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Take Guitar Lessons from Mark Kroos

From Mark Kroos

Mark Kroos has 48 guitar lessons and videos at JamPlay, with 46 intermediate lessons and 2 song lessons. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Extreme folk guitarist, Mark Kroos guides you step by step on the setup and technique aspect of playing in the style he deems "Extreme Folk." This style is also referred to by some as lap tapping.

Lesson 1


Mark Kroos introduces himself and the lesson series he is starting. In this lesson, Mark...

Length: 7:47
Lesson 2

Guitar Setup and Preparation

In the second lesson of his extreme folk guitar series, Mark explains the ideal guitar...

Length: 7:43
Lesson 3


In lesson three of his extreme folk guitar series, Mark talks about the advantages of...

Length: 13:12
Lesson 4

Basic Fingerstyle Technique

In lesson four of his extreme folk guitar series, Mark discusses basic fingerstyle technique....

Length: 13:14
Lesson 5

Basic Chords in DADGAD

Before jumping too far into the world of "extreme folk guitar," it's helpful to have a...

Length: 7:51
Lesson 6

Left Hand Tapping

In the sixth lesson of his extreme folk guitar series, Mark Kroos discusses the left hand...

Length: 11:28
Lesson 7

Right Hand Tapping

Now that you've learned the basic approach to left hand tapping, Mark Kroos demonstrates...

Length: 11:42
Lesson 8

Using a Capo

In his eighth lesson with JamPlay, Mark Kroos discusses the primary function of a capo...

Length: 6:24
Lesson 9

Power Chords

In this lesson, Mark Kroos discusses power chords and how they apply to DADGAD tuning....

Length: 12:58
Lesson 10

Combining Hands

Now that Mark has demonstrated tapping techniques for the left and right hands, it's time...

Length: 9:41
Lesson 11

Parallel Fifths

In his 11th extreme folk lesson, Mark Kroos discusses parallel fifths and how they can...

Length: 12:14
Lesson 12

DADGAD D Major Playing

In this lesson, Mark Kroos demonstrates the movable chord shapes necessary to play in...

Length: 16:22
Lesson 13

DADGAD D Minor Playing

Now that you understand the basics of playing in D major, Mark discusses playing in D...

Length: 11:34
Lesson 14

Percussive Techniques

In his fourteenth lesson, Mark Kroos demonstrates how to turn your guitar into a drum...

Length: 19:37
Lesson 15

Chords in D Minor

In lesson 15, Mark demonstrates some chord chord grips for the diatonic chords in D minor....

Length: 12:34
Lesson 16


In his sixteenth lesson in extreme folk guitar, Mark discusses a technique he calls "cascading."...

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Lesson 17

More Cascading

Now that you've got the basic cascading technique under your belt, Mark is back with a...

Length: 18:44
Lesson 18

Open D Tuning

In his 18th lesson with JamPlay, Mark Kroos discusses the advantages of working in Open...

Length: 28:27
Lesson 19

Natural Harmonics

Mark Kroos is back with a lesson on natural harmonics. You may be familiar with the concept,...

Length: 27:50
Lesson 20

Creating Altered Tunings

In this lesson, Mark Kroos discusses why you may want to create your own altered tuning....

Length: 20:55
Lesson 21

6th Intervals

In this lesson, Mark Kroos takes a look at diatonic 6th intervals in both DADGAD and open...

Length: 33:51
Lesson 22

Slap Harmonics

Mark is back with a lesson on slap harmonics. In this lesson, he covers when and how you...

Length: 18:24
Lesson 23

Harp Harmonics

Now that Mark has covered natural and slap harmonics, he provides a lesson on what are...

Length: 16:31
Lesson 24


Mark Kroos covers a new tuning that you may want to try in your extreme folk playing....

Length: 25:28
Lesson 25

Practice Strategies

To conclude the first part of his Extreme Folk Guitar teachings, Mark Kroos provides a...

Length: 16:49
Lesson 26


Returning to his Extreme Folk Guitar series, Mark Kroos offers up a lesson on octaves....

Length: 33:33
Lesson 27

Thumb Percussion

In this lesson, Mark Kroos demonstrates how to use your thumb to create percussive rhythms...

Length: 12:55
Lesson 28

Explosive Pull-offs

In the lesson, Mark Kroos demonstrates an easy, yet unique technique that can transform...

Length: 5:39
Lesson 29

Partial Capos

In this lesson Mark discusses the use of a partial capo. He demonstrates how to utilize...

Length: 18:02
Lesson 30

Slap Pop Technique

In this lesson, Mark Kroos demonstrates the slap and pop techniques. Similar to slap bass,...

Length: 25:49
Lesson 31

Clawhammer Technique

In this lesson, Mark builds on the slap pop technique taught in his last. This quasi...

Length: 15:17
Lesson 32

Open G Tuning

Mark Kroos returns to his "Extreme Folk Guitar" series with a lesson on Open G tuning....

Length: 28:48
Lesson 33

Muting With A Bandana

In this short lesson, Mark demonstrates how to utilize a bandana or handkerchief to accomplish...

Length: 12:35

Get your hands working together with this two hand grooves mini-series.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

In this lesson, Mark introduces the concepts for this mini-series of lessons. Designed...

Length: 4:48
Lesson 2

Etude #1

In the first etude given by Mark, you'll start out slow and gradually work your way up...

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Lesson 3

Etude #2

For the second etude in the Grooves series, Mark steps it up a notch on the difficulty....

Length: 23:30
Lesson 4

Etude #3

Mark Kroos drops the skill level down a bit for the third etude in this mini-series. In...

Length: 7:12
Lesson 5

Etude #4

Mark is back with the fourth etude in his grooves mini-series. He's amping the difficulty...

Length: 17:43
Lesson 6

Etude #5

For the fifth etude in his grooves series, Mark demonstrates a difficult pattern that...

Length: 17:17
Lesson 7

Etude #6

As you move along in these etudes, they become increasingly more difficult. This etude...

Length: 30:56
Lesson 8

Etude #7

Mark Kroos is back with another etude in his Groove mini-series. For etude seven, Mark...

Length: 26:41
Lesson 9

Etude #8

For lesson nine in his mini-series, Mark provides an etude that focuses around the "slap-pop"...

Length: 19:38
Lesson 10

Etude #9

For etude nine in his mini series, Mark changes things up a bit. You'll want to grab a...

Length: 15:35
Lesson 11

Etude #10

Mark returns with the tenth etude in his grooves mini-series. This etude is the most difficult...

Length: 38:52
Tips & Tricks

Mark Kroos reaches in to his bag and pulls out a few tricks you might be interested in learning for the acoustic guitar.

Lesson 1

Playing Two Guitars...

Mark Kroos returns to JamPlay with a new mini-series. Here, Mark reaches into his bag...

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Lesson 2

Using a Stomp Box

Mark returns to his tricks lesson group with a lesson on using a wooden stomp box for...

Length: 5:51
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Learn more About Mark Kroos

Mark Kroos plays 2 guitar necks at the same time. Originally from Lansing, MI but currently based in Williamsburg, VA he is one of the only people in the world touring his trade. Mark Kroos plays 2 guitar necks at the same time. Originally from Lansing, MI but currently based in Williamsburg, VA he is one of the only people in the world touring his trade. His primarily instrumental style is characterized by open harmonies, polyphonic textures, incredible tapping technique, and is as entertaining to watch as it is to listen to. Live performances burst with energy and magnetism not typical of solo guitar music. Drawing influence from folk, Celtic, indie, and even punk rock artists as well as other great guitarists such as Michael Hedges, Phil Keaggy, Tommy Emmanuel and Leo Kottke, Mark Kroos has developed his own edge to the acoustic guitar.