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Creative Acoustic Guitar Techniques

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About the Course

Do you play acoustic guitar and feel that everything you play somehow sounds the same? If so, this course is for you. Justin will talk about some choice ways to inject expressive emotion into your playing. We will cover how using basic techniques such as dynamics, tone control, hammer-ons, pull-offs and fingerpicking can enhance any acoustic progression or song. We will then move on and introduce the concept of using partial and full capos, alternate tunings and more advanced right and left hand techniques. This course truly has something for every player, beginner and seasoned alike.

Here are few highlights of things we will cover in this course:

  • Acoustic Arranging
  • Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
  • Basic Fingerpicking
  • Using Altered Tunings
  • Advanced Techniques
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Full Course Schedule

And of course, we keep everything, so if you miss a week you can always watch our archive of live courses. Tabs, backing tracks, and a full course PDF are provided for students, along with homework for each week! Interact with other students along with David and get the instruction you need to advance your playing.

Date Topic

Week 1

02/16/2017 at 6pm Get Access

Arrangement, Dynamics and Tone Control

Chord progressions sounding stale? Don't fret; Justin will show you simple techniques to modify your dynamics and tone that will give your progressions an entirely new life. These simple techniques will add untold expressiveness to your playing.

Week 2

02/23/2017 at 6pm Get Access

Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs with Chords

Simply adding hammer-ons and pull-offs to chords might sound rather simple, but you might be surprised just how much flavor and variety it adds to your playing. This week we will analyze these techniques in depth.

Week 3

03/02/2017 at 6pm Get Access

Basic Fingerpicking

Strumming is a lot of fun, but sometimes you just need a little bit of variety. Injecting some fingerpicking into your progressions and songs will add a new layer of texture and emotion. Justin will talk all about it this week.

Week 4

03/09/2017 at 6pm Get Access

Intermediate Fingerpicking

This week we will return to the world of integrating fingerpicking patterns with your chord progressions, arrangements and songs. Things will get a little more exciting this week.

Week 5

03/23/2017 at 6pm Get Access

Using Capos and Partial Capos

Ready for things to sound different? Good. This week is all about using the capo--both partial and regular--to completely change the sound of your progressions and arrangements. You might be surprised how much flexibility this offers.

Week 6

03/30/2017 at 6pm Get Access

Intro to Altered Tunings

Each altered tuning comes with a personality of it's own. If your music sounds stale no matter how hard you try, it might be time to explore altered tunings. Justin gives a beginners crash course on the concept this week.

Week 7

04/06/2017 at 5pm Get Access


In last week's lesson we took a look at DADGAD tuning. This week, we will stay in DADGAD but explore playing in the key of G.

Week 8

04/13/2017 at 6pm Get Access


This week we take a look at another exciting altered tuning: CGDGBD. Don't be intimidated by altered tunings, in many cases they are easier than standard.

Week 9

04/20/2017 at 6pm Get Access


This week we return to the world of CGDGBD tuning, but in the key of C. There's some fun, exciting and easy tricks in this tuning.

Week 10

04/27/2017 at 6pm Get Access

Advanced Right/Left Hand Techniques

Still feeling like your music is stale? In this lesson we take a look at some advanced left and right hand techniques that will add flavor and texture to your playing.