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Guitar Help (Page 20)

Slash Chords Knoemee says, "Hi Steve, I was browsing the CHORD library, it seems quite limited. I couldn't find any slash chords. For example, C/E, E/G#, A/C# etc. Was quite disappointed. I just signed up as a member yesterday for 3 months. It's either what I see is what I from the Jamplay's Chord Library or did i missed out in any links in JAMplay website? Thanks! Dawn"
Relative Minor Nattyjester asks, "Is the relative minor always the sixth note of the scale?"
Playing Guitar Fast Metalman says ,"Hello i was wondering if you would teach me how to play faster,and by faster i mean to help me with more 'string skipping' meaning to go from one string to the other really fast and also a little help in alternate picking techniques i would greatly appreciate at least the first one-Thank You!!!!!!"
Black Sabbath Paranoid Metalman says ,"Hello my name is David,i was wondering if you guys can teach me the song my favorite black sabbath song Paranoid. Thank You P.S.-you have truly sent me along way in my electric guitar learning experience and i Thank all of you very much.."
Amplifier Setup Merlin says, "Hi David, I am just new to the site and I can tell you I am already reaping the benefits. Your lesson technique is invaluable to the likes of me. One area that I have been very frustrated with over the years is the setup of amplifiers the dos the don'ts. quite simply the how to... Is there any chance that a lesson could be developed purely on this topic? I have a peavey studio pro which I can create sound from but feel that I have far from mastered its capabilities. In anticipation Wayne Pearce"
Diagonal Scales Merle says, "Hi Brad, Whats crackin? I have something to ask. how about a lesson or two on diagonal scales?you know I went and dug up some old lesson notes of mine from 1985 and I found these diagonal scales the teacher was having me learn. The note book paper is kind of yellow with coffee cup stains and little round burn holes like some one was smokin something.em. oh well, one thing says diagonal major pentatonic scale 6th string root and then, diagonal pentatonic minor scale 5th string root. see if you can come up with something on this Brad. ca's I think it would be really cool. well I've got to go work on cars now so see ya. If you ever have a question about your car let me know ,I 'll try to help you out.I do everything from brakes to check engine lights. see ya. Paul."
Johnny Cash Merle says, "Hello Matt, whats crackin? I'm having fun with your lessons . how about a Johnny Cash lesson.you know like the intro to (one piece at at time ) stuff like that. young people love Johnny Cash.Luther Perkins was a good picker. someone ask him one time ,why do you only play on the first four frets and not down the neck like other players? he said well thier looking for it and I've already found it! ha ha .thats funny. oh well got to go to work now so see you Matt. Paul."
Teaching Children Mav67 says, "My 6 year old son is dying to try playing the guitar. Probably because I do, (well at least try to). I am going out to buy him a guitar that actually is his size soon. What my question is: How should I go about getting him started? I want him to have fun and try and take the hard out of the work aspect of learning and let him have fun on it. Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated."
Matt Brown's Stratocaster Mathias76 asks, "What kind of pickups does Matt use on his Stratocaster? It sounds amazing. He is ridiculously good."
Faster Chord Progressions Kylehumer asks, "How do i get better and faster at changing from chord to chord? just practice?"
Hotel California Chord Help Kylehumer asks, "In hotel california for example you use 2 barre chords that are same name( F#) but different shapes n different sounds....how do you know from just the name which one to use and when? when do you know which string make the barre chords name? for example the bm root note and name of the barre chord is on a B, string 6 vs a F# has which is named from that root being on the 5th string"
Chords and Theory Augmented Kylehumer says ,"I just got into jazz band @ school and i am seeing chords like bB augmented 11ths plus 13 .... that stuff and i have went though and memorized davids? chords major minor, in 7th n 9ths but how do i grasp knowledge of all chords just by the name? do i have to memorize 100s of shapes for every chord type? is their an easy way to learn all of this? i know like augmented is 1 3 #5 and diminished is 1 b3 b5 and i know a C chord has a c e g and a D chord has a d f# a and the rest....but what do i need to know to be able to play any chord by just the name? does jamplay have these lessons? if so which ones?....questions questions questions??? help me out guys! thanks"
Scales and Improvisation KevinT says, "HI, I checked out Brads scales lesson and have a question. I always warm up with minor pentatonic 1st position so I know it blindfolded, I am working on the others. My question is that when I just start messing around with improv it always ends up still sounding like scales. How do I get away from that? Thanks"
Acoustic Guitar Strumming Patterns John Oconnor59 says, "Hi i have just joined jamplay its fabulous lessons thank you i am doing them with steve eulberg he is a great teacher so laid back and makes it easy to understand now i must admit i have been playing for a year but i went back to the basics i enjoyed it i have done lesson 3 the strumming technique it was brilliant cos i have had problems with my strumming... he showed me the different patterns thank you so much to steve and all you folk a marvelous site indeed when Steve show the strumming patterns how it was made easy to me when you got the proper teacher to explain it to you i am from Ireland so i have taken 4 lessons so far as i want spend a bit a time on me strumming no point going next lesson till i get that one right..the question i want to ask hope its not a silly question when it says its best to master phase one before you move to phase 2..does that mean you have to master all the lessons from all the teachers before i move on ? also as i am not that great on my computer skills still learning that as well how do i post a reply so the teacher can see my reply and the other members too ? and if a friend sends me a message how do i reply to that sorry if i seem a bit silly with these questions its just i am learning this computer too kind regards johnny.."
Choosing an Online Instructor Jgonzo6464 asks, "How can I pick an instructor?"
Tuning Half Step Down Jefrank says, "Hello! I was looking at chords for a song on Fretplay.com, and the instruction is 'Tune guitar a half step down.' Does that mean tune every string down half a step? Thanks, and I love your site."
Ghost Notes James8 asks, "I have Tabs which include the following notations (starting from low E): xxxx or 2xx4. I searched in the books I have and think that I found out that those notes are called ghost notes. 1. Are these ghost notes? 2. How do I play them? Do you have a lesson showing that? Many thanks for your response."
Numbed and Sore Fingers Brandon says, "I was wondering if there was any way to cut down on the amount of numbness i get in my left hand after practicing on my guitar? I only recently started playing and have found the numbness on my fingertips to be a nuisance at my job. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated :)"
Chord Theory noamde41 writes "'m stuck at lesson 7, scene 2 of steve's lesson. I'm trying to figure out what makes a basic chord (minor or Major), but I seem to be missing something. I get how he builds the maj7, 7th, and 6th from the basic chord. But I can make sence of a basic chord itself?! Can you give me a little extra material on what makes a basic chord or another website that would explain the basic theory. Thanks for your help and really enjoy your lessons, Steeve."
Playing Chords Beginner Subwolley writes "Hello Jamplay, I am a beginner guitar player. I have a quick question about learning/playing chords. My question is: When playing a chord, does every finger needed to play a chord need to be placed exactly behind the fret? It seems to me, that for most of the chords I'm learning, it's impossible to get the needed fingers close to the fret. I know when you play a single note on a string, you need to place a finger exactly behind the fret to get a clear sound, but is this true with chords? Sometimes it's hard to tell from watching the videos where exactly the fingers are. Can you explain a little bit more about finger positioning when learning chords? Thank you, Amber."
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