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A veteran guitarist fluent in, Blues, R&B, Funk, Rock, Reggae and everything in between. As a Studio Musician playing guitar on numerous commercials, demos for singer songwriters and records (More)

Stuart's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Stuart Ziff has 50 videos at JamPlay, with 50 intermediate lessons. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Reggae is a unique genre of music filled with history and passion. In this series Stuart will do his best to distill the essence of the genre and cover it's core techniques.

Lesson 1

Introduction & Origins...

Welcome to lesson 1 of the Reggae Guitar series presented by Stuart Ziff! This lesson...

Length: 8:22
Lesson 2

How Reggae Developed

In this lesson, Stuart explains and demonstrates the "skank" rhythm. Practice this simple...

Length: 6:37
Lesson 3

Melodic Ideas

Now that you have learned the "skank" rhythm, it's time to add in some melodic ideas....

Length: 9:42
Lesson 4

R&B Influence on Reggae

Stuart delves into all the different aspects of how R&B guitar has had an impact within...

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Lesson 5

Effects with Rock &...

Stuart demonstrates how the delay effect can greatly enhance the music as well as how...

Length: 7:16
Lesson 6

Reggae Solo Techniques

This quick lesson demonstrates how to utilize space within reggae music and how to create...

Length: 5:00
Lesson 7

Applying Rock Chops

Yet again, Stuart covers some tips on how to apply heavy rock & roll chops within reggae...

Length: 5:18
Lesson 8

Contemporary Reggae

Stuart demonstrates some techniques that are used in more modern / contemporary reggae...

Length: 6:14
Lesson 9

Closing Thoughts

Stuart summarizes the last 8 lessons and explains how each topic covered is a defining...

Length: 3:32

Stuart will demonstrate his own unique style of Blues guitar. He will talk about the genre and demonstrate why this unique style is a staple of American music.

Lesson 1

Flat Tire Shuffle

Stuart doesn't waste an ytime diving into blues as he starts his series off by demonstrating...

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Lesson 2

Rhythmic Foundation

Rhythm in blues is essential, and Stuart provides some tips on how the foundation for...

Length: 11:44
Lesson 3

Complementary Rhythm...

In this lesson, Stuart demonstrates how to create complementary rhythms that accompany...

Length: 11:39
Lesson 4

Supportive Single Note...

Stuart demonstrates how simple single note lines can really influence rhythm within blues...

Length: 17:24
Lesson 5

Minor Pentatonic Scales

Stuart moves forward in his blues series by demonstrating the minor pentatonic scale....

Length: 17:02
Lesson 6

Minor Blues

Even though they are less common than major keys, minor keys play a huge part in blues...

Length: 13:13
Lesson 7

Soloing over Minor Blues

This lesson provide tips on soloing over minor blues progressions. Stuart uses a backing...

Length: 20:06
Lesson 8

Adding Swing to Blues

Adding a "swing" to eighth note groupings is the subject of this lesson. Stuart demonstrates...

Length: 11:17
Lesson 9

Uptown Blues

Stuart utilizes the swing technique to help demonstrate how "uptown blues" has its own...

Length: 15:15
Lesson 10

Blues with ii-V Change

Stuart demonstrates what a ii-V change is and explains how it is such a widely used turnaround...

Length: 16:53
Lesson 11

Pentatonic Scale Theory

Stuart takes an in depth look at pentatonic scale theory and demonstrates many different...

Length: 34:05
Lesson 12

2 Bar Phrase

Stuart will demonstrate what a 2 bar phrase is and how it can be used within the blues...

Length: 15:43
Lesson 13

Slide Blues Guitar

Stuart will now demonstrate what bottleneck slide blues guitar is, some of his favorite...

Length: 7:24
Lesson 14

Slide Blues Part 2

Stuart will now dive much deeper into the many different techniques that are needed to...

Length: 14:14
Lesson 15

Intervals for Open Tuning

Stuart will continue his slide blues techniques by demonstrating how to find intervals...

Length: 9:54

Learn the styles of Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent and more! Join Stuart Ziff in a comprehensive study and application of Rockabilly guitar. Learn with real musical examples and composed material that, with some hard work and dedication, will have you playing right along with the greats!

Lesson 1

Rockabilly Introduction

Learn the styles of Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent and more! Join Stuart Ziff...

Length: 4:41
Lesson 2

Rockabilly Tools & Techniques

Stuart will go into detail about what you need to know and be able to play in order to...

Length: 10:16
Lesson 3

One For The Money

Begin the journey of digging into the style of Carl Perkins. One of the most important...

Length: 7:06
Lesson 4

Two For The Show

Start to look at Carl Perkins style of soloing. It's not all that different than Chuck...

Length: 7:42
Lesson 5

Well Half Past Nine

Continue looking at Carl Perkins and rhythm guitar. Look at an example that resembles...

Length: 6:17
Lesson 6

Everybody's Trying

Look at Mr. Perkins soloed over an "Everybody's Trying..." style tune. He used a lot...

Length: 8:48
Lesson 7

So Doggone Sweet

Look at another Carl Perkins rhythm loosely based on "Honey Don't" which was recorded...

Length: 4:53
Lesson 8

I Feel Fine

Now you'll get to work on the electric style of Carl Perkins as played in a song like...

Length: 5:43
Lesson 9

Must Be Rhythm Bound

Look at another interest stop time Carl Perkins rhythm on your acoustic guitar. Remember,...

Length: 5:23
Lesson 10

Carl, You Need No Pills

Classic Carl Perkins electric guitar playing can be found HERE. Rhythm is such an important...

Length: 6:33
Lesson 11

'Til Your Big Dog Comes

Chord riffs and rhythm playing in the style of "Matchbox" are on the menu for this lesson...

Length: 4:57
Lesson 12

That's Alright Now Mama

Elvis and Rockabilly. You have the opportunity to play a rhythm that the King himself...

Length: 5:03
Lesson 13

That's Alright With...

Learn the "Tick Tack" rhythm. Dial in a subtle slap delay and play along with the bass...

Length: 4:03
Lesson 14

Keep On Shinin'

In this lesson you'll get a taste of the rhythm playing of Scotty Moore. Get ready to...

Length: 7:25
Lesson 15

Left Me Blue

Back to some electric picking with this lesson. Learn about the guitar player who contributed...

Length: 7:25
Lesson 16

The Sound Of Twang

The sound of twang is very important in Rockabilly. It's a tone... A sound... A vibe....

Length: 9:08
Lesson 17

In The Modern Era

Brian Setzer brings Rockabilly into the modern era. He brought the classic swing and...

Length: 4:21
Lesson 18

In The Modern Era, Part...

You got a taste of Brian Setzer rhythm in the last lesson. Dive head first into Brian's...

Length: 6:15
Lesson 19

Sixteen Coaches Long

Dive in to some Mystery Train style grooves. The Stray Cats made this kind of playing...

Length: 10:11
Lesson 20

Glassy and Classic

Clean twang sounds and nice rhythms abound in this Duane Eddy style solo. After mastering...

Length: 6:57
Lesson 21

I'm Cruzin'

Consider this lesson as possibly your first introduction to Gene Vincent. His playing,...

Length: 6:37
Lesson 22

Goin' Here And There

Let's look at the electric guitar part present over the acoustic part learned in the last...

Length: 8:43
Lesson 23

Solo Like Cliff

You were warned! Hopefully you're good and warmed up from practicing the last two parts...

Length: 4:38
Lesson 24

Cliff... A Little Cleaner

This passage has a brighter, bouncier sound. It doesn't require as much from your hands...

Length: 4:16
Lesson 25

The Last Break, Not...

We've been studying the style of Cliff Gallup over the last several lessons, specifically...

Length: 3:03
Lesson 26

Yeah, I Believe

The artist is Ricky Nelson. The legendary James Burton is represented here. You'll get...

Length: 7:27