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The blues is a distinctly American style of music. Many popular genres such as jazz, rock, and country music draw upon basic blues concepts. Consequently, it is advantageous for any guitarist to study the blues.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Blues

Hawkeye Herman introduces the blues. He explains the 12 bar blues chords and the poetic...

Length: 19:25
Lesson 2

Understanding Blues...

Hawkeye explains how the I, IV, and V chords are used in a 12 bar blues progression.

Length: 12:12
Lesson 3

Blues Rhythm

Hawkeye demonstrates common strumming patterns used in blues music. He also explains...

Length: 19:42
Lesson 4

Intro to the Blues Shuffle

The shuffle is one of the most common rhythms used in blues music. Hawkeye introduces...

Length: 18:12
Lesson 5

More Blues Shuffle

Hawkeye covers the blues shuffle in greater depth.

Length: 13:13
Lesson 6

The Blues Turnaround

Hawkeye introduces and explains a common blues turnaround.

Length: 7:45
Lesson 7

Interesting Blues Turnaround

Hawkeye demonstrates various ways of arpeggiating the blues turnaround from the previous...

Length: 8:08
Lesson 8

Moving the Turnaround

Hawkeye explains how the turnaround from the previous lesson can be transposed to all...

Length: 5:57
Lesson 9

Turnaround in the Bass

Hawkeye explains how the blues turnaround can be played on the bass strings.

Length: 11:12
Lesson 10

Turnaround Practice

Hawkeye provides some tips regarding how to integrate turnarounds into the context of...

Length: 3:58
Lesson 11

Turnarounds as Lead

In this lesson Hawkeye will explain how you can use turnarounds as a way to play basic...

Length: 0:00
Lesson 12

Subtle Changes

Hawkeye demonstrates how subtle changes made to the blues shuffle can have a profound...

Length: 7:12
Lesson 13

Blues Shuffle Variations

Hawkeye demonstrates more blues shuffle variations. He discusses playing individual notes...

Length: 7:23
Lesson 14

Bass Blues Shuffle

In this lesson, Hawkeye teaches a bass version of the blues shuffle that mimics a common...

Length: 10:49
Lesson 15

Turnaround Exercise

Hawkeye presents an exercise that will enable you to play a turnaround over the blues...

Length: 10:44
Lesson 16

Delta Blues Turnaround

Hawkeye teaches a Delta blues turnaround in the key of A. This turnaround is played in...

Length: 10:45
Lesson 17

Delta Blues Turnaround...

Hawkeye Herman teaches a new Delta blues turnaround. This lick was inspired by Robert...

Length: 7:12
Lesson 18

Robert Johnson Style

Hawkeye Herman teaches more components of Robert Johnson's signature sound.

Length: 27:38
Lesson 19

Movable Chords

Hawkeye introduces some common, movable chord shapes.

Length: 17:42
Lesson 20

Movable Chord Review

Hawkeye reviews movable chords in this lesson. He explains how these chord voicings can...

Length: 5:41
Lesson 21

Basic Blues Scale

Hawkeye Herman introduces the minor pentatonic scale in this lesson, the most commonly...

Length: 23:54
Lesson 22

Passing Notes

Hawkeye builds on the pentatonic scale. He introduces "blue" notes, which transform the...

Length: 12:50
Lesson 23

Scales and Keys

Hawkeye explains how to transpose the minor pentatonic and minor blues scales to different...

Length: 21:18
Lesson 24

Finding the Key

Hawkeye Herman explains how to determine the key of a blues song. This information is...

Length: 15:31
Lesson 25

Lightnin' Hopkins Style

In this lesson, Hawkeye will bring together much of what he has taught in this lesson...

Length: 16:36
Lesson 26

Treble Shuffle

Hawkeye explains how to play the blues shuffle on the treble strings.

Length: 9:22
Lesson 27

The Great River Road

Hawkeye Herman teaches you how to play his original song, "The Great River Road," in this...

Length: 16:39
Lesson 28

Mississippi John Hurt...

Hawkeye covers the guitar style of Mississippi John Hurt. This style makes heavy use...

Length: 14:48
Lesson 29

Piano Blues

Hawkeye teaches an original piece called "Piano Blues." He teaches this song to further...

Length: 13:20
Lesson 30

Blues Accompaniment

Hawkeye Herman teaches a beautiful blues accompaniment pattern.

Length: 10:11
Lesson 31

Stop-Time Blues

Hawkeye introduces the stop-time blues rhythm.

Length: 17:21
Lesson 32

Sweet Home Chicago

Hawkeye Herman explains how to play Robert Johnson's "Sweet Home Chicago."

Length: 16:17
Lesson 33

Eight Bar Blues

Hawkeye introduces the eight bar blues progression.

Length: 22:28
Lesson 34

8 Bar Blues Key Transposition

Hawkeye takes the 8 bar blues material from the last lesson and explains how to transpose...

Length: 6:39
Lesson 35

Classic 8 Bar Blues

Hawkeye teaches a classic 8 bar blues tune in the style of Brownie McGhee and Big Bill...

Length: 25:10
Lesson 36

Playing Multiple Notes

In this lesson Hawkeye revisits the blues/pentatonic scale and talks about playing multiple...

Length: 9:42
Lesson 37

Classic End Tag

Hawkeye Herman teaches a classic blues song ending. He also explains how it can be played...

Length: 9:42
Lesson 38

Basic Blues Slide

Hawkeye Herman covers the basics of slide technique and provides exercises to demonstrate...

Length: 25:49
Lesson 39

Slide Guitar and Open...

Hawkeye Herman introduces open D tuning. He explains how to play a 12 bar blues progression...

Length: 14:56
Lesson 40

Ramblin' On My Mind

Hawkeye Herman demonstrates the classic Robert Johnson song, "Ramblin' On My Mind" in...

Length: 8:41
Lesson 41

Blues Shuffle in Open...

Hawkeye explains how to play the blues shuffle in open D tuning.

Length: 0:00
Lesson 42

Open D Harmony Shuffle

Hawkeye teaches the "harmony" version of the shuffle in open D tuning.

Length: 5:15
Lesson 43

Open D Turnaround

Hawkeye teaches a simple blues turnaround in open D tuning.

Length: 9:00
Lesson 44

Open D Slide Licks

Hawkeye Herman teaches some open D slide guitar licks. These licks are inspired by the...

Length: 8:14
Lesson 45

Pentatonic Scale in...

Hawkeye Herman explains how to play the D minor pentatonic scale in Open D tuning.

Length: 4:00
Lesson 46

Ramblin' On My Mind

Hawkeye challenges you to play "Ramblin' On My Mind" using the techniques from the past...

Length: 4:03
Lesson 47

Rock and Slide Guitar

Hawkeye shows that open D tuning and slide guitar are not exclusive to the blues. He...

Length: 15:55
Lesson 48

D Tuning Chords

Hawkeye returns to the world of open D tuning. He introduces various chord voicings and...

Length: 10:00
Lesson 49

You Got To Move

In this lesson, Hawkeye teaches a classic blues song by Mississippi Fred McDowell - "You...

Length: 9:03
Lesson 50

You Got to Move Melody

Hawkeye Herman demonstrates how to play the melody of "You Got to Move" with a slide.

Length: 6:51
Lesson 51

Slide Guitar and Blues...

Hawkeye Herman talks about playing and creating blues licks with the slide.

Length: 9:53
Lesson 52

Elmore James Style

Hawkeye Herman breaks down important aspects of Elmore James' style.

Length: 23:11
Lesson 53

Blues Licks and Riffs

Hawkeye teaches some versatile blues licks and riffs that can be used in open D tuning.

Length: 11:15
Lesson 54

Open G Tuning

Hawkeye Herman teaches the basics of open G tuning.

Length: 7:28
Lesson 55

G Tuning Chords

Hawkeye gives a brief overview of chords and how they are played in open G tuning.

Length: 6:11
Lesson 56

Blues Scale in Open...

Hawkeye gives a brief rundown of how the blues / minor pentatonic scale can be played...

Length: 4:48
Lesson 57

G Tuning Accompaniment

Hawkeye talks about playing accompaniment using open G tuning.

Length: 7:44
Lesson 58

Improvising in G Tuning

Improvisation using the minor pentatonic / blues scale is discussed in open G tuning....

Length: 7:26
Lesson 59

Open G Shuffle Rhythm

In this lesson, Hawkeye Herman talks about playing the blues shuffle in open G tuning....

Length: 10:37
Lesson 60

Open G Shuffle Variations

Hawkeye reviews the blues shuffle in open G tuning. He demonstrates shuffle variations...

Length: 15:45
Lesson 61

Robert Johnson Licks

Hawkeye teaches several Robert Johnson licks in this lesson. These licks are played with...

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Lesson 62

G Tuning and the Capo

Hawkeye introduces the capo and explains how it can be used. This lesson is still in...

Length: 10:28
Lesson 63

Come On In My Kitchen

Hawkeye Herman showcases the power of slide guitar by demonstrating the classic Robert...

Length: 6:33
Lesson 64

Skip James Style

Hawkeye Herman gives a brief rundown of Skip James' blues guitar style. This lesson also...

Length: 19:15
Lesson 65

Open D to Open G

Hawkeye demonstrates how to take a song from open D tuning and play it in open G. He...

Length: 10:26
Lesson 66

Drop D Tuning

Hawkeye shows you the wonders of drop D tuning and teaches his rendition of "Big Road...

Length: 30:30
Lesson 67

Statesboro Blues

Hawkeye goes over the fantastic song "Statesboro Blues" by Blind Willie McTell in Drop...

Length: 27:12
Lesson 68

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Hawkeye discusses some history behind the great blues guitarist Blind Lemon Jefferson....

Length: 19:40
Lesson 69

Minor Blues

Hawkeye explains the chord changes used in a minor blues progression.

Length: 12:53
Lesson 70

The Capo

Hawkeye talks about the capo and its many uses.

Length: 22:32
Lesson 71

Song Endings

By user request, Hawkeye shares ideas on how to end songs in this lesson.

Length: 21:26
Lesson 72

Stop Time Blues

In this lesson, Hawkeye Herman returns to the wonderful world of stop-time blues. He...

Length: 17:53
Lesson 73

Eight Bar Blues

Hawkeye talks about the eight bar blues and uses some classic blues songs as examples.

Length: 26:19
Lesson 74

Blues Mambo

Hawkeye talks all about the blues mambo in this lesson.

Length: 16:09
Lesson 75

Movable Endings

Hawkeye explains how all the endings you've learned up to this point can be transposed...

Length: 31:53
Lesson 76

Movable Blues Scale

Hawkeye talks about transposing the minor pentatonic scale to various keys.

Length: 16:58
Lesson 77

Blues Scale Lead

Hawkeye explains how the blues scale can be used to play lead in any song.

Length: 30:57
Lesson 78

Spanning the Neck

Hawkeye explains how the blues scale can span the neck in any key.

Length: 22:09
Lesson 79

The Blues Had a Baby

Hawkeye talks about the background of rock 'n roll and how it is connected to blues.

Length: 21:42
Lesson 80

Fun Licks

This lesson is filled with fun licks and lick techniques.

Length: 17:32
Lesson 81

Spanning the Neck Continued

Hawkeye brings more blues wisdom to you in this lesson about spanning the neck.

Length: 18:18
Lesson 82

Barre Chords Refresher

Hawkeye provides a few useful tips on playing barre chords.

Length: 13:18
Lesson 83

Chord Relationships

Hawkeye discusses how the visual shapes of chords relate to one another on the fretboard.

Length: 15:06
Lesson 84

Chord Relationships...

Hawkeye explains how to find the I, IV, and V chords in all 12 major keys.

Length: 8:43
Lesson 85

Shuffle Rhythm Review

Hawkeye answers member questions on the shuffle rhythm.

Length: 16:19
Lesson 86

Key of A Idea

Hawkeye shares an idea in the key of A that you can apply to your blues playing.

Length: 18:15
Lesson 87

Thumbpick Vs. Flatpick

Thumbpick Vs. Flatpick: A most common question asked among guitarists is discussed in...

Length: 15:13
Lesson 88

Capo Ideas

Hawkeye shares his ideas on the capo and explains why he thinks it is important for every...

Length: 18:34
Lesson 89

Everything is Movable

Hawkeye reiterates that everything is movable on the guitar and provides some fresh new...

Length: 12:27
Lesson 90

Bass Notes in Treble

Hawkeye explains how to add variety to the shuffle pattern by transferring the bass notes...

Length: 21:21
Lesson 91

Treble Shuffle

Hawkeye provides more amazing tips and tricks on moving your shuffle rhythm to the treble...

Length: 16:50
Lesson 92

Creating Solos

Hawkeye revisits the techniques learned in the last few lessons and explains how to tie...

Length: 9:46
Lesson 93

Transposing Songs

Hawkeye provides some great tips for transposing any song you want to learn to a different...

Length: 17:31
Lesson 94

History of Blues

This exciting lesson dives into some of the earliest history of blues music and how it...

Length: 13:52
Lesson 95

Blues is the Roots

Hawkeye Herman explains why "blues is the roots, and everything else is the fruits."

Length: 8:41
Lesson 96

The Style of Hank Williams

Hawkeye discusses the history and style of Hank Williams.

Length: 17:07
Lesson 97

The Style of Jimmie...

Hawkeye demonstrates some key aspects of Jimmie Rodgers' style.

Length: 12:30
Lesson 98

Boom-Chicka Strum

Hawkeye demonstrates the "boom-chicka" strum and explains various ways you can incorporate...

Length: 22:44
Lesson 99

Fun Runs

Hawkeye Herman explains how to spice up your rhythm playing by incorporating bass runs...

Length: 16:20
Lesson 100

Review & Practice

Hawkeye Herman celebrates lesson 100 with a short but sweet review of what you've learned...

Length: 6:51
Lesson 101

Song Medley

Hawkeye Herman demonstrates rhythmic concepts from earlier lessons by playing a fun medley.

Length: 13:08
Lesson 102

Hawkeye's Favorite Licks

Hawkeye shares some of his favorite licks in this lesson.

Length: 22:35
Lesson 103

More Fun Licks

Hawkeye teaches more fun licks to add to your blues bag of tricks.

Length: 31:20
Lesson 104

More Licks Up the Neck

Hawkeye Herman is back with some more classic blues licks that span the length of the...

Length: 26:20
Lesson 105

Bass Licks

Hawkeye explains the importance of playing licks over the entire neck of the guitar.

Length: 21:33
Lesson 106

Rock Me Lick

Hawkeye Herman shares a lick that is commonly known as the "Rock Me Baby" Lick. He explains...

Length: 19:09
Lesson 107

Turnaround Positions

Hawkeye discusses how ideas derived from turnarounds can be incorporated into blues solos.

Length: 8:19
Lesson 108

Instrumental Themes

Hawkeye Herman talks about instrumental themes and how you can add lead fills to them.

Length: 18:03
Lesson 109

Instrumental Themes...

Hawkeye continues his discussion on instrumental themes and blues.

Length: 23:42
Lesson 110

Ninth Chords

Hawkeye Herman explains how dominant 9th chords are formed and how they can be used in...

Length: 15:16
Lesson 111

Ninth Chords Continued

Hawkeye Herman continues his discussion on 9th chords.

Length: 26:52
Lesson 112

More Eight Bar Blues

Hawkeye Herman shares more eight bar blues knowledge in this fun and information-packed...

Length: 23:57
Lesson 113

Using a Tuner

Hawkeye shares his thoughts on tuners in this lesson.

Length: 6:38
Lesson 114

Introducing the Capo

In the 114th installment of his Blues Series, Hawkeye introduces the capo. He demonstrates...

Length: 23:21
Lesson 115

Forming Barre Chords

Having trouble getting those fingers to form barre chords? In lesson #115 of his Blues...

Length: 10:03
Lesson 116

4 Up, 5 Down Applied...

Hawkeye explains why the adjacent strings on the guitar are tuned in perfect fourths and...

Length: 18:44
Lesson 117

Relative Chord Shapes

Hawkeye continues where he left off in lesson 116 and explains how the tuning of the guitar...

Length: 16:43
Lesson 118

Transposing Notes /...

Hawkeye Herman reviews important transposition concepts. Here he demonstrates how to change...

Length: 20:31
Lesson 119

All About Finger Picking

Hawkeye takes a look at this important right hand technique.

Length: 20:54
Lesson 120

Bo Diddley Beat

Hawkeye provides a history lesson on Bo Diddley. He also demonstrates how to play the...

Length: 20:15
Lesson 121

Thematic Bass Lines

Hawkeye teaches some blues bass lines that can be applied to the twelve bar blues form.

Length: 19:04
Lesson 122

Bass Lines Continued

Hawkeye continues on from his 121st lesson with more examples of blues bass lines for...

Length: 7:14
Lesson 123

Lead Bass Ideas

Hawkeye dives into some lead bass ideas. He demonstrates how a classic Eric Clapton riff...

Length: 12:57
Lesson 124

Willie's Bounce

Hawkeye teaches the bass line riff to his song "Willie's Bounce."

Length: 16:31
Lesson 125

Finger Picking Part...

Hawkeye continues his discussion on finger picking.

Length: 12:27
Lesson 126

The Texas A

Hawkeye Herman teaches a version of the A chord that he calls "The Texas A."

Length: 13:59
Lesson 127

Blues Scale: Adding...

Hawkeye breaks down the blues scale and demonstrates how to appropriately add the major...

Length: 26:16
Lesson 128

Double Stops

As demonstrated in previous lessons, Hawkeye opens up the world of double stops. Hawkeye...

Length: 11:53
Lesson 129

Scrapper Blackwell

Hawkeye introduces the guitar stye of Scrapper Blackwell. He uses the song Scrapper called...

Length: 20:46
Lesson 130

Influence of Blind Lemon...

History flows deep in blues music. Hawkeye discusses the influence of Blind Lemon Jefferson....

Length: 22:43
Lesson 131

Humming and Strumming

Hawkeye opens up some ideas on how to "plan ahead" in your playing. Similar to riding...

Length: 18:49
Lesson 132

Katrina, Oh Katrina

Inspired by the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, Hawkeye was commissioned by the BBC to write...

Length: 29:53
Lesson 133

All About the Hammer-on

Hawkeye demonstrates how a hammer-on can be used to open up doors in your playing. Hawkeye...

Length: 24:07
Lesson 134

The Pull-off

Hawkeye covers the pull-off, best friend of the hammer on. This technique is used to achieve...

Length: 15:02
Lesson 135

Using Hammer-ons and...

Hawkeye combines lessons 133 and 134 and demonstrates some examples of how to utilize...

Length: 10:27
Lesson 136

The Quick Change

The 12 bar form is a staple in the world of blues music. However, there are plenty of...

Length: 15:15
Lesson 137

Starting on the IV Chord

Hawkeye demonstrates how to change up a traditional 12 bar blues progression by starting...

Length: 16:51
Lesson 138

The Talking Blues

Hawkeye demonstrates yet another form of blues known as the "Talking Blues." This style...

Length: 24:43
Lesson 139

Utilizing 9th Chords

Need a slightly different voicing to spice up your playing? 9th chords will give your...

Length: 24:53
Lesson 140

Minor Tuning, Major...

Hawkeye breaks out his slide and demonstrates how chord progressions in major keys can...

Length: 4:43
Lesson 141

Style of Elmore James

Hawkeye offers up some tricks and techniques that Elmore James utilized in his style of...

Length: 25:52
Lesson 142

Style of Son House

In lesson 142, Hawkeye dives into the style of Son House. House pioneered an innovative...

Length: 14:32
Tips & Tricks

Learn how to "think what you play and play what you think" in Hawkeye Herman's series, Hummin' and Strummin'! Relax, visualize and tune into your best friend: your guitar!

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Hawkeye Herman introduces his new series, Hummin' and Strummin'! Learn how to "think what...

Length: 5:18
Lesson 2


The first step in connecting with your guitar is learning good posture and learning how...

Length: 16:28
Lesson 3


After we've relaxed ourselves, it's time to get the instrument in tune. In this lesson,...

Length: 8:41
Lesson 4

Feel the Pulse

Are you guilty of watching yourself play? Hawkeye explores this topic in this lecture...

Length: 18:33
Lesson 5

Intention and Visualization

Being intentional with your instrument is one of the best ways to connect with it! Hawkeye...

Length: 12:51
Lesson 6

Connecting through Rhythm...

Join Hawkeye as he shows you how to connect with your instrument through various chordal...

Length: 10:19
Lesson 7

Connecting through the...

So far, Hawkeye's shown us how to connect mostly through rhythm guitar. Now, he shows...

Length: 11:24
Lesson 8

Connecting through the...

You've already learned the minor pentatonic scale. Now, learn to connect through the major...

Length: 8:57
Lesson 9


The ability to transpose is a must have when playing your favorite songs. In this lesson,...

Length: 14:46
Lesson 10

Series Review

Hawkeye wraps up his Hummin' and Strummin' series with a recap of the philosophies and...

Length: 13:31
Tips & Tricks

Are you tired of just playing in your bedroom? Are you thinking of putting yourself out there in a jamming situation? If so, this series from Hawkeye Herman is just the one for you! Hawkeye has been a professional musician for more than 40 years, and has facilitated hundreds of jams. Benefit from his vast experience in this series, Jamming With Others.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Join Hawkeye as he introduces his series, Jamming With Others.

Length: 5:14
Lesson 2

How to Survive a Blues...

Hawkeye gets started in this series with this lecture style lesson explaining just what...

Length: 14:38
Lesson 3

How to Survive a Blues...

Remember, it's not all about you! Hawkeye discusses a major part of jamming with others:...

Length: 19:33
Lesson 4

How to Survive a Blues...

Learning how to be on stage during a jam is super important! In this lesson, Hawkeye gives...

Length: 14:50
Lesson 5

Easy to Play Hard to...

Chris Liepe joins Hawkeye in this lesson, giving you a practical look at playing with...

Length: 11:15
Lesson 6

Easy to Play Hard to...

Now, Chris will lead a song and Hawkeye will back him up! Then they will both explain...

Length: 8:37
Lesson 7

Easy to Play Hard to...

One more collaboration between Chris and Hawkeye. In this one, they explain the process...

Length: 12:40
Lesson 8

The Nuts and Bolts of...

Now that Hawkeye has discussed all of the elements of a Jam, he gives you a detailed look...

Length: 10:35
Lesson 9

Planning Your Own Jam

Having your own regular, private jam session can be a great way to build a musical community....

Length: 29:42
Lesson 10

Series Summary

Hawkeye wraps up his series on Jamming With Others with a review of his key points: Jamming...

Length: 11:33

After reviewing some basics when it comes to the Blues, Hawkeye shares his knowledge from personal experience and one-on-one encounters with some of the greatest classic blues players ever to play! Learn some licks and hear fascinating inside information about some of these players that only a man who was there could deliver!

Lesson 1

Study The Blues Greats!

You've taken Hawkeye's Blues and Songwriting lessons here on JamPlay, and now it's time...

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Lesson 2

Choose Your Slide

Many of the classic Blues greats used a slide in their playing. Hawkeye goes through...

Length: 18:17
Lesson 3

Pick Up Your Capo

A capo for Classic Blues? Well, Hawkeye uses a capo to keep classic blues phrasing and...

Length: 16:05
Lesson 4

Play In Any Key

Alright, now that you're more comfortable with a capo, you'll get to see how they did...

Length: 14:21
Lesson 5

Spanning The Neck

The old blues players didn't play in 'positions' as we think about them today. They just...

Length: 28:41
Lesson 6

Easy Fingerpicking

Hawkeye delivers an extremely simple way of getting started with fingerpicking. Anyone...

Length: 25:06
Lesson 7

Country & Folk Backup.

Before you are a lead bluesman, you gotta know how to accompany other artists. Hawkeye...

Length: 19:24
Lesson 8

Shave And A Haircut

Learn how to implement one of the most common rhythm patterns ever! Work it into your...

Length: 23:55
Lesson 9

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Learn the style and essence of the best selling blues artist of the 1920s. Blind Lemon...

Length: 9:17
Lesson 10

T-Bone Walker

Get a taste of the style of the guitar player who gave legends like Clapton and B. B....

Length: 13:58
Lesson 11

T-Bone Walker, Lead

The last lesson focused primarily on Walker's rhythm style. Get a start on learning some...

Length: 18:49
Lesson 12

B. B. King

B. B. King was one of the most original and influential Blues guitar players of all time....

Length: 12:21
Lesson 13

Albert King

You will know Albert King by his bends. His style, like many of the blues greats, is...

Length: 15:34
Lesson 14

Buddy Guy

Get an overview of the lyrical style of Buddy Guy. Sometimes he plays a lot of notes...

Length: 14:11
Lesson 15

Jimmy Reed

Learn the bedrock blues rhythm made popular by Jimmy Reed. He wrote so many great tunes...

Length: 20:05
Lesson 16

Cool Papa Saddler

Cool Papa knew what it meant to have taste. Other, younger players would often share...

Length: 12:59
Lesson 17

Muddy Waters

So many of the recognizable turnarounds and lead hooks come from Muddy Waters. You only...

Length: 26:13
Lesson 18

Magic Sam

Learn a lick from one of the guys who defined the role of lead guitar in Classic Blues....

Length: 21:22
Lesson 19

Lightning Hopkins

Sam "Lightning" Hopkins was one of the original Texas Bluesmen. Once upon a time, Hawkeye...

Length: 31:11
Lesson 20

Brownie McGhee

Part of one of the most popular guitar/harmonica duos of the Classic Blues. Hawkeye used...

Length: 26:40
Lesson 21

Tommy Johnson

Who could forget Tommy Johnson in Hawkeye's must learn list of Blues greats! See how...

Length: 14:58
Lesson 22

Robert Johnson

Learn the important aspects of Robert Johnson's music from a broad point of view. Look...

Length: 17:39
Lesson 23

More On Robert Johnson

Take the turnaround that you learned in the last lesson and practice moving it around...

Length: 16:26
Lesson 24

Robert Johnson & Slide

You've been treated to several tastes of Robert Johnson's style. Now see and hear how...

Length: 17:44
Lesson 25

Elmore James

Meet a relative of Robert Johnson and an acoustic Blues player who plugged in his guitar......

Length: 31:27
Lesson 26

Boogie Woogie Piano...

Playing guitar with the influence of other instruments does great things for your playing....

Length: 11:40
Lesson 27

Around The Neck

One of the great things about learning the Blues, and learning guitar for that matter...

Length: 7:12
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""One of America's finest acoustic guitarists and blues educators."
Cascade Blues Association

"Herman plays with a sensitive, reflective touch that continually draws attention to his vocals, which are effectively understated and free of affectation... Herman can rock with the best of them. A solid choice for fans of traditional acoustic blues."
Living Blues Magazine

" ...plays haunting music on a mournful guitar."
Los Angeles Times ""One of America's finest acoustic guitarists and blues educators."
Cascade Blues Association

"Herman plays with a sensitive, reflective touch that continually draws attention to his vocals, which are effectively understated and free of affectation... Herman can rock with the best of them. A solid choice for fans of traditional acoustic blues."
Living Blues Magazine

" ...plays haunting music on a mournful guitar."
Los Angeles Times

"The only thing better than hearing this live album is seeing Hawkeye Herman in the flesh. Whether adding his own spin to blues classics or offering his own songs, Herman is a one-man history of blues, noteworthy guitar player and inimitable communicator. Miss him at your peril."
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With over 40 years of performing experience, Michael "Hawkeye" Herman personifies the range of possibilities in blues and folk music. His dynamic blues guitar playing and vocal abilities have won him a faithful following and he leads a very active touring schedule of performances at festivals, concerts, school programs and educational workshops throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. His original music has been included in video dramas and documentaries and in four hit theatrical productions.

In 2000, Hawkeye was awarded Philadelphia's Barrymore Award for Excellence in Theatre for best original music in a theatrical production. "Everyday Living," Hawkeye's first nationally released album from 1987, now reissued on CD, features the late blues giants Charles Brown and "Cool Papa" Sadler, and established the demand for his now long-standing festival and concert touring. His latest CDs and DVD, "Blues Alive!" (CD), "It's All Blues To Me" (CD), and "Hawkeye Live In Concert" (DVD) have been greeted with rave reviews. Hawkeye's journalistic efforts have been published in numerous national and regional blues and music-related periodicals.

In 1998 he was the recipient of the Blues Foundation's "Keeping The Blues Alive" award for achievement in education. He served on the Board of Directors of the Blues Foundation for six years. Hawkeye was inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of fame in 2004. In September of 2005, Hawkeye composed, at the request of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), "Katrina, Oh Katrina (Hurricane Blues)," detailing the hurricane disaster on the Gulf Coast. The song was aired to over 7 million listeners on the popular "BBC Today" program. He is the cofounder of the Rogue Valley Blues Festival, Ashland, OR.

This musician has definitely carved out a spot for himself in the contemporary acoustic blues/folk field, and has earned a reputation as one of the most accomplished artists in the genre, and audiences throughout the US/Canada/Europe have come to know and appreciate Hawkeye's talent, dedication, and captivating performances.