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Palm Muting Nmound asks, "Can someone give me a quick lesson on palm muting. I am working my way through various lessons (including beginner) and find much of the music i like involves this technique. Just a quick show and tell would be perfect. Thank you...Keep up the good work!!!"
Walking Bass Line Toolfan88 asks, "what is a walking bass line? how can it be applied to guitar players?"
Chord Families Jzcode asks, "Brad, I would like to know what chords and chord family's should I know to be considered a good Rock Rhythm guitarist? What other chords farther up the fret board should I learn that are usually not covered in beginning lessons? An example, Dmaj7 on the 9th fret. Thanks..."
Finger Positioning Fairchildj asks, "I have just recently began with Phase I of training. One issue that I am having is that I find placing my fingers in the right frets extremely difficult for my middle two fingers. My fingers curl on each other a bit 3rd finger overlapping the 4th when I place them on the frets, the 3rd finger wants to poing back towards the 2nd fret instead of where it should be on the 3rd fret. By sliding my hand a bit, I can overcome this but I don't want to pick up a bad habit that will limit my advancement in the future...any recommendations?"
Chords Structure Scopexs asks, "I have found chords in my chord book that can be identically fingered...C6 and the Am7. Both chords give the option of playing it with the D string fingered at the 2nd fret and the B string fingered at the 1st fret while the other strings are played open. What is confusing is why are the two chord structures the same and can be fingered the same yet are called by two different names. This is confusing when learning chords. Is there an easy explanation as to why two chord structures would be called by two different names. Thanks"
Practice Materials Bmachiran asks, "Are there any beginning materials (books) that offer good drills that might help me structure my practice time and improve my hand strength, chord progressions and scale familiarization? Thanks, Brian"
Solo Creation Ragdoll asks, "Hello. Long story short, I have a really big problem with coming up with solos even after seeing your response to 3jennijarre's question. Please give me tips. thank you. "
Strumming With First Finger Caz_sk8chick asks, "I find it easier to strum with my 1st finger......i dont use my thumb and 1st finger, or a pick. Does that matter??"
Drop Tuning Hsco asked, "What does it mean to drop tune a note? For example some tabs with say in a part of a song to drop tune D half or full step."
Tuning 6th String Jeremybrown5150 asked, "Wow do i tune my guitar? My top string should read 6e on the tuner right? then what? my tuner keeps jumping numbers and letters."
Country and Gospel Raymond Jorder asked, "Where are the country & gospel songs?"
Strumming 12 String Guitars Hgnative says, "I've been playing guitar for about two months electric guitar and it seems to be coming pretty easy but i watched a lesson on jam play and seen a 12 string guitar and now i want to play it is this guitar to much for a beginner thanks."
Newbie Devyo asked, "I just obtained an acoustic Yamaha left handed guitar. Will I be able to follow the instructions for learning the guitar without much difficulty? I'm so interested in learning to play guitar and want to do the best I can. I want to make this a hobby that will be part of my daily activities as much as possible."
Right Hand Injury Prana32 asked, "Hi there, I am right handed, and do not use a finger pick, and I have been experiencing pretty bad pain in the right thumb and also on the pinky finger and below it where it becomes the outer part of the palm. I am quite convinced that this injury is linked to my incorrect technique of fingerpicking...perhaps tensing the wrist too much, or something of this sort. My question is, what are some good tips on keeping the right hand safe from injury while still having accurate fingerpicking technique? Thanks a bunch, Alex."
Steps to Enter Another Chord William D Brown asked, "I know the basic chords and can go to these cords, but my question is: for instance, what are the simple 2 0r 3 notes, or steps that would sound right to step into the [c] from [g] or the [g] to [d] and so on? And by the way, I think your teaching is great. I'v been watching Steve mostly. Thank you."
Best Amp Setup Jacksin says, "Brad i want to know what is the best way to set my amp for lead and blues you know really make it sing out i have a behringer gm108 practice amp and a schecter diamond series i need to get anything on the side."
Modeling Guitar Processor Ngnative says, "Hi another question this ones about a modeling guitar processor a RP70 any ideas on how these work what they do like (chorus fx) noise gate (reverb) all that stuff what i need to do to figure out all of my favorite bands sounds any help would really help thanks again."
Strumming 12 String Guitars Hgnative says, "I've been playing guitar for about two months electric guitar and it seems to be coming pretty easy but i watched a lesson on jam play and seen a 12 string guitar and now i want to play it is this guitar to much for a beginner thanks."
Guitar Hero 3 Help Guitar Playing Hgnative says, "hi my question is about the game guitar hero 3 playing this game will it hurt are help in my quest to be a good guitar player thanks."
Background Tracks Mtindall asks, "Is there percussion and rhythm software available and if so which would you recommend?"
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