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Jessica believes in making your introduction to the guitar easy and pain-free. She is a developmental educator who understands how positive early experiences can motivate us to keep learning. Jessica Baron founded and serves as Executive Director for Guitars in the Classroom, an organization that brings music making to education by integrating singing, strumming and songwriting with learning throughout the school day and across the curriculum. Jessica created the first developmental guitar instruction method and she has written six groundbreaking books in the field of music and guitar education. She believes that we are each unique musical and creative beings with individual pathways we can choose to discover and follow if we are given instruction in the ways we best learn. This vision informs and fuels her dedication to service through teaching.


Jessica's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Jessica Baron has 66 videos at JamPlay, with 66 beginner lessons. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Jessica's lessons, as well as all lessons from our roster of instructors.

Basic Guitar with Jessica Baron

Jessica Baron, founder of Guitars in the Classroom, brings her very own unique series to JamPlay. In this highly interactive, easy to follow set, Jessica invites students of all ages to journey through fun, song-based instruction taught in ways she feels we best learn.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Gentle...

Jessica kindly introduces herself, her background, and her approach to this series.

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Lesson 2

Breathing & Visualizing

Jessica takes a moment to share a breathing technique. Then, she asks you to envision...

Length: 5:30
Lesson 3

Finding Rhythm

In this lesson, Jessica starts talking about the first building block of making music:...

Length: 9:46
Lesson 4

Rhythm & Your Guitar

In the first part of this lesson, Jessica takes some time to explain all the parts of...

Length: 14:36
Lesson 5

The Right Guitar

Jessica takes some time to talk about finding the right guitar for you. She explores different...

Length: 10:03
Lesson 6

Why G Guitar?

Jessica Baron discusses "Gentle G Guitar" and explains why it is such a great learning...

Length: 9:12
Lesson 7

Tuning to Open G

In this lesson, Jessica Baron explains how to tune your guitar to open G with or without...

Length: 12:31
Lesson 8

Guitar Stringing Part...

In this lesson, Jessica Baron shows how to string a steel string guitar.

Length: 11:34
Lesson 9

Guitar Stringing Part...

In part 2 of Jessica Baron's restringing lessons, you will learn how to string your classical...

Length: 9:36
Lesson 10

Ear Training & Singing...

Jessica Baron delights in sharing a fun lesson that is all about ear training and singing...

Length: 21:24
Lesson 11

Vocal Warm-up Part 1

Jessica Baron shares some fun and effective vocal exercises to get you warmed up before...

Length: 14:15
Lesson 12

Vocal Warm-up Part 2

Jessica Baron shares part 2 of her vocal warm-up lessons with some fun new exercises to...

Length: 16:07
Lesson 13


In lesson 13, Jessica Baron introduces you to strumming technique.

Length: 15:03
Lesson 14

Your First Chord

Jessica Baron introduces your first easy chord, Gsus4.

Length: 2:47
Lesson 15

All About Chords

Jessica Baron talks about patterns and chord charts. She also provides more exercises...

Length: 19:57
Lesson 16

Simple D

Jessica Baron introduces a new chord she calls the "Simple D" and provides a song exercise...

Length: 9:07
Lesson 17

The Old Chisholm Trail

Jessica Baron teaches techniques in the context of "The Old Chisholm Trail." Learn about...

Length: 29:51
Lesson 18

Simple C

Jessica introduces the "Simple C" chord and incorporates it into two fun songs, "Camptown...

Length: 21:33
Lesson 19

Fun Strums

Jessica takes some time to show you a variety of different strums to use in your playing....

Length: 19:37
Lesson 20

Two Finger C Major

Jessica Baron teaches the C major chord using only 2 fingers and provides some fun song...

Length: 9:21
Lesson 21

Your First Minor Chord

Jessica Baron introduces your first minor chord! Learn the beautiful E minor chord and...

Length: 17:28
Lesson 22

The Earth Is Our Mother

In this lesson, Jessica Baron provides some good, fun practice using a traditional Native...

Length: 6:53
Lesson 23

3/4 Time

Jessica Baron explains time signatures with a focus on 3/4 time. She uses fun and interactive...

Length: 11:11
Lesson 24

I'm On My Way

Jessica Baron teaches one final song in open G tuning called "I'm on My Way" before moving...

Length: 8:52
Lesson 25

Standard Tuning

Jessica Baron introduces standard tuning in this lesson! Be ready to tune your guitar...

Length: 19:45
Lesson 26

A Minor

Jessica Baron introduces the A minor chord in standard tuning and invites you to play...

Length: 9:29
Lesson 27

A Major

Jessica Baron introduces the A major chord in standard tuning. Practice it with the catchy...

Length: 11:35
Lesson 28

D Major

Jessica Baron teaches the D major chord and "Down By The Riverside" for practice.

Length: 14:32
Lesson 29

Over the River and Through...

Jessica Baron is excited to provide more practice changing from D to A7 with the fun song,...

Length: 8:29
Lesson 30

The Crawdad Song

Jessica Baron teaches a new chord, B7, with "The Crawdad Song" for practice.

Length: 7:31
Lesson 31

G Major

Jessica Baron helps you play the full G major chord by using the song, "I've Been Working...

Length: 12:02
Lesson 32

Full C Major

Jessica Baron is excited to finally teach the full C major chord with the bluesy song...

Length: 16:52
Lesson 33

Composing Part 1

Jessica Baron takes all the knowledge you've learned throughout her series and helps you...

Length: 8:05
Lesson 34

Composing Part 2

Jessica Baron continues her discussion on composition with a songwriting exercise. In...

Length: 11:46
Lesson 35

Yoga for Guitar Players

In this unique lesson, Jessica presents some fantastic tips on how to prep your mind and...

Length: 16:09
Lesson 36

Guitar Yoga - 90 Second...

This lesson is essentially a compressed version of Jessica's 35th lesson, but presented...

Length: 4:26
Lesson 37

Proper Fret Hand Positioning

Proper positioning of the fret hand is key to developing correct technique and playing...

Length: 6:07
Lesson 38

Understanding Chords:...

Jessica starts a mini series on understanding chords by explaining how and where to find...

Length: 14:35
Lesson 39

Understanding Chords:...

Jessica continues her "Understanding Chords" mini series by explaining how to find the...

Length: 15:26
Lesson 40

Understanding Chords:...

This lesson will link all the past lesson content into one by helping you understand how...

Length: 13:36
Lesson 41

Nashville Number System

Using the song "Down by the River to Pray," Jessica explains what the Nashville Number...

Length: 13:46
Lesson 42

All About 7th Chords

What are 7th chords? How and where can they be used? Jessica answers these questions and...

Length: 10:31
Lesson 43

Mole in the Ground

Using the song "Mole in the Ground," Jessica applies the Nashville number system and demonstrates...

Length: 9:54
Lesson 44

Choosing Accent Chords

Utilizing Major 7th chords and a song called "The Ashgrove", Jessica will demonstrate...

Length: 13:57
Lesson 45

Adding a Sus 4

Jessica will demonstrate how to add a Sus 4 to a chord to change its tone. This can be...

Length: 7:49
Lesson 46

To Pick or Not to Pick?

Jessica discusses the difference in tone between playing with the pick and playing with...

Length: 21:27
Lesson 47

Bass Runs with No Pick

Jessica now presents the option of adding bass runs while utilizing the fingers to pluck...

Length: 11:18
Lesson 48

Tricky Chord Changes...

Jessica taps into a mini-series that demonstrates how to navigate tricky chord changes....

Length: 7:59
Lesson 49

Tricky Chord Changes...

Time to learn the tough partial barre F chord! Jessica covers many of the basics needed...

Length: 11:33
Lesson 50

Tricky Chord Changes...

Jessica continues to demonstrate tricky chord changes by moving on to the B minor chord.

Length: 11:58
Lesson 51

Power Chords

Power chords can be utilized up and down the entire fretboard. They achieve full bodied...

Length: 13:22
Lesson 52

Full Neck Movement with...

Jessica demonstrates how easy it is to play a full I, IV, V song by only moving the familiar...

Length: 9:01
Lesson 53

Accents in Blues Music

A lot of the techniques Jessica shows in this lesson can be applied within any genre of...

Length: 33:53
Lesson 54

Fingerstyle Folk Blues

Jessica now dives into fingerstyle techniques, specifically Travis picking.

Length: 14:08
Lesson 55

Basic 3 Finger Picking

Jessica now works on picking hand techniques. She starts with the basics of using 3 fingers...

Length: 11:16
Lesson 56

Quick Chord Changes

Still working within finger picking techniques, Jessica now demonstrates how to navigate...

Length: 13:19
Lesson 57

6/8 Fingerpicking

Continuing along with fingerpicking techniques, Jessica now adds the unique time signature...

Length: 7:04
Lesson 58

6/8 Picking Part 2

Jessica continues her 6/8 fingerpicking techniques by adding yet another step in the full...

Length: 8:00
Lesson 59

Travis Picking

Demonstrating yet another widely popular fingerstyle picking technique called Travis Picking,...

Length: 13:30
Lesson 60

Song Arrangement

It's time to apply the techniques that have been taught so far to understanding and creating...

Length: 17:36
Lesson 61

Find Your Voice

Jessica presents a lesson with tips and techniques on how to find the ideal key for your...

Length: 35:28
Lesson 62

Creativity within Song...

It's now time to learn some creative tips on how to spice up how songs are arranged. Jessica...

Length: 24:49
Lesson 63

Travis Picking Applications

Still within the topic of song arrangement, Jessica now delves into Travis picking and...

Length: 22:50
Lesson 64

Time to Write a Song

Jessica creates a song in front of your eyes. She guides you through the steps from starting...

Length: 9:43
Lesson 65

Develop Lyrics Using...

Jessica lays out a great tutorial on how to listen to chords and the emotions they evoke....

Length: 8:24
Lesson 66

Composition: Musical...

Jessica demonstrates how you can combine the discovery of writing a song with chords and...

Length: 17:03