Live Guitar Courses with Daily Q&A

Along with our pre-recorded guitar lessons, we also offer live guitar lessons in two different formats. Our weekly workshops are filmed in 4k and broadcasted live to you in 1080p! These workshops are task-based, focused lessons about a designated topic of guitar. Also, our Live Q&A offers open dialogue and discussion with our teachers.. for up to 8 hours a day. Get pro help, anytime in a live format with a JamPlay Membership.

Live Guitar Courses

In-Studio, Live Lessons

These focused, task-based workshops include full tablature, interactivity with the instruction, and even homework each week. We are bringing live instruction into the next generation with this platform.

  • Structured Lessons in 1080p
  • Full Tabs and Guided Homework
  • Interact with the Instructor
  • Live Video Call-in Capability
  • Free with a JamPlay Membership

Daily Open Q&A

Teacher Broadcasts

Have a question when taking one of our lessons? Wish you had instant access to a pro teacher at just about anytime? Our Live Q&A solves this problem with daily, live instruction from our teachers... streaming daily.

  • 8+ hours of live sessions - daily
  • Live Help from Pro Instructors
  • Regular open mic nights
  • Webcam-to-Webcam Capability
  • Free with a JamPlay Membership

Active Live Courses

Jump in to our active, live courses currenlty happening this week. All courses are available with your membership.

Chord Progression of the Week

10 Week Course - Starts on July 15th at 5pm EST

Whether you are a bare-bones power chord punk player or a colortone savvy jazz master, the way you construct, organize, and voice your chord progressions creates the entire harmonic landscape of a song. Over the next 10 weeks, we will look at a new chord progression in every lesson that explores different chordal concepts. In each lesson, William will break down the exact chord voicings he is using and explain how we can use voice leading to highlight the tension and resolution of our progressions. Additionally, once we have established our chord progression for the week, we'll dive into the various scales and arpeggios we can use to create colorful solos and melodies over our form.

Full Course Schedule

The Number System

07/15/2020 at 5pm EST

Minor Keys

07/22/2020 at 5pm EST


07/29/2020 at 5pm EST

Diminished Chords

08/05/2020 at 5pm EST

Dominant Chords, Part 1

08/12/2020 at 5pm EST

Dominant Chords, Part 2

08/19/2020 at 5pm EST

Borrowed Chords

08/26/2020 at 5pm EST

Modal and Quartal Harmony

09/02/2020 at 5pm EST

Modern Magic, Part 1

09/09/2020 at 5pm EST

Modern Magic, Part 2

09/16/2020 at 5pm EST

Jazz Chord Solos

8 Week Course - Starts on July 13th at 4pm EST

We will begin with triads and the importance of using and seeing them across the fretboard. We will discuss the sixteen inversions of dominant chords and how they are vital in building and seeing Drop 2 voicings on the fretboard. We will learn some great options for major and minor ii V I progressions using Drop 2 voicings, triads, variations of the sixteen inversions and then create two chord solos using everything we have learned.

Full Course Schedule

Introduction to Triads

07/13/2020 at 4pm EST

Building a Chord Solo with Triads

07/20/2020 at 4pm EST

16 Dominant Chord Inversions

07/27/2020 at 4pm EST

Blues Chord Solo

08/03/2020 at 4pm EST

Essential Drop 2 Voicings

08/10/2020 at 4pm EST

Essential Drop 2 Voicings, Part 2

08/17/2020 at 4pm EST

Building a Chord Solo, Part 1

08/24/2020 at 4pm EST

Building a Chord Solo, Part 2

08/31/2020 at 4pm EST

Riffs and Rhythm

8 Week Course - Starts on July 1st at 3pm EST

During this course, Irene Ketikidi will be going through all the different picking hand techniques you need in order to play solid rhythm guitar with confidence and an authentic tone. She'll take a look at right and left hand muting, groove and pick dynamics, fingerstyle techniques, chord fills, skank picking, tone, and much more!

Full Course Schedule

Modern Rock Riffing

07/01/2020 at 3pm EST

Static Shuffle Riff

07/08/2020 at 3pm EST

Funk Chords

07/15/2020 at 3pm EST

Single Note Funk Picking

07/22/2020 at 3pm EST

Combining Funk and Rock

07/29/2020 at 3pm EST

Modern Fingerstyle

08/05/2020 at 3pm EST

Chord Fills

08/12/2020 at 3pm EST

R&B Fingerstyle and Fills

08/19/2020 at 3pm EST

Turning Scales Into Melodies

10 Week Course - Starts on June 15th at 2pm EST

To make music, you need to know the sound of the scales you practice, and the relationships in theory and on the fretboard that make each one distinctive. Join Dave Isaacs for this 10 week course where each week we'll learn a scale fingering, walk through a practice process, and learn how to improvise using the scale over a backing track.

Full Course Schedule

Phrasing and Line

06/15/2020 at 2pm EST

Scale Degrees in C and the Major Pentatonic

06/22/2020 at 2pm EST

Parallel Minor Pentatonic

06/29/2020 at 2pm EST

The Aeolian Mode (Natural Minor)

07/06/2020 at 2pm EST

Exploring the Dorian Mode

07/13/2020 at 2pm EST

Exploring the Mixolydian Mode

07/20/2020 at 2pm EST

The Ionian Mode - Parallel Major

07/27/2020 at 2pm EST

Mixed Chromatics

08/03/2020 at 2pm EST

Mode Mixture

08/10/2020 at 2pm EST

Practice Guide to Mastering All Twelve Keys

08/17/2020 at 2pm EST

Developing the Right Hand Fingers

10 Week Course - Starts on June 23rd at 4pm EST

Whether you’re an electric guitarist, steel string player or aspiring classical guitarist, you’re bound to be leveling up your right hand technique. Learn basic hand positioning, how to develop control, how to build muscles, common arpeggios, and much more. All of this will take place in the context of musical examples and etudes. Join Evan Taucher as he guides you through the whole process, one finger at a time!

Full Course Schedule

Introducing the Right Hand

06/23/2020 at 4pm EST

Common 3 Finger Arpeggios

06/30/2020 at 4pm EST

Introduction and Placement of 4 Finger Arpeggios

07/07/2020 at 4pm EST

Building Control of the Right Hand Fingers

07/14/2020 at 4pm EST

Developing Right Hand Arpeggio Speed

07/21/2020 at 4pm EST

Developing Rasgueado for Strength

07/28/2020 at 4pm EST

More Complicated Right Hand Patterns

08/04/2020 at 4pm EST

Introduction to Tremolo Patterns

08/11/2020 at 4pm EST

Articulations and Other Right Hand Techniques

08/18/2020 at 4pm EST

Wrapping it All Up

08/25/2020 at 4pm EST

Riffs with Mark

8 Week Course - Starts on May 29th at 3pm EST

Are you looking to add some cool, signature riffs to your playing? Do you have a few under your fingers that you like, but don't know when or how to use? Look no further than Riffs with Mark. Each week in this eight week workshop, Mark will teach a scale and a riff derived from it. He'll then dissect how to use that riff in the broader context of music.

Full Course Schedule

Major Pentatonic

05/29/2020 at 3pm EST

Minor Pentatonic / Blues Scale

06/05/2020 at 3pm EST

Riff Transposition and Finding the Key

06/12/2020 at 3pm EST

Borrowing From the Mixolydian Mode

06/19/2020 at 3pm EST

Borrowing From the Dorian Mode

06/26/2020 at 3pm EST

Dominant 7 Arpeggios

07/10/2020 at 3pm EST

Soloing Over the 12 Bar Blues

07/17/2020 at 3pm EST

Just Riffs

07/24/2020 at 3pm EST

Rock Guitar Solo of the Week

8 Week Course - Starts on May 22nd at 5pm EST

In this course you'll get a step-by-step lesson, the backing track and tabs each week. The solo itself will be fun and attainable which you’ll tackle inside each lesson. Not only will you learn a new solo and have a fun jam track to play over, but you’ll also discover the “methods to the madness” behind great sounding Blues and Rock solos. You’ll quickly see how you can expand on the concepts, techniques and theory to truly integrate them into your mind, body and soul!

Full Course Schedule

Jimi's Voodoo

05/22/2020 at 5pm EST

Albert the King

05/29/2020 at 5pm EST

When Minor Pentatonic Fails, What Works?

06/05/2020 at 5pm EST

Rippin' it on Slash

06/12/2020 at 5pm EST

Alt Rock Solos

06/19/2020 at 5pm EST

Rock Guitar Prowess by 'Mixing'

06/26/2020 at 5pm EST

Rippin' it up on Funk

07/10/2020 at 5pm EST

Blues Rock Phenom

07/17/2020 at 5pm EST

Practicing Fundamental Skills

10 Week Course - Starts on April 28th at 8pm EST

Regardless of what level you’re at, there’s a good chance that there are some fundamental holes in your playing so don’t be shy, come hang with Dave as he hooks you up with some great exercises to help patch those flaws so that when you’re done with this course, you’ll feel more stronger and confident in your playing than you have in a while! We'll cover things like hammer ons and pull offs, vibrato, sliding, bending, phrasing, reading rhythms and much more!

Full Course Schedule

Right and Left Hands

04/28/2020 at 8pm EST

Hammer Ons and Pull Offs

05/05/2020 at 8pm EST


05/12/2020 at 8pm EST

Sliding Fundamentals

05/19/2020 at 8pm EST

Bending Fundamentals

05/26/2020 at 8pm EST

Timing and Groove

06/09/2020 at 8pm EST

Alternate Picking Vs. Economy Picking

06/16/2020 at 8pm EST

Strumming and Reading Rhythms

06/30/2020 at 8pm EST


07/07/2020 at 8pm EST


07/14/2020 at 8pm EST

Slices of Jazz

8 Week Course - Course is Complete. Archive Available.

This course will fulfill your weekly hunger for the jazz music. We will discuss all the necessary ingredients to make your guitar playing edible. We will season to taste with the necessary spices like common harmony, intros and outros, navigating common chord progressions, turnarounds, tags, substitutions, simple arrangements and more. This course will include both single line and chordal perspectives.

Full Course Schedule

Scales, Chords and Basic Harmony

04/27/2020 at 4pm EST

Reading Charts

05/11/2020 at 4pm EST

Intros and Outros

05/18/2020 at 4pm EST

Common Jazz Progressions

06/01/2020 at 4pm EST

Jazz Turnarounds

06/08/2020 at 4pm EST


06/15/2020 at 4pm EST


06/22/2020 at 4pm EST


07/06/2020 at 4pm EST

Jam of the Week

8 Week Course - Course is Complete. Archive Available.

One of the best things you can do as a musician is consistently take on new material. When doing so, you take on new ideas and improve your playing by either learning a specific part or maybe even coming up with your own. That’s why during Jam of the Week, I’ll not only give you beginner, intermediate and advanced parts that could work over the progression so that everyone has something to play regardless of what level you’re at, but I’ll also explain how l arrived at the parts as well as give you ideas for other ways to interpret the progression so you’ll know what to do at your next jam session! Just in case jam sessions are ever a thing again ;)

Full Course Schedule

One Chord Rock Jam

04/23/2020 at 8pm EST

Two Chord Reggae Jam

04/30/2020 at 8pm EST

Alabamin' Lakes Revisited

05/07/2020 at 8pm EST

Classic Funk Jam

05/14/2020 at 8pm EST

Country Jam

05/21/2020 at 8pm EST

Americana Jam

05/28/2020 at 8pm EST

Straight Chillin'

06/04/2020 at 8pm EST

Swingin' a Blues

06/11/2020 at 8pm EST

Blues Tools and Techniques

10 Week Course - Course is Complete. Archive Available.

In this course we’ll look at the techniques needed to assist you in becoming a better blues player. We’ll look at the right way to bend strings, how to use arpeggios when soloing and why its important to blend them in with scale tones. Also how not to sound like your just playing scales, by employing techniques as chromatic approaches to notes. We’ll even look at the kind of chords you absolutely need to know for blues, and how to use those chords both rhythmically and harmonically.

Full Course Schedule

Blues Rhythm Guitar

04/22/2020 at 7pm EST

Chords for Blues

04/29/2020 at 7pm EST

Expanding the Vocabulary

05/06/2020 at 7pm EST


05/13/2020 at 7pm EST

Arpeggios and Scales

05/20/2020 at 7pm EST

Arpeggios and Scales Part 2

05/27/2020 at 7pm EST

Vibrato and Tremolo

06/03/2020 at 7pm EST

Blues in a Minor Key

06/10/2020 at 7pm EST

New Approaches to the Pentatonic Scale

06/17/2020 at 7pm EST

Everything We've Learned

06/24/2020 at 7pm EST

Guitar Gym for Rookies

10 Week Course - Course is Complete. Archive Available.

That guitar has collected a bit of dust and now you have a lot of extra time on your hands. You start to think about getting serious again but keep getting stuck on those intro lines to your favorite songs and give up. Playing any style of guitar requires various techniques that can seem overwhelming when you are confronted with them. Okay, so you want to improve, but where do you jump in? How do you start? How do you adequately train for the songs you really want to play? Most importantly how do you not get bored while acquiring the ability you need to get there? Fortunately there are some basic techniques that can provide a foundation for almost any style you seek to play. Often though technical exercises can feel an awful lot like eating your musical vegetables but they don’t have to! For the next 10 weeks we will be going through some various foundational concepts put into interesting musical examples to help bring your playing to the next orbit and impress the neighbors hearing you practice during your quarantine. Each week we will hit the gym together, highlight a specific aspect important to every genre of guitar, talk through it, give examples, insights into how not just what to practice, play together, and best of all answer your questions live. Join now!

Full Course Schedule

Playing Chords

04/27/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing Chord Progressions

05/04/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing Strum Patterns

05/11/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing Single Notes

05/18/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing Major Scales

06/01/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing Pentatonic Scales

06/08/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing Arpeggios

06/15/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing Fingerpicking

06/22/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing with Expression

06/29/2020 at 6pm EST

Playing with Others

07/06/2020 at 6pm EST

Country Solo of the Week

10 Week Course - Course is Complete. Archive Available.

This exciting course will explore a new Country Guitar solo each and every week. We will focus on the electric Telecaster style, but any guitar will work. Expand your vocabulary of licks, tricks and melodies over some of the most common chord progressions in the genre. Though they are country inspired, the material covered can be applied to any genre.

Full Course Schedule

Cashing In

04/16/2020 at 6pm EST

Bending it Straight

04/23/2020 at 6pm EST

Double Stops Down South

04/30/2020 at 6pm EST

Pickin’ With the Chickens

05/07/2020 at 6pm EST

Pickin’ With the Chickens Part 2

05/14/2020 at 6pm EST

Slurring it Clean

05/21/2020 at 6pm EST

Howling at the Moon

05/28/2020 at 6pm EST

Rockin’ In the Living Room

06/04/2020 at 6pm EST

Jumping On The Bandwagon

06/11/2020 at 6pm EST

Grassing it Up

06/25/2020 at 6pm EST

Archived Live Courses

Miss one of our courses? No problem... we archive all live courses for you to review and take at anytime. Each course comes with full tabs, backing tracks (where necessary), and even a pre-recorded guided practice routine. Learn more about our past courses below, and get instant access to all courses with a full JamPlay Membership.

Blues Tools and Techniques Guitar Course

Blues Tools and Techniques

COMPLETED April 2020 | Archive Ready

In this course we’ll look at the techniques needed to assist you in becoming a better blues player. Along with the blues, this will filter down to other styles of music you like to play, and make you a better all around player!

Guitar Gym for Rookies Guitar Course

Guitar Gym for Rookies

COMPLETED April 2020 | Archive Ready

For the next 10 weeks we will be going through some various foundational concepts to help bring your playing to the next orbit and impress the neighbors hearing you practice during your quarantine.

Country Solo of the Week Guitar Course

Country Solo of the Week

COMPLETED April 2020 | Archive Ready

This exciting course will explore a new Country Guitar solo each and every week. Expand your vocabulary of licks, tricks and melodies over some of the most common chord progressions in the country guitar genre.

Classic Americana Songs Guitar Course

Classic Americana Songs

COMPLETED April 2020 | Archive Ready

Learn a new classic Americana song or instrumental tune each week. Discover the simple melody, the chord changes, and then move on to a fun folk or bluegrass arrangement that will expand your mind and dazzle your fingers.

All at Once: Fingerstyle Guitar Guitar Course

All at Once: Fingerstyle Guitar

COMPLETED April 2020 | Archive Ready

Good fingerstyle players do it "All at Once." Learn how they combines chords, rhythm and melody into one beautiful tapestry and then learn to apply the concepts for yourself using tried-and-true standard songs.

Neon Rainbow: Singing With Guitar Guitar Course

Neon Rainbow: Singing With Guitar

COMPLETED April 2020 | Archive Ready

Steve has been singing all his life and playing guitar for about 50 years, and doing both together for as long as he could play. For this live class he shares the principles and exercises that have helped him learn to sing and play.

Jazz Beginnings Guitar Course

Jazz Beginnings

COMPLETED September 2019 | Archive Ready

Music is a language and in terms of sophistication, there is no genre of improvised music that even comes close to Jazz. In this 10 week live course, we’ll break down the basic elements of jazz into small bites, so that you’ll walk away ready start jamming over some of the most time tested standards. Join Dave each week to secure a solid Jazz foundation.

Going Through Changes Guitar Course

Going Through Changes

COMPLETED August 2019 | Archive Ready

Chord progressions are one of the most ubiquitous components of modern music. But what makes a great progression? How do different types of chords relate to one another? In this exciting new 10-week course, we work through a variety of easy lessons to get you acquainted with the basic mechanics of common chord progressions.

Key Starting Points for Beginners Guitar Course

Key Starting Points for Beginners

COMPLETED July 2019 | Archive Ready

Learn 10 powerful areas of focus focus that can really improve your playing. Though geared towards beginners, these tips hold valuable nuggets of truth for nearly all players. Discover how to learn new chords and scales, master shapes necessary for all players, boost your rhythm and lead chops, discover the power of ear training, and much more.

Merging Pentatonics Guitar Course

Merging Pentatonics

COMPLETED March 2019 | Archive Ready

Pentatonic scales are everywhere, but often you can feel limited with what you can do with them. In this course, Dave will help reduce the confusion so that you’re able to grasp how and when they’re applied. You’ll also develop vocabulary by borrowing notes from other scales.

Masterful Melodies Guitar Course

Masterful Melodies

COMPLETED March 2019 | Archive Ready

In this course we study the core concepts that are critical to finding your melodic voice on your instrument. Featuring 10 killer backing tracks, we will give you all the pieces necessary to begin crafting beautiful melodies, solos, lead parts and bass lines, no matter your current skill level.

Playing Over Chords: Part 2 Guitar Course

Playing Over Chords: Part 2

COMPLETED February 2019 | Archive Ready

We return to the world of open position with this exciting follow up to the original “Playing Over Chords” course. This time around we explore simple 3-note figures, and show how they can be used to navigate chord changes in open position using several of the most prolific keys.

Next Level Triads Guitar Course

Next Level Triads

COMPLETED February 2019 | Archive Ready

It's time to finally gain a full understanding of what triads are, and master their use. In this 10-week course we will cover the basic triads and their variations, taking care to unlock their full, and often hidden, potential. You will be surprised how far these simple shapes can take you.

Learning to Loop Guitar Course

Learning to Loop

COMPLETED February 2019 | Archive Ready

It's time to get out your loop pedal and learn new ways to practice, improve your lead playing, and craft better song ideas by incorporating basic looping technique. You will learn all about the loop pedal, and the best ways to use it, in this exciting 10-week course.

Fretboard Focus Guitar Course

Fretboard Focus

COMPLETED February 2019 | Archive Ready

Through a thrilling exploration of single string, major and pentatonic scales we will explore the entire fretboard of your instrument, unlocking hidden sounds and your true musical potential. Stop sounding like a mechanical player and develop your musicality.

Chords and Cadences Guitar Course

Chords and Cadences

COMPLETED January 2019 | Archive Ready

Unleash your inner guitar player by mastering easy variations of chords you already know, improving your ability to transition between chords musically, building a massive new chord vocabulary and practicing different grooves and strum patterns.

The Roots of Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Course

The Roots of Fingerstyle Blues

COMPLETED October 2018 | Archive Ready

This class will breakdown the Piedmont, Ragtime and country folk blues stylings and show you both how to play this unique style and to create your own songs.

Playing Over Chords Guitar Course

Playing Over Chords

COMPLETED September 2018 | Archive Ready

Learn the secrets of playing over chord changes and progressions using simple, easy-to-memorize figures. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to music.

Practicing for Real Music Guitar Course

Practicing for Real Music

COMPLETED August 2018 | Archive Ready

Each week we introduce a new lick or playing exercise that will prepare you for playing and creating actual music. Improve your technique and creativity.

Radical Rhythms Guitar Course

Radical Rhythms

COMPLETED August 2018 | Archive Ready

In this exciting 10-week course, we take you on a journey in time, groove, and feel as we examine the building blocks of rhythmic musical structure.

Making Modal Melodies Guitar Course

Making Modal Melodies

COMPLETED May 2018 | Archive Ready

This course attacks the concepts of modes from an entirely new angle. We’re going to use songwriting and arranging to explore melodic possibilities using the modes. We’re also going to use modes to enhance our creativity while songwriting.

Fretboard Roadmap: CAGED Guitar Course

Fretboard Roadmap: CAGED

COMPLETED April 2018 | Archive Ready

The CAGED system is one of the most powerful tools for unlocking the guitar's entire fretboard. It will allow you to associate scales with chord positions, move chords up and down the neck, as well as make better use of arpeggios.

Introduction to Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Course

Introduction to Fingerstyle Blues

COMPLETED March 2018 | Archive Ready

In this course you will learn to fingerpick in the pre-war style of the great blues artists from the 1920’s through the mid 1940’s. Learn all of the basics including blues progressions, call and response, rhythm playing and turnarounds.

Rut Busting Practice Tips Guitar Course

Rut Busting Practice Tips

COMPLETED March 2018 | Archive Ready

This course is all about getting the most out of your practice sessions. Without a clear understanding of what to practice, when to practice and how to learn, your guitar playing will suffer greatly. Get ready to progress like never before.

Riffs Rule Guitar Course

Riffs Rule

COMPLETED February 2018 | Archive Ready

Dave Brown will not only walk you through some sweet new riffs in a variety of styles, you’ll also learn where they come from and how to create your own. Learn your instrument and explore the fretboard using fun riffs!

Beginner Bass for Guitarists Guitar Course

Beginner Bass for Guitarists

COMPLETED February 2018 | Archive Ready

This course is the perfect starting point for those who already know how to play guitar and are interested in stepping into the world of the bass. Learn everything you need to get started and thrive on the instrument.

Starting to Record Guitar Course

Starting to Record

COMPLETED February 2018 | Archive Ready

This course is all about recording. We will cover setting up your gear, choosing software, using software, recording as part of your practice, and even the basics of mixing. In addition, we cover all of the common problems beginners face.

Essential Flatpicking Tunes Guitar Course

Essential Flatpicking Tunes

COMPLETED January 2018 | Archive Ready

We will spend 8 weeks looking at classic Flatpicking tunes. Each week we will cover a new classic flatpicking song, break down how it is played and include useful variations. Rhythm, melody and solos, it's all covered in this course.

Playing Together Guitar Course

Playing Together

COMPLETED February 2018 | Archive Ready

In this exciting new course, veteran players David Brown (guitar) and Alex Scott (bass) will help you navigate the world of playing with other musicians. Each week you will explore a necessary component of playing together.

Skill of the Week: Part 2 Guitar Course

Skill of the Week: Part 2

COMPLETED October 2017 | Archive Ready

Each week we will take a look at a highly-desired skill and work towards getting just a little bit better at it. Chord changing, proper practicing, soloing and even ear training, we cover it all.

Basic Guitar Live Course Guitar Course

Basic Guitar Live Course

3/9/2016 | Archive Ready

Chris Liepe leads "Guitar 101" as if you just picked up the guitar for the first time. This 10 week course is designed to get you up to speed quickly, and even playing your first song with confidence.

Music Theory 101 Live Course Guitar Course

Music Theory 101 Live Course

2/29/2016 | Archive Ready

David Wallimann teaches beginner music theory. To make your music come alive and develop your own music personality, you must understand the instrument. That's what this course is all about.

Basic Guitar Live Course 2 Guitar Course

Basic Guitar Live Course 2

5/26/2016 | Archive Ready

Chris Liepe returns with "Guitar 102". This six-week module is largely focused on chords. We're going to cover, the minors, power chords, barre chords and spend a lot of time looking at chord progressions.

Live Blues Guitar Course Guitar Course

Live Blues Guitar Course

4/7/2016 | Archive Ready

Learn the basics of Blues, and then see how extremely simple ideas from classic Blues players have influenced modern, more contemporary players. Features ideas from Blues greats!

Basic Guitar Live Course Guitar Course

Basic Guitar Live Course

8/25/2016 | Archive Ready

These next six weeks are going to get you comfortably moving around the neck using simple scale patterns and using your ears in a whole new way. That's right, we are going to start learning how to improvise!

UNCAGED with Ian Argys Guitar Course

UNCAGED with Ian Argys

7/26/2016 | Archive Ready

The CAGED system is a simple, elegant way to unlock the entire fretboard of your guitar. You will never be lost trying to find a particular chord, scale or note again after mastering this technique.

Pentatonic Mastery Live Course Guitar Course

Pentatonic Mastery Live Course

6/20/2016 | Archive Ready

Memorizing the pentatonic scale, and learning how to use it in a fluid and musical manor are two completely different skills. The focus is all about how to use the scale across the entire fretboard.

Lead/Solo Melodic Live Course Guitar Course

Lead/Solo Melodic Live Course

4/12/2016 | Archive Ready

Bring out your inner melody in the easiest way possible. Forget learning theory or memorizing hundreds of patterns. This course focuses on the nuts and bolts that can inject flavor and style into your playing.

Bluegrass Live Course Guitar Course

Bluegrass Live Course

2/23/2016 | Archive Ready

Tyler Grant brings you 7 weeks of expert Bluegrass instruction. Tyler will begin with basic Bluegrass rhythm and quickly move to learning your first Bluegrass songs... complete with JamTracks and tabs.