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View our archives of member questions. Before our introduction of Live Courses, we would field questions from our members are record video responses from our pool of teachers. This is the result! Please be aware, some of the video quality in these questions is quite poor, but the knowledge is still valuable.

Alternate Picking Hand Positioning

Sohail288 asks, "Can there be a lesson that shows how to alternate pick faster and also detailing the correct posture for optimum speed."

Chord Help Strumming Problems

Berwin, "I am having a difficult time with the C chord. My fingers are positioned correctly and no dead sound is apparent, it just seems to out of tune and just doesnt sound correct while I am strumming it. I have used been using a tuner and everything seems to be in tune. What am I possibly doing wrong?"

Online Guitar Progress Report

Yvette says, "I have completed 3 lessons. BUt it does not shoe on my progress report. Can you please let me know if there is something that i am suppose to be doing to have this happen Thanks"

Playing Guitar With Otthers

Tviolet2000 asks, "I'm new at playing guitar and have always played by myself. Some experienced players want me to jam with them. Do you have any tricks or tips for me to practice before I go out into the real world?"

Refretting Guitar

Stabec says, "I am starting out on an old guitar that my mom used to play. I was noticing that some of the frets were worn down and had flat places on them. Would this make an already difficult task of playing this instrument even harder? Should I refret the worn ones or do I just need to suck it up and mash til my fingers bleed? Thanks, stace"

Major and Minor Barre Chords

Kris Weller asks, "I was taught to use the aminor shape on major and minor barre chords the only difference was the majors root is on the 6th and the minor on the 5th and barring the the remaining i saw an example in the chord library using the amajor shape and muting the 1st string how is that done and which is correct?"

Lynard Skynard Sweet Home Alabama

Clinsteadt asks, "Is there any where on the website where I can learn a whole song and not just bits and pieces of one. Plus I wanted to ask if you guys could start putting more current songs on the phase three part of the site. Most of the songs on there I haven't heard of before and it would be nice to learn some more current songs."

Music Theory

A member wrote in and was confused about what the "1, 3 and 5" chord portion of theory means, so Steve will explain and talk about his method for remembering which chords go together.

Learn By Feel and Not Music

Laurierst wrote in and asked if it was ok to play by ear without learning sheet music. Steve Eulberg answer this question and talks about why sheet music is good, but not necessary.

Guitar Strumming Patterns

Ezclay says: "Strum D as shown by Steve is dn dn up up dn up but shown on the chart it is dn up dn up up dn up? Is there anything in your program that can give me the chords and words to You are my sunshine? How do you make a progress report? Thanks Clay";

Online Guitar Lesson Help

Sista Vee says: "I am not sure I understand how to start participating in lessons. I am unable to get the teaching videos to show. Still, from what I have been able to get into I have already answered by most pressing reason for joining here with Steve's instruction in strumming. I have gotten stuck strumming all of my songs with the same pattern and now I have a sure understanding of strumming and already hear remarkable differences in my playing in days. How do I actually get to participate now that my fees are paid?"

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Rzaffy says: "I noticed the lessons are geared mostly toward Rock. Are there going to be lessons on Jazz Guitar in the near future. Maybe some tips on Wes Montgomery style guitar with octaves and block chords. Thanks."

Acoustic Guitar Tones

Benjamin asks "I can not seem to get any tone, or the right tone. It's not the tuning, it is that I do not know when I strum the strings with my right hand when I work the fret board with my left. Do I put my finger down on the fret board then strum with my right hand or strum with my right hand and then put my work my fingers with the fret board?"

Left Hand Right Hand Timing Issues

Boergoat says "I have trouble getting my pick and my fingers on the left hand on the same string, any suggestions?"

Unintentional Pull-offs

Vjludovico says "Hey guys, I just joined the site very recently. I'm doing Steve's lessons and starting from the beginning. It's only been about a week since I've picked up a guitar for the first time and my calluses are finally starting to form. However I have one problem that I thought would clear itself up once my fingertips started to harden, and that's when I lift my fingers off the strings to change chords or even stop playing I seem to perform a pull off. I lift my fingers directly off the string, and I've tried to lift them off in different ways (I'm not pulling the string or bending it) but I can't seem to stop this problem. Any suggestions?"

Tablature Numbers

Jason Z asks "When reading tablature i know the numbers on the line represent the fret to be played but what does is mean when there is a 3b on a line?"

Proper Holding Technique for Women

To paraphrase WitchBlade's original inquiry: "I often have trouble holding the guitar properly as instructed by Steve because of my large breasts. Any advice?"

Getting Started Electric Guitar

Magic asks "I signed up to learn how to play an electric guitar, but all the beginners programs are for acoustic. Is there any lessons on here for beginners with electric guitars."

C Chord Finger Positioning

I am doing good with the G chord, and the D7 watching Steve. For some reason, my meaty sausages are having a hard time with the C chord. My 3rd finger keeps mashing the D, and I cannot get a crip grip on the B.....

Learning Songs for Guitar

I think you guys should get several different styles of songs to learn with audio and video. It would be great to be able to take a lesson and then have a bunch of songs to choose from to learn while continuing to take lessons. From what I can see there are only three songs to learn right now and only one has audio and tabs. Is that right or am I looking in the wrong place? I'm enjoying the lessons so far. Thanks Steve

Getting Started Electric Guitar

The Question : I signed up to learn how to play an electric guitar, but all the beginners programs are for acoustic. Is there any lessons on here for beginners with electric guitars.

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