasnt made for "Down-tuning". so my question is, is there anyway i could tune down? thanks a bunch METAL FOR LIFE JAMPLAY ROCKS! GuitarGuy"
John Mayer Style picking Kenstyle asked "I'm curious about John Mayer's technique in this youtube video: He uses his thumb and index finger throughout the song and the net effect of this technique is that it sounds like a strum with a pick. Any help would be great. Thanks! Ken"
Barre Chords and the A13 Chord Midnightryder29 asks "I've been taking d mac's basic guitar lesson's. I'm learning a lot. I watch the one on basic notes,chords, arpeggios and I was trying a A13 cord but the bottom string or 1st sting keeps coming up flat. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions. Thanks keep up the good work.
Mic Video Jaron asks, "Dear Dave and Brad, I've always seen people on Youtube mic their amps while playing a guitar. How do you mic an amp while making a video? Do you record the audio and video and then you sync them together? How does it work? I've been trying to find an answer to this question for several weeks now. I'd like to know because I will start making Youtube videos soon and I want to learn how to mic an amp for a video. Can you please help me out? Thanks."
Muting Ricky54326 asks, "Hey guys. I just started learning some chords, and I can do the ones that are 2-3 fingers like Em, D, G, etc but once I get to like the ones that involve barring and finger independence and the such, like F#m, it gets very hard for me to do them without muting other strings. Sometimes I can't even play ones like D or G without muting my other strings either, any advice for posture? Also should i be memorizing these chords? Or just learning how to play them when i see the chord tablature? Thanks again jamplay and keep up the damn good work :) -Ricky54326"
Galloping Rhythm Ssnowman asked "Hey guys. First I just wanna say that I love JamPlay and I've learned a lot since I've signed up. My question is about galloping rhythms, such as in the song Barracuda by Heart and quite a few metal bands. Basically, why can't I do this? Albeit, I've only been playing for 6-7 months but I actually have an easier time doing 16th notes as opposed to triplets. I just can't keep a steady rhythm for some reason. Any tips on improving in this area?"
Lynyrd Skynyrd Tone Dalydennis7 asked "Brad and Dave, I am a beginning guitar player and have progressed quite a bit in the short time I have subscribed to JamPlay. My favorite genre of music is classic rock, especially AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd. My question is that I know LS has a very distinctive tone and I am interested in knowing how to achieve that tone, especially in songs like Tuesdays Gone's distinctive lead played throughout the song. I have read TAB on it and know it is essentialy bending and single notes, but I cant get the tone right. it seems like it may be fingerpicked, but not sure. If you could give me a hint I would appreciate it. thanks dalydennis7."
Tone Nob Questions Mike4370 asked "Hey guys, my question is about tone knobs. My guitar has a five position switch, two single coil pickups and a humbucker at the bridge, two tone knobs and a volume knob. My question is when i adjust the tone knobs I dont hear any difference in tone, why dont i hear any difference? thanks. Mike."
Cat Scratch Fever Bend JZCode45 asked "Brad, I have not been able to get that Cat Scratch Fever Bend down at all. It seems like my attempt sound more like stepping on a 15 year old cats paw than getting that Nugget sound you get. Can you give me an idea in detail how to get this sound. Are you using any effects? The rest of the lick is going fine! Thanks....JZ."
Stereo and XLR Outputs Jaron asked "I notice that on some guitars such as the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra 2 that it has a mono and stereo output. I also notice that acoustic-electric guitars have XLR outputs. Can you explain to me where the stereo and XLR cables plug into, do they plug into two amps at the same tim, do they plug into a PA speaker, where do they go. I would appreciate the info. From Jamplay's 14 year old user, Jaron."
Backing Track Questions Plugy asked Hii i wanted to know if the backing track that brad uses a lot the one in lesson seven that he jams to and introduces the lesson with is available to download there is one in the supliment for the lesson but not the same as brad plays i would like to get this so i can follow the lessons as close as possible to Brad."
Learning on Acoustic or Electric Lucasholland asks "Hey guys, after realizing that my first, classical guitar is a piece of ***** when it comes to quality, adjustability and ease of play, I've decided to stick with playing the guitar and investing some more money. I've only been playing for about a week, so I'd consider myself almost a complete beginner. I've heard a lot of people say that one should start out on an acoustic guitar because it's easier to switch to an electric later than vice versa. My guitar hero is John Mayer and I'd eventually like to be able to play both acoustic and electric guitar, like him. My question is: Is it wise to start out on an electric or should I learn to play the acoustic guitar first? Thanks! Lucas."
Recording Mav67 asks, "Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some advise on dealing with RBS (Record Button Syndrome). I learn these tunes, get the guitar part down and practice it extensively, slowly working in the singing with it, not that I can sing worth a damn but who cares. But everytime I go to record it I turn into a retard on the guitar. Everytime I mess up one way or another, if it isn't the guitar itself, I forget lines of lyrics or miss a vocal cue or try and change to the wrong chord or miss fret a given chord or what is becoming my personal favourite, messing up the picking or strum pattern. What frustrates me more than anything is that any other time I can do this with the minimum of fuss, but as soon as that Record button is pressed, it is like my mind, my voice and my fingers are on separate planets. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated, thanks in advance."
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