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Joel Kosche's musical journey has been a remarkable road, one that has brought the talented guitarist and songwriter to some interesting destinations along the way. At age 13, Kosche began to teach himself to play the guitar, later taking classical guitar instruction to supplement his burgeoning talent. A fixture of the Atlanta music scene, Kosche fronted the well-known local band, Steep, while earning a living as a guitar tech for such well-known artists as Steve Winwood. (More)

Joel's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Joel Kosche has 16 videos at JamPlay, with 16 lessons in our Artist Series. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Joel Kosche Artist Series

Joel Kosche, guitarist for Collective Soul and solo singer/songwriter, will dissect his style of playing and demonstrate all of the juicy tidbits.

Lesson 1

Interview with Joel...

The first episode of this artist series is an interview with Joel Kosche, guitarist for...

Length: 24:14
Lesson 2

Thoughts on Songwriting

In this lesson, Joel Kosche walks you through his process for writing songs and gives...

Length: 10:33
Lesson 3

Picking Technique

In this lesson Joel Kosche talks about his picking technique and how it has evolved over...

Length: 4:37
Lesson 4

Hybrid Picking Arpeggio...

In this lesson Joel Kosche teaches a hybrid picking arpeggio exercise that spans the neck...

Length: 14:50
Lesson 5

Fake Slide Guitar Licks

In this lesson, Joel Kosche demonstrates his technique for playing slide guitar licks...

Length: 5:08
Lesson 6

Open String Cascading...

Joel demonstrates how he uses the open strings to create cascading licks.

Length: 4:24
Lesson 7

Creating a Guitar Solo

Joel Kosche talks about creating and composing a guitar solo. He uses his original song...

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Lesson 8

Amp Choices

Joel Kosche talks about his preferred amplifiers for both recording and touring. He also...

Length: 9:25
Lesson 9

Joel's Guitars

In this lesson Joel talks about his favorite guitars and why he prefers them. He also...

Length: 10:38
Lesson 10

Recording Guitar

In this lesson Joel talks about his preferred methods for recording guitar. He will cover...

Length: 12:25
Lesson 11

Pedal Boards and Effects

Joel talks about his effects setup. He discusses how his effects are routed and which...

Length: 17:22
Lesson 12

Pedal Boards Part 2

In his second lesson on pedal boards Joel demonstrates how he uses his to create a plethora...

Length: 15:05
Lesson 13

The E-Bow

In this lesson Joel Kosche introduces an interesting device called an E-Bow. With an E-Bow...

Length: 17:46
Lesson 14

"You Wouldn't Last...

Joel Kosche teaches the solo section from the song "You Wouldn't Last a Day" from his...

Length: 8:09
Lesson 15

A Steel Cage to Ride

Joel Kosche takes a look at the solo from the song "A Steel Cage to Ride" from his album...

Length: 7:18
Lesson 16

In the Moment

Joel Kosche goes over an extended version of his solo from the song "In the Moment" from...

Length: 11:13