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God Forbid started out by building up a following in the late 1990s touring with bands such as GWAR, Nile, Cradle of Filth and Candiria. Their first full album Reject the Sickness was released by 9 Volt Records in 1999. This album received heavy rotation from WSOU-FM in the New York City area and the band was subsequently signed to Century Media Records, releasing the album Determination in 2001. (More)
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  • Meet Doc Coyle

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Doc's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Doc Coyle has 6 videos at JamPlay, with 5 song lessons and 1 entertainment video. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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God Forbid Songs With Doc Coyle

Learn God Forbid songs from the bands lead guitarist, Doc Coyle.

"Empire Of The Gun"God Forbid

This detuned seven string beast of a song was released on Earthsblood in early 2009.

Length: 20:18

"Divinity"God Forbid

Doc Coyle teaches this God Forbid song from IV: Constitution Of Treason.

Length: 15:57

"Anti Hero"God Forbid

Doc Coyle teaches "Anti Hero" from Gone Forever.

Length: 19:38

"Living Nightmare"God Forbid

Doc Coyle teaches this thrash song from God Forbid's Gone Forever record.

Length: 18:06

"To The Fallen Hero"God Forbid

From their fourth album, IV: Constitution of Treason, comes this God Forbid classic! As with all of his lessons here on JamPlay, Doc teaches both guitar parts, the...

Length: 23:32