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Thumbpick Dakota08 asks, "Hey, recently Ive decided to switch my fingerpicking from just my fingers, to a thumbpick.And it seems like the strings I play with the thumbpick seem to overpower the sound that my other 3 fingers makes. Its almost like I cant even hear the strings I hear that I pluck with my fingers now. How do you solve that?"
Chicks Nachob asks, "Hey, i know this has nothig to do with guitar learning, but it's like the main reason any young boy like me want to play guitar like a master, so here i come: I have like four months learning guitar, and i just can't wait to get chicks all around me, how much time do you think i must practice to start getting sweet love? Wich one is a better chick magnet, the acoustic guitar or the electric one? Thanks!"
Slash chords Slingblade asks, "do left handed people have a seemingly more difficult time with cord progression? and what does C/F mean in a song book? will that be discussed later? I really do appreciate what I have learned so far thank you. you have made my previous experience long ago forgotton. though I still have issues. I love being able to take the lesson as I am permitted. but would you recomend that I also take lessons with a music instructor that can hear and my correct my mistakes?"
Classical Guitar Strap admira asks, "Hi. I watched Steve Eulberg say it's easy to drill holes in an acoustic guitar and screw strap buttons in it. I have a classical (nylon string) guitar, and I want to know if there's absolutely no problem doing so. Can't it damage the sound of the guitar or something like that? In addition, I noticed Willie Nelson uses a somewhat strange guitar strap, on his classical guitar, which attaches to the bottom of the guitar's sound hole. Is this considered to be a better solution for a classical guitar? Could it too damage my guitar somehow? Thank you very much, Eran."
Right Hand Hammer-Ons, Tapping Question bator82 asks, "Hey guys, thanks for the lessons. I was just wondering if any of the instructors knew how to do hammer ons with both hands. It seems like even when I know the notes, I have a hard time getting the sustain I want when I have to hammer on with my right hand. Does it have to do with the amp's gain, the guitar's natural sustain, pickup volume and tone, or do I need a compressor, or again, is it all in the technique. If so, are there exercises I can do to help out with right hand hammer ons and even slides? Thanks in advance."
Tuning Problems with KORG Green Light fuyu asks, "Hello! I just finished watching Lesson one and watched the video about tuning twice. I also have looked through all the current replies regarding tuning but had no luck finding an answer. I just bought my first guitar a week ago, and I have no clue if this is supposed to happen. When I tune my guitar on my KORG tuner, the LCD arm that tells me it's on tune with the green light -- but the arm also flails to the sharp and flat red lights especially when I try to tune my 5th and 6th string. Is there something wrong with my guitar? I have held tried muting the other strings while I tune a string, and it helps on the first 4 strings, but the 5th and 6th go between the green light and swings to the sharp and flat red lights as well while tuning (the light remains green in the middle however). Is this normal?"
Warm Up Exercises, Acousitc or Electric Guitar mercenary asks, "Hey Dennis - Or other instructors - With your latest metal lesson set leeson where you show come cool awesome warm up techiniques - Can these also be applied to acoustic guitars as well? I generally play with both acoustic and an electric - and I prob assume they could be used also for electric guitars??? Thx"
Clean Sound with Barre Chords nepatsfansc asks, "I have gotten pretty good at playing barre chords and I can get a good clean sound while playing the chord. My problem is moving between chords, whenever I do, the strings make a loud screeching sound from my fingers rubbing along them. How to I fix this? Thanks, this site is awesome- Stephen"
Guitar Travel Tips, Flying, Humidity and Altitude nmound asks, "Hello JamPlay, I was wondering if you could provide some travel tips. Soon, I will be getting mobilized to Hawaii for a year and want to bring my Washburn acoustic with me. New York to Honolulu is quite the journey and I want my guitar to make it in one piece. One friend recommended de-tuning the strings b/c the pressure changes on a plane can make them bust. Also, is there a place on the plane for instruments as it is to big to fit in overhead compartments. Or, do I have no choice but to make it checked luggage (cringes at the thought of those careless baggage handlers)? Of course i will call the airline to get their policy, but tips from the tried and tested JamPlay instructors on their previous travels would be great. Thank You...keep up the good work!!!"
Guitar Tuning and Temperature Changes scopexs asks, "I have been wondering about tuning and temperature. In my area it is cold in the morning and I will sometimes tune my guitar and play for a little relaxation to start my day. Later the temperature will get warmer and I have wondered if I should wait to tune my guitar. I thinking about expansion and contraction and the effect on tuning the guitar. It seems that in the later part of the day I end up having to retune the guitar down to get the proper tuning. Should I wait until the temperature levels out to tune? Thanks for you help...."
Switch Position Humbucker Pickups swhan asks, "Hi, I play a Yahama ERG121C. It has 2 humbucker pickups separated by a single coil. I'm trying to figure out what each position of the 5 position switch does. Any help is greatly appreciated. :) Stephen"
Guitar Feedback Problems member wupnride asks: I play an Epiphone Zakk Wylde , an Epiphone custom and a strat style ESP.All have the active EMG humbuckers.I used to play through a Randall solid stae head but now I am using an EVH 5150 head and my feedback is just out of control.The only pedals that I use are a BBE Sonic Maximizer,Boss Chorus,Boss Noise suppressor,and a Planet WAves tuner. I have even tried cutting back on my amp volume and increasing my sound at the board.I have also tried cutting back on the volume at my guitar.Are there any pedals or rack mounted effects that can reduce my feed back?I really could use some good advice on this one. Thanks
Wah Wah Pedal Smoochie1015 asks, "Dear Matt, I started playing guitar in November of 2007, and have come a long way. I want to buy a Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal but my dad doesn't think I'm ready. Can you tell when I should get one and if I'm ready to get one."
Rhythm & Treble Mingofalls asks, "I have been experimenting with my Les Paul Standard electric guitar, and I know not all guitars are set up the same way, however, I'm wanting to know more about my 3 way Rhythm & Treble switch. When do you use Rhythm, and when do you use Treble? I have 4 knobs, two that controls the front pick ups volume and tone, and the other two for the rear pick up volume and tone. I'm confused on how to set these up when playing, when to use which one, etc... Could you shed some light on this subject? Thanks."
Fretboard Mingofalls asks, "Is there any particular reason why the frets on the neck of the guitar are larger near the tuning pegs, and frets get much smaller as their going towards the body of the guitar. Also, are most guitars pretty much the same when it come to the 'number' of frets, or are their guitars with many more frets than the standard guitar? This is such a cool site, and I appreciate everyone's input. Thanks, Crisco"
Talc Freakinrican77 asks, "My hands tend to get sweaty at times and it tends to effect my ability to switch chords. If I use talk on my hands to absorb the sweat, could it damage my guitar? I shoot pool a lot so I figured I might be able to use talc in this situation too."
Guitar Picks Levick11 asks, "Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out what pick gauge I should use. Could someone give an explanation on the differences in gauge and style of guitar picks? I've read that thinner ones are better for strumming and rhythm playing, and thicker ones are better for speed. Is that true or is it just player preference? Thanks."
Zoom G1X Ndjordjevic asks, "Hi, I got a ZOOM G1X guitar effect and I will appritiate if someone can give some tips and advice how to setup this pedal and get common sounds like for example in Brad's H. Leeson 1, Phase 2, Chapter 6 Chorus, Delay effect, very nice sound.... I wasn't able to setup this pedal to sound like Brad's. I have Squire Strat guitar and Fender Frontman 15g amp + mentioned ZOOM G1X"
Pick Pnestegard asks, "I realize this is a simple question, however, I am having a terrible time holding the pic while strumming. When I am playing single strings I am fine. But while playing chords my pick tends to slip. Any help would be appreciated."
help Puma_jaguar asks, "Hi My name is Saul ,im taking lessons with Steve Eulberg and im a begginer i really enjoy the lessons, i have an acoustic guitar Esteban legacy AL-100 41" and i think that the neck of my guitar is very small im not sure,the top of the neck is 1 5/8" and low is 2 1/8", i have problem when i'm playing the easy c cord ,my first finger hit the second string first fret, but when im playing part of my tip of my finger touches the first string too and it makes a buzz all the time i dont know if it is because the neck is very small and the strings are really close could you tell me, if there is a position that will help me not to make my tip touch both strings ( how will i change to easy c chord to d7th chord?) if the neck is small or how should i bend my fingers in this case? . how should i hold the guitar guitar easier? is the position of my thumb incorret ? thanks"
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