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Atlanta based guitarist Emil Werstler is a force to be reckoned with. He is the lead guitarist of the band DAATH (Roadrunner Records / Century Media) and has made a serious name for himself in the guitar world in a very short time. Performing worldwide with his main project DAATH on notable tours such as Ozzfest and along side well established acts such as Unearth, Devil Driver, Dark Funeral, and Job For A Cowboy, Emil continues to gain strength and credibility as one of the most sought after guitarist's in his genre to date. (More)
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  • Meet Emil Werstler

    Video Runtime of 5:00

Emil's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Emil Werstler has 57 videos at JamPlay, with 6 song lessons, 48 lessons in our Artist Series and 3 Lick & Riff Library entries. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Emil Werstler Artist Series

Tackle advanced playing techniques and theory application with metal talent, Emil Werstler.

Lesson 1

Interview Part 1

JamPlay is proud to introduce our newest instructor, Emil Werstler of Daath.

Length: 28:09
Lesson 2

Techniques - Down Picking...

In Emil's first lesson, he teaches his down picking technique using a riff from "Ovum,"...

Length: 5:10
Lesson 3

Techniques - Bending...

Emil teaches how to practice bending. He also demonstrates various vibrato techniques...

Length: 12:09
Lesson 4

Techniques - Wide Form...

Emil shows you a different way to play the pentatonic scale by combining boxes and playing...

Length: 6:26
Lesson 5

Techniques - Switching...

Emil shows three example exercises that focus on sweeping up and descending alternate...

Length: 6:23
Lesson 6

Techniques - Economy...

Emil shows exercise examples on 2 string licks that feature economy picking.

Length: 6:14
Lesson 7

Emil Werstler Interview...

Emil Talks about his band Daath. Topics covered include the history of the band, the writing...

Length: 32:44
Lesson 8

Techniques - One String...

Emil teaches one string, horizontal soloing concepts.

Length: 4:54
Lesson 9

Techniques - Pitch Axis

Emil teaches the concept of pitch axis.

Length: 8:05
Lesson 10

About Emil's PRS guitar

Emil sat down and gave us a little bit of history about his main guitar and also some...

Length: 10:00
Lesson 11

Interview Part Three

Emil talks in depth about various topics including theory, goals and balance in your playing,...

Length: 29:23
Lesson 12

Horizontal Lick Building...

This minor idea lesson is the first part in the five part mini series on horizontal lick...

Length: 4:58
Lesson 13

Horizontal Lick Building...

Here is the second lesson in the mini series of lessons on horizontal lick building. Emil...

Length: 4:53
Lesson 14

Horizontal Lick Building...

In this lesson Emil shows you a horizontal pentatonic lick that you can cycle.

Length: 5:00
Lesson 15

Horizontal Lick Building...

Emil Werstler shows the fourth lick in this mini series of lessons. This lick is dominant...

Length: 5:03
Lesson 16

Horizontal Lick Building...

In part five of the lick building series Emil puts all the ideas together to create this...

Length: 6:11
Lesson 17

Style - Pentatonic Chromaticism

Emil shows you how he incorporates chromaticism into pentatonic licks which adds a unique...

Length: 9:30
Lesson 18

Style - Diminished Chromaticism

Emil shows how he incorporates chromaticism into some diminished runs and licks which...

Length: 4:30
Lesson 19

Interview Part Four...

Emil covers different topics related to playing and performance in this interview segment.

Length: 22:33
Lesson 20

2010 Interview

Emil talks about what he accomplished in 2010 and his new batch of lessons.

Length: 15:34
Lesson 21

The Importance Of Alternate...

Emil provides a lesson on alternate picking warm-up exercises.

Length: 16:32
Lesson 22

Chord Scales

Emil talks in depth about the concept of "chord scales" and how they can be applied to...

Length: 15:39
Lesson 23

Jazz Up Your Pentatonics

Emil explains how the use the pentatonic scale without sounding "pentatonic" or bluesy.

Length: 16:16
Lesson 24

What You Can Do With...

Emil takes an in depth look at triads.

Length: 9:44
Lesson 25

The Changes: Part One

In this lesson, Emil explains how arpeggios can be used within a solo to effectively outline...

Length: 31:27
Lesson 26

The Changes: Part Two

Emil continues to discuss how arpeggios can be used effectively within a solo.

Length: 12:08
Lesson 27

More Wideform Pentatonics

Emil expounds upon his previous lesson on "wide form" pentatonic patterns and the licks...

Length: 16:03
Lesson 28

Convenient Chromaticism

Emil shows more ways to incorporate chromaticism into your playing.

Length: 13:21
Lesson 29

Alternative Chords For...

Emil demonstrates some ways to bust out of the power chord rut with some creative voicings...

Length: 22:11
Lesson 30

Alternative Chords For...

Emil continues his teachings on alternate chords for metal with a look at drop tunings.

Length: 14:28
Lesson 31

Drop D Warmups

Emil covers his current warmups that he uses before he goes on stage with his band, Daath.

Length: 6:17
Lesson 32

Minor Blues Concepts

Emil covers minor blues concepts.

Length: 14:33
Lesson 33

Adding Style To Your...

Emil shows how some of his favorite players use octaves in their own unique way.

Length: 9:05
Lesson 34

Pickless Chord Comping

Emil demonstrates some fingerstyle comping techniques that can be applied to a 12 bar...

Length: 7:42
Lesson 35


Emil takes you through some techniques that he uses frequently in his style of playing.

View This Full Lesson!
Lesson 36

Percussive Muting Techniques

Emil shows some cool muting techniques that produce a unique percussive sound.

Length: 7:57
Lesson 37

Rock & Roll Cliches...

Emil talks about what it takes to be a rock musician.

Length: 30:00
Lesson 38

Relearn Or Brush Up...

Emil Werstler is back with a lesson on basic harmony. He explains why it is important...

Length: 18:00
Lesson 39

The Harmonic Minor Scale

Emil explains some harmonic minor ideas that can spice up even then most generic sounding...

Length: 20:00
Lesson 40

Warmups Pt. Deux

Emil covers his philosophy on warming up and provides some exercises that will get the...

Length: 15:00
Lesson 41

Common Chord Progressions...

Emil shows you 3 common blues chord progressions. These progressions are the basis for...

Length: 6:07
Lesson 42

Blending Dominant And...

Emil shows you how to make diminished arpeggios sound more dominant. Doing this can make...

Length: 11:17
Lesson 43

How To Sound Like You...

Emil returns with a lesson on a topic he gets asked about frequently. He explains how...

Length: 18:00
Lesson 44

Alternate Picking

Emil shows you five examples that will help you beef up your alternate picking. He uses...

Length: 10:00
Lesson 45

The Art of the Rest...

Emil clarifies his take on economy picking and the art of the rest stroke.

Length: 16:05
Lesson 46

Get Better at Music...

Here is a lesson on how to not just get good at warmup exercises but getting better at...

Length: 15:00
Lesson 47

Know Your Intervals

Emil covers the basic topic of intervals -- a topic that many guitarists overlook. Intervals...

Length: 16:00
Lesson 48

Your Questions Answered

Emil answers top questions asked by his fans. Topics covered include: side-washing cabs,...

Length: 20:00