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Steve Stevens is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known for playing for his years playing with Billy Idol but is also involved in solo efforts, collaborations, and is an in-demand session guitarist

Steve's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Steve Stevens has 13 videos at JamPlay, with 4 song lessons and 9 lessons in our Artist Series. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Steve's lessons, as well as all lessons from our roster of instructors.

Lessons With Steve Stevens

Take lessons with rock legend Steve Stevens, guitarist for Billy Idol.

Lesson 1

Rock Improvisation

Steve Stevens shows some of his go-to licks and ideas while improvising over a backing...

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Lesson 2

Blues Backing Improvisation

Steve continues his Artist series with another lesson on improvisation. In this lesson...

Length: 11:47
Lesson 3

Steve's Warmup Exercises

In this lesson Steve Stevens shows you his warmup routine and talks about the importance...

Length: 7:45
Lesson 4

Alternate Picking Exercises

Known for his fierce alternate picking chops, Steve Stevens shows you exercises to beef...

Length: 9:32
Lesson 5

Whammy Bar Techniques

Steve shows you various whammy or "wang" bar techniques that he uses in his playing.

Length: 7:03
Lesson 6

Performance and Band...

Steve lectures on some topics he is more than qualified to be talking about; performance...

Length: 8:09
Lesson 7

Song Writing Tips

Grammy award winner Steve Stevens talks about writing songs and shares insight into his...

Length: 12:00
Lesson 8

Steve's Gear and Recording...

Billy Idol's guitarist, Steve Stevens, gives his opinion on gear and also how he records...

Length: 14:19
Lesson 9

Steve Stevens Interview

Topics include: early years, history with Billy Idol, winning a Grammy, recording with...

Length: 27:46