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Staind Songs with Mike Mushok

Learn how Staind's lead guitarist Mike Mushok plays some of the bands most popular songs.


Tune down and tackle one of Staind's biggest hits taught by the band's own lead guitarist, Mike Mushok. Learn some fun facts about the song and the simple, monstrous riffs...

Length: 13:52

"It's Been Awhile"Staind

Learn rock's "most played song of the last decade". Strum the straight forward acoustic part and sing along, tune down and play some sludgy chords, or learn some octave lines....

Length: 22:18


From a simple acoustic guitar song to a full band mega hit, "Outside," off of Staind's second LP "Break The Cycle," shows how keeping a song simple and tasteful proves to...

Length: 21:02

"For You"Staind

This popular Staind song is perfect for intermediate guitarists and songwriters alike. You don't even need to know how to play any chords! Learn all the parts and get advice...

Length: 12:52

"Right Here"Staind

Learn a great picking part, catchy chorus lines, and a great example of how to layer different textures and parts to create a monster sound. Check out another rockin' Staind...

Length: 20:01

"So Far Away"Staind

Learn one of the most successful singles off of Staind's 3rd major label release. Get some inside dirt on how record labels work and be sure to pick up on the songwriting...

Length: 19:53

"Not Again"Staind

What?? A guitar solo?? "Not Again," the first single from their most recent album, features a rippin' solo and monster riffs. Break out the 7 string and get your fingers good...

Length: 18:01

"Eyes Wide Open"Staind

The 2nd single off of their most recent album, "Eyes Wide Open" offers a challenging and fun guitar solo as well as some great riffs. Also, learn songwriting and alternate...

Length: 26:23
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Learn more About Mike Mushok

Mike Mushok is the original lead guitar player for the successful American band Staind. He is also currently a member of the super group Newsted.