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David Davidson is a Metal guitarist that currently plays for the band Revocation. He is consistently regarded and rated as one of the top players in the metal world.

David's Contributions to JamPlay.com

David Davidson has 12 videos at JamPlay, with 5 song lessons and 7 lessons in our Artist Series. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Dave Davidson Artist Series

Revocation's Dave Davidson teaches you the techniques essential to his style.

Lesson 1

Scale Lexicon

Dave Davidson covers some advanced topics on scales and arpeggios. He explains chord tensions...

Length: 23:26
Lesson 2

Application Of The Modes

Here Dave goes over a brief summary of each mode of the major scale and talks about how...

Length: 18:19
Lesson 3

Exotic Scales

Dave covers some exotic modes and scales that he uses frequently. Melodic minor, Harmonic...

Length: 12:08
Lesson 4

Achieving An Altered...

Dave Davidson from Revocation talks about achieving altered sounds that are not from the...

Length: 10:00
Lesson 5

Modal Pentatonics

Dave explains how to use the pentatonic scales to achieve a modal sound.

Length: 13:32
Lesson 6

Chromatic Flavor

Dave teaches you how to incorporate chromaticism into your own playing style. He starts...

Length: 10:42
Lesson 7

Interview With Dave...

Get a look into the mind of one of today's greatest metal guitar players.

View This Full Lesson!