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Lead Concepts & Techniques

Tired of playing the same old things when it's time for you to take a solo? Prashant's methodical approach to breaking out of normal patterns and making traditional 'guitar-isms' sound fresh and new will give your playing new legs.

Lesson 1

Impact Soloing Series...

Do you want to play more musical sounding solos? Do you want to play solos with more emotion...

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Lesson 2

Learn Those Arpeggios

Before you can play effortless, amazing solos, you need to lay the groundwork. Prashant...

Length: 13:32
Lesson 3

With and Around The...

In similar fashion to the minor 7th arpeggios, Prashant goes over the diatonic major shapes....

Length: 8:40
Lesson 4

The Odd Ones

Complete the major scale harmony in this string of lessons based on 5th string arpeggios....

Length: 8:35
Lesson 5


Now that you have all the arpeggio shapes under your fingers and hot on your mind, it's...

Length: 13:12
Lesson 6

Linear Additions

Do you want to make your patterns NOT sound like patterns? Prashant looks at some of his...

Length: 11:12
Lesson 7

First Finger Pivoting

Running out of fingers is a common problem when trying to navigate to different familiar...

Length: 7:22
Lesson 8

Linear Pivoting

Now it's time to combine the concepts from the last two lessons. Take the linear additions...

Length: 8:38
Lesson 9

Fun With Upper Structure...

What the heck are upper structure triads? To get the answer, start by counting by odd...

Length: 17:36
Lesson 10

How to Get into Hybrid...

If you have tried hybrid picking before and considered to feel a bit awkward, Prashant's...

Length: 12:23
Lesson 11

Think Through Two Modal...

Here's one of the greatest ear training exercises: pick a chord progression, listen to...

Length: 8:57
Lesson 12

Voice Leading & Singing

Chords need melody, and a melody is always stronger with the right chords underneath....

Length: 10:40
Lesson 13

Melodic Motifs

Learn to put melody first and connect patterns, runs, and other ideas with your melody...

Length: 8:18
Lesson 14

Double Barring & Lead

Double barring isn't just for rhythm players. Learn how take this technique and inject...

Length: 13:11
Lesson 15

Double Barring Two String...

Work horizontally on the neck with the double barring technique discussed in the last...

Length: 11:21
Lesson 16

New Licks, Combining...

Blend the double barring technique with many of the other techniques taught in this series...

Length: 12:59
Lesson 17

Voice Leading & Rhythm...

As a guitar player, playing rhythm is your primary responsibility. This lesson demonstrates...

Length: 13:01
Lesson 18

Simple Alternate Tunings...

By altering your low E string and keeping it simple, you'll open up some great riffing...

Length: 16:07
Lesson 19

Groovin' with the Kick...

Listening and grooving with the kick drum may be a big priority for bass players, but...

Length: 7:13
Lesson 20

Musical Bending & Vibrato

Have you ever heard a new song or guitar solo and been able to identify the guitar player...

Length: 17:26
Lesson 21

Whammy Bar Techniques

The idea of a whammy bar is pretty straight forward, but implementing it musically isn't...

Length: 15:17
Lesson 22

Everyone Loves a Good...

Prashant discusses his guitar and gear choices for his signature tone. He also reveals...

Length: 11:29
Lesson 23

Vibrato & Bends in Context

Now that you've honed in on pitch and accuracy with bending and vibrato, take the concepts...

Length: 7:35
Lesson 24

Dark Day

Prashant improvises over an original track called "Dark Day" and teaches some key passages...

Length: 7:37
Lesson 25

Face First

Welcome to the 2nd massive and juicy improvised solo from Prashant Aswani! Tracks like...

Length: 7:25
Lesson 26


Melody is key! In this track, practice putting melody first and make arpeggios, hybrid...

Length: 9:56
Lesson 27

Rush Hour

Learn a VERY melodic solo and hone in on the intricate rhythm beneath it. Focus on creating...

Length: 8:04
Lesson 28


Mix blues elements with progressive rock and you get this cool improvised solo by Prashant...

Length: 8:44
Lesson 29

Your Call

Learn this full song off of Prashant's album "Visions". Learn the melody, the rhythm...

Length: 44:06
Speed and Technique

A 30 day repertoire meant to help built your picking chops

Lesson 1

Power Picking with Prashant...

JamPlay welcomes back Prashant Aswani for an in-depth skill based challenge series to...

Length: 3:37
Lesson 2

Day 1: Pentatonic Lick

Day one of power picking introduces a pentatonic lick to get you started. Nothing fancy...

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Lesson 3

Day 2: Adding Hammer-ons

In day two's exercise you'll be looking at the same lick from day one, but this time adding...

Length: 9:21
Lesson 4

Day 3: Hybrid Picking

Day three of Prashant's 30 day picking technique course introduces the concept of hybrid...

Length: 10:17
Lesson 5

Day 4: Multiple Strings

In lesson 5, Prashant offers up a new lick to study that will incorporate multiple strings....

Length: 9:59
Lesson 6

Day 5: Adding Octaves

Lesson 6 is all about discovering how to move licks into higher and lower octaves. You'll...

Length: 10:02
Lesson 7

Day 6: Adding Complexity

Day 6 in the picking workout consists of making the most recent lick you learned more...

Length: 9:50
Lesson 8

Day 7: Sweep Technique

In the day 7 lesson, Prashant introduces you to what is commonly referred to as sweep...

Length: 12:37
Lesson 9

Day 8: Sweep and Slide

Day 8 you'll be continuing with the sweep technique while also adding longer phrases,...

Length: 8:05
Lesson 10

Day 9: Motif Style...

In day 9 of your picking course, it's time to start thinking more about motifs. A motif...

Length: 9:28
Lesson 11

Day 10: Hybrid Picking...

In day 10 of your 30 day exercise program, it's time to once again take a look at hybrid...

Length: 16:50
Lesson 12

Day 11: Adding a Third...

Day 11 is all about adding to what you know with hybrid picking. Using a repeating progression,...

Length: 8:09
Lesson 13

Day 12: Furthering...

Day 12 has yet another hybrid picking style lick to challenge you. This technique is...

Length: 11:37
Lesson 14

Day 13: Alternate Picking...

Over the past couple days you've seen how hybrid picking can help speed and accuracy....

Length: 12:59
Lesson 15

Day 14: Adding Motifs

Day 14 is all about adding what Prashant calls "motivic lines." Taking the concept of...

Length: 11:06
Lesson 16

Day 15: Pattern Based...

Building off of the motifs you've been working on, it's time to start incorporating patterns...

Length: 10:41
Lesson 17

Day 16: How to Create...

Starting off the second half of your 30 day training, Prashant talks about how to create...

Length: 9:13
Lesson 18

Day 17: Putting it...

You're looking at a much longer lick this time that encompasses all of the ideas and techniques...

Length: 17:16
Lesson 19

Day 18: Arpeggios and...

Day 18 is all about arpeggios and syncopation. You'll be utilizing the picking techniques...

Length: 12:40
Lesson 20

Day 19: Short Encompassing...

Just like in your day 17 lesson, day 19 is all about putting all the skills you've learned...

Length: 8:23
Lesson 21

Day 20: Barring While...

A new day brings new challenges. In your lick today, Prashant provides a barring exercise...

Length: 10:42
Lesson 22

Day 21: Movable Barres

Day 21 is all about taking the barring techniques you've learned recently and transporting...

Length: 9:58
Lesson 23

Day 22: Looped Pattern...

Using the barre technique you've been working on, Prashant offers up a daily lick that...

Length: 12:15
Lesson 24

Day 23: Short Isolated...

The next lick in your 30 day picking challenge is a short lick that is designed to get...

Length: 9:45
Lesson 25

Day 24: Linear Looping...

Day 24's lick is all about linear movement across the fretboard. You'll be utilizing...

Length: 9:14
Lesson 26

Day 25: Sliding Arpeggios

Day 25 is all about increasing your fretboard knowledge. Using what Prashant dubs a sliding...

Length: 9:43
Lesson 27

Day 26: Closing Lick...

Starting on day 26, Prashant is going to be dividing up a monster lick to round out the...

Length: 7:03
Lesson 28

Day 27: Closing Lick...

Day number 27 is the descending portion of the multi-part lick that Prashant is teaching...

Length: 7:46
Lesson 29

Day 28: Adding Turnarounds

In lesson 29, you're going to add some small turnarounds to the ascending and descending...

Length: 6:09
Lesson 30

Day 29: Accompaniment...

Now that you've learned all the licks of the course and have added several different techniques...

Length: 6:05
Lesson 31

Day 30: Advanced Accompaniment...

The final day of your Power Picking training is here. In day 29 you had an accompaniment...

Length: 10:26

This course features 15 rock songs that are exclusive to JamPlay. Each song will be broken down into rhythm and melody and then dissected in great depth. Beyond that, you will learn how to improvise over JamTracks, write creative melodies and solo sections, learn how to write riffs, and much more. This really is a comprehensive toolbox for instrumental rock players.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Welcome to Rules of Rock: A Backing Track Series - 15 original backing tracks and dozens...

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Lesson 2

Blue Sky - Rhythm

Jumping right in! In this lesson we're going to look at the first track in the series,...

Length: 20:41
Lesson 3

Blue Sky - Melody

Now that we know what's going on progression-wise, let's look at some melody ideas for...

Length: 17:36
Lesson 4

Rush Hour - Rhythm

With a punchy rhythm on the verses and long sustaining chords and arpeggios on the chorus,...

Length: 14:17
Lesson 5

Rush Hour - Melody

Join Prashant as he breaks down some melody components that work well over the Rush Hour...

Length: 12:44
Lesson 6

Bullet in the Brain...

Feeling aggressive? Maybe angry? This tune is perfect for you. Join Prashant as he...

Length: 15:09
Lesson 7

Bullet in the Brain...

Join Prashant as he walks through the dark, phrygian melody he crafted for this A section...

Length: 18:15
Lesson 8

Raw Deal - Rhythm

If you haven't had any fun yet, that's about to change. This track is a fun romp utilizing...

Length: 14:20
Lesson 9

Raw Deal - Melody

This melody creates uses bending and whammy bar to create a soaring lead line with a very...

Length: 7:47
Lesson 10

Break Out - Rhythm

Let's take a look at the rhythm and arrangement for the Break Out backing track!

Length: 25:49
Lesson 11

Break Out - Melody

Now that we've got the rhythm down, let's learn some melody ideas for playing over the...

Length: 20:57
Lesson 12

Burnin' - Rhythm

In this lesson we're going to take a look at the rhythm parts for the backing track, Burnin'.

Length: 11:20
Lesson 13

Burnin' - Melody

Well, you've mastered the rhythm for Burnin' (hopefully), so let's take a look at some...

Length: 7:28
Lesson 14

Calm Moment - Rhythm

Ready to slow things down a bit? This track, as it's name denotes, is a great chance...

Length: 18:55
Lesson 15

Calm Moment - Melody

Join Prashant as he walks through some melodic ideas you can use over the Calm Moment...

Length: 9:13
Lesson 16

Darkness - Rhythm

Join Prashant as he walks through his approach to the rhythm of the track, Darkness.

Length: 9:02
Lesson 17

Darkness - Melody

In this lesson, Prashant walks through some melody ideas that could be used over Darkness.

Length: 7:05
Lesson 18

Lead Nova - Rhythm

The Lead Nova track is a heavy, driving tune with a metal vibe. Join Prashant as he explains...

Length: 16:03
Lesson 19

Lead Nova - Melody

Learn some melody ideas that can be used over the dark, chromatic feel of Lead Nova.

Length: 8:04
Lesson 20

Meris - Rhythm

In this lesson, Prashant introduces you to the heavy groove track called Meris. Learn...

Length: 14:57
Lesson 21

Meris - Melody

The melody for this track takes advantage of doubling the rhythm riff and then adding...

Length: 5:51
Lesson 22

White Paper - Rhythm

This repetitive, somewhat funky feeling track, White Paper, has a great vibe and offers...

Length: 7:04
Lesson 23

White Paper - Melody

Now that we've laid down some funky rhythm riffs, we are going to add some soaring melody...

Length: 7:38
Lesson 24

The Coast - Rhythm

This laid back track provides a great setting for using chord melody, as Prashant demonstrates...

Length: 10:45
Lesson 25

The Coast - Melody

Chances are, you'll just feel good after listening to this track. Imagine yourself driving...

Length: 8:35
Lesson 26

Time Stamp - Rhythm

From single note riffs, to arpeggiated chords, and then some hybrid picked chord hits,...

Length: 11:09
Lesson 27

Time Stamp - Melody

Learn some new vibey, melody ideas to utilize over the track Time Stamp.

Length: 11:12
Lesson 28

Summer - Rhythm

While the rhythm for this track is pretty simple (think repetitive, easy chords), As Prashant...

Length: 12:31
Lesson 29

Summer - Melody

Join Prashant as he shares some more ideas for creating melodies over the track Summer.

Length: 7:15
Lesson 30

Shackles - Rhythm

We've made it to the last Rock Out track! Shackles, is a ready, steady rock'n'roll tune...

Length: 14:35
Lesson 31

Shackles - Melody

Here are some great melody ideas for the track, Shackles!

Length: 7:08
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Learn more About Prashant Aswani

Few musicians can say they’ve had such a diverse background in music, ranging from Indian classical to rock fusion, and many genres in between. Even fewer can say they recorded their first solo album while still attending Berklee College of Music. Prashant Aswani, however, can attest to these, and even more, jaw-dropping experiences. Few musicians can say they’ve had such a diverse background in music, ranging from Indian classical to rock fusion, and many genres in between. Even fewer can say they recorded their first solo album while still attending Berklee College of Music. Prashant Aswani, however, can attest to these, and even more, jaw-dropping experiences.

Prashant began his inspiring musical career at a very young age. He began playing tabla guitar at the age of eight, and took weekly lessons for the next five years. But it was the acoustic guitar Prashant received at the age of 13 that has ultimately shaped his career, and he hasn’t put it down since. Almost immediately, Prashant began writing music. In high school, Prashant joined the Lexington High School Jazz Band, instructed by Jeff Leonard. Leonard took an interest in Prashant, and began teaching him how to read chords and charts, which was his first formal training in guitar. Throughout his childhood, Prashant found influences in Zakir Hussain, AC/DC, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Randy Rhodes, and Yngwie Malmsteen, to name a few.

After high school, Prashant attended Berklee College of Music, and received the Guitar Night honors for rock fusion. He has opened for Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, and Steve Morse while performing at the Berklee Performance Center.

During his time at Berklee, Prashant began recording his compositions, demoing “Blizzard,” “Hiding Under the Covers,” and “Data.” Mark Varney of Legato Records became interested in the project, and Prashant went on to record his first solo album entitled “Revelation,” produced by Greg Howe.

Since recording “Revelation,” Prashant has become a worldwide sensation. “Revelation” was re-released by Virtuoso Records in 1998, and by SoundHolic Records in 1999 in Japan. He began doing clinics/ concerts and writing guitar columns for Italy’s biggest magazine, Axe Guitar Magazine. He has been featured in print around the world, including Young Guitar Magazine. Prashant has toured and recorded with Justin Timberlake, Christins Milian, Herbie Hancock, Steve Gadd, Darrell Diaz, Greg Howe, Aj Mclean, Jose Pasillas, Rhonda Smith.

Prashant has recorded Four Solo albums including “Revelation”, “Duality”, “Sonically Speaking”, “Visions” and one soundtrack “Frequency” released by Lakeshore Entertainment. Currently, Prashant is the featured artist on iFrankenstein Movie Soundtrack (Lakeshore Entertainment) and is Producing AJ Mclean’s(Back Street Boys) solo album. In addition he is currently recording his fifth solo album with Jose Pasillas (Incubus) and Rhonda Smith (Prince, Jeff Beck).

Prashant is currently endorsed by ESP Guitars, Bogner Amps, EMG Pickups, D’Addario Strings, Vertex Effects, Providence Cables and FX, Maxon FX, and Schaller Electronics.