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Guitar Help (Page 4)

Steel or Nylon Strings Capo asked "Hi, Jim. I am always (really coveting I think) wanting to buy a nylon stringed guitar to play alternating finger style guitar on. I don't know, of course, but I imagine this to be obviously easier on the fingernails but it must have a downside which I surmise is in the compromised sound or timbre of the notes and chords. And, others such as yourself, Jim, do not use the nylon string guitar and that makes me suspicious. Although I did see a vid of Buster Jones (is that his name) playing what appeared to be a nylon stringed acoustic electric and doing all right with it I might add. Another point I argue with my mind over is that I will never be a professional guitarist, this is not my goal, so I seem to justify my lame argument with that fact and my heart says well, therefore, go ahead and buy one (nylon stringed). Well, enough said. What do you think of these thoughts. You must have some opinions and I would love to hear them so I won't waste my money unnecessarily. All the best, Capo."
Playing Eruption Deathxrocker asked "What is the easiest way to play Eruption by Eddie Van Halen."
Exercises that Sound like Metal Deathxrocker asked "Hi guys i was wondering if there are any left hand exercises that sound like rock or metal riffs?"
Suitable Picking Pattern Nick Johnston asked "Could you advise on a suitable picking pattern for this lovely song, i am playing basically in G G,Em,C,Am D, D7,C,G I am told it is in 3/4 time ,but i just can't settle on a fluent pick Any help welcome Regards Nick."
Pod XT Live with Marshall Amp Fourwheeler asked "I watched Brad's video of effects and his Marshall,that was a great lesson,but I'm still confused about setting up my Marshall Mg 100 HDFX and my Pod XT Live.I want to use my Marshall's built-in effects(they are the perfect sound for me).I want to use my POD for the pedal,tuner,and maybe a handful of presets.When I plugged my POD in the front of the amp it was killing my Marshall's sound.Do you have any advise for me . Thanks, Fourwheeler."
A Minor Pentatonic Scale Positions Hcso asked "My question is for Brad Henecke. I have memorized and have been practicing the 4 positions of the A minor pentatonic scale. I am trying to get to a point where I can go to any position and just play solos out of a box or position. I'm having a hard time with this. Does it matter if you start out on the 6 th string going up the position or should I start on the first string and work down the position trying to pick notes. I watch you and it looks like you do both and I imagine your suppose too. I find a pattern of my own that I like and then I'm stuck because I try to jump into another position and it don't sound right at all lol. Hope this makes sense. I really enjoyed the lessons, however haven't learned the 5th position yet. Josh."
Setting Neck Without a Truss Rod Niandra asked "Hi guys...i'm not sure whether a question similar to this one has been already asked. I have a '51 Martin 0-15. All in all the guitar is in a nice condition but im not sure whether it would be the right time for a new neck setting. What is an indicator for that? As far as i am informed martins from this age didn't yet have theese/those TrussRods (or how it is spelled-sorry for my english it's beschissen ;-) so in case IF i have to bring it to a professional luthier. Actually i think the playing is very very nice and the spaces between fretboard and strings up to the 12th fret seem normal but im not sure and what do you think would be the "average" price? And bye the way--- can you tell what's up with mr . fishmann's lessons???? Thanks."
Soloing and Open Strings Keithlasko asked "Whenever I am soloing and I hit an open string, the note seems to drag on and make the next few notes sound awful. what can I do about that?"
Drum Beats and BPM Bryanwb4402 asked "Thanks to all of you guys....This site is so awesome and i tell all my friends about this site...Keep up the good work.... Question: I have a drum looper with a whole host of beats from country to metal and any BPM I need. I am having a tough time trying to figure out what drum beat and speed I should use for certain songs. One of them I learning to play right now is "Always with me Always with you by Satriani". What drum beat should I use to play with this song. Is there like a list that states "Use this BPM for this song" I hope this makes sense... thx so much."
Flats and Sharps Dank asked "I have a hard time remember which way to go for flats and sharps, example b flat?"
Problems With the Crybaby Pedal Jaron asked "Dear Dave, I'm thinking about getting a Dunlop Crybaby Wah. One day I went to Guitar center and I tried the pedal. It was difficult for me to move the footpad. It was very loose. Is it possible to adjust the foot pad to make it tighter so it could be easier for me to move the footpad. Could it also be possible if you can show me how to to adjust the footpad? Thanks.From, Jaron."
Full Guitar Setup JZCode45 asked "Could one of the instructor with guitar setup experience do a lesson on this subject? I would like to see how to setup my Fender strat including neck adjustment, pickup adjustments, string heights settings and setting the intonation. Thanks JZcode45."
Strumming Patterns and Timing Lucasholland asked "Hello, I'm following Steve's lessons and am practicing 2 chord progressions (G, Em, C, D7, and G, Em, Am, D7) using the 5 strumming patterns he teaches with my metronome. This works fine for all the strumming patterns except pattern D (d, d, u, pause, up, down, up / d, d, u, u, pause, u,d,u). The problem is (I think) that I only have beats per measure. So I start the first down-strum on the first beat. The up-strum should be before the second beat, right? So... what I think is confusing me is that I also have strum on the offbeat... Could you show me how to practice the 2 variations on the strumming pattern (variation 1: d, d, u, pause, up, down, up; variation 2: d, d, u, u, pause, u,d,u)) with a metronome (e.g. on which beat to strum etc.)? Thanks! Lucas."
Different types of pickups Jaron asked "Hello everybody, I keep on seeing different types of pickups. Can you tell me the difference between Alnico, Ceramic, Active, Low Output, Hot output and active pickups? Do they sound different from each other? I can't really tell. I appreciate the help. From your favorite 14 year old, Jaron."
Notes and Strumming Chords Thomas Hale asked "For Steve, I am looking at Leaning on the Everlasting Arms in my church hymnal. I can read the music. What is the easiest way to transpose the notes to strumming chords?"
Muting Strings Like the RHCP Markok asked "Hi: I am trying to learn the RHCP song "Can't Stop". I have the main riff down ok picking the strings individually, but I would like to learn how to mute the other strings to get that nice percussive, chucking effect. Any guidance/tips you can provide are much appreciated! Thx in advance..."
Fingers and Picking Dewayne asked "Jim will it hurt to use only the thumb and index finger and the finger next to it or should use all four fingers."
Changing Scale Boxes Hendoe30 asked "Hey Brad and DMAC, love the site it has really helped me out. I watched the video Q&A from 7/10/08 from john873 regarding mode changes and I was wondering if you could clear this up for me. I am definitely a beginner and I am currently learning the minor pent. scale and I was wondering this. . . In A minor pent. scale when you change from first position to second position do you leave on the root note in first position and start the second position on the root note in order to stay in key, or can you start on any part of the second position. I posted this in the forums but after 77 views and no responses I thought I would give this a shot. I know you guys have lives and can't read all the forums but can you give me some insight. You guys rock!!!"
Slack Key Lessons Coopercanuck asked "What an awesome style! I have just begun but find myself walking back to my room all day and picking up my guitar just to play it "one more time". Thanks for making this style available it is a really chilled out style and is a lot of fun. My question is: Can you post some more songs in Slack key for us to learn? And if not where can I find some! Thanks Jason."
AC/DC Song Questions Roccafamilia23 asked "Hi, my question is about the acdc song lesson with Dave Mackenzie. Okay after the three chords are played and after the two notes and the string bend, I'm having trouble seeing what he's doing on the fret board. It looks like he's hitting the fifth string first fret and then the sixth string fourth fifth sixth and seventh sliding his fingers back to the fourth, but I can't tell for sure. Could you please explain in detail this third part of the song to me. Thank you so much. fellow guitarist, Daniel."
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