JamPlay Member Testimonials & Community Feedback

Testimonials are a bit of gimmicky way to gain your trust, but we have gained enough confidence from the overwhelming support from our devoted community to publish their feedback. Each testimonial on this page fills our staff with pride and fuels our fire to continue on our mission to maintain the #1 guitar learning resource on the web.

Hans Julius

"..JamPlay is something I have been looking for and eventually waiting for, for many, many years now.."

JamPlay is something I have been looking for and eventually waiting for, for many, many years now. I'm totally impressed with what I've seen and tried so far, and it seems you've really put much thought and work into this. The website seems to be well tested and technically flawless. Everything looks very professional.

As regards the material itself I've only just begun to watch Steve's stuff. I like his style very much, but I look forward to studying the others as well. I'm a singer myself, but often feel handicapped when trying to write songs, or when I want to perform solo. So that´s why I'm here.

I really hope you are here to stay and will multiply your number of members, the quality of the service demands it (and I demand it!)...


"..After a couple of years of taking lessons from a local teacher, JAMPLAY is my ticket to learning what really interests me!.."

The JAMPLAY web site is terrific. I feel that it's doing everything that could be expected to help me progress learning the guitar. I have recommended the site to everyone that I meet who is trying to learn. After a couple of years of taking lessons from a local teacher, JAMPLAY is my ticket to learning what really interests me. Thank you.

F. N.

".. i'm very happy with your services.."

Hello JamPlay.com
Just wanted to let you know that i'm very happy with your services. I have been looking for a good guitar lessons provider and have not been satisfied with anything until i found JamPlay.com.

Michael R.

"..I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!.."

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Literally every second on the site feels like its helping me to improve and evolve my play. Specifically, I had always had tons of questions regarding the guitar techniques of Tosin Abasi and feel that the money is worth lessons from him alone! I'm not detracting from the other teachers one bit and I've come across some awesomely talented dudes on jam play for sure. I came for the Tosin, and I'm staying for the whole package! Allen Van Wert for example, is also awesome and his a minor melodic "robot tapping" video had me tapping like a boss in no time at all. Keep up the great work!

Jesse G.

"..I have not this much fun in a long time!.."

To whom it may concern,
I have not this much fun in a long time! I am indeed very pleased with my decision to become a member of Jamplay. I have been very cautious of some online memberships that make promises only to disappoint but Jamplay keeps impressing and even surprising. I have recommended it to my friends and they too are impressed and interested in membership. A good product sells it self and a satisfied customer is certainly the best advertising. As a Quality Manager in the Automotive Industry I am impressed with your strategy and commitment to delivering a fine product / service. Thanks and I look forward to mastering the guitar with you and the other members of Jamplay.

Lee Foster

"..I can only say that since joining i have not been able to put down my guitar.."

I can only say that since joining i have not been able to put down my guitar (it has been on its stand for almost 2 years) Now has new strings, cleaned up and rockin, the lessons are brilliant, the tutors are switched on, articulate and very cool at getting the message over, (plus all amazing players)

I will be busy for the next 12 months and my playing will be live up to my expectations (i hope) lol. Once again thanks for an awesome site.

James Y

"..Your support department gets 5 stars! .."

Customer Support

Nigel V.

"..Top site I wouldn't change a thing..."

I love the service You provide, It Is the best site on the net, full of information with cleaver & knowledgeable instructors. It Is my new favorite website & i frequent it a few times daily to keep my guitar learning moving! Top site I wouldn't change a thing.

keep up the good work.

regards, Nigel.

Zachary Carter

"..It's truly one of the best investments I have ever experienced.."

JamPlay.com is the best guitar site I have ever been to. It offers supreme customer service. I also love how your additions of lessons to the site are almost everyday. It's wonderful! It's truly one of the best investments I have ever experienced. Now because of JamPlay.com my guitar skills are improving significantly! Thank you!!!

Matthew B.

".. I am improving with leaps and bounds.."

Dear JamPlay,

I have an in-home instructor that I spend a hour lesson with once a week. I've learned so much more in so less time just from the lessons on your web site. Mark Lincoln is my instructor. I am absorbing the knowledge like a sponge and loving every minute of it. I am improving with leaps and bounds. Please keep Mark around. Many thanks to Acoustic Guitar Magazine for providing the link to your site. I'm hooked! Thank you!

Robert Thorhallsson

"..it's hard not to get excited about learning more and more about guitar playing.."

I just joined the site like a day ago - and I feel the urge to send you a letter to describe my first impressions of the site.

It's simply amazing. The amount of work put into the site is incredible and the layout of the site is so well done. Granted I haven't started learning, but when everything is so well laid out for you it's hard not to get excited about learning more and more about guitar playing.

I have subscribed to one of these guitar learning sites online before. I was not impressed, only few of the lessons contained video clips and the teacher was way to dry for my taste. I think I visited the site like 2-3 times and simply gave up. I'm very assured that this won't be the case now!

The front-end of the site is very detailed and contains alot of content. Not enough to skip the bill - but has loads to get a guy like me excited about the program. I look forward to improve my skills here and be a part of this wonderful community you guys created.

Raul R.

"..you never get bored.."

Hi JamPlay, I want to let you know that I am very happy with my subscription. I was almost ready to give up until I tried your amazing on-line classes. You have a first-class experience instructors faculty that is one of the best if not the best in the entire Internet. My special admiration for my instructor Jessica Baron. She is one in a million. She is so a delightful person, that you never get bored. Thanks again.


".....some other sites really only benefit beginners, but Jamplay offers plenty for all skill levels..."

I just want to tell you that I am so impressed and pleased with the site...it has exceeded my expectations to this point. I have found that as an intermediate level player some other sites really only benefit beginners, but Jamplay offers plenty for all skill levels.

One of the features I have really enjoyed is the live Q&A. Especially Mark Lincoln's sessions. He really has a topic for the day and "teaches" something. He answers any questions people have as well, but he actually gets you playing things (rhythms, songs, arpeggios, etc.) on his Q&A sessions and he shows how to do things for beginners and then shows how to take the same thing and make it more advanced for those that are beyond the beginner stage. I think that approach helps spur people to ask questions or prompts questions because we actually work on something specific instead of it just being a "free-for-all" chat with no direction. Seriously, his live Q&A is like having a private lesson. I really hope those will continue!

I will tell anyone I know that is interested in learning guitar to join this site. I wish I would have had Jamplay when I was beginning to play! And I wish I would have found the site sooner!!!

Thanks for all you do.

Adam M

"..you guys ROCK!!! .."

Hey JamPlay Staff! I joined Jamplay originally last year... but due to family issues had to suspend my account (really did not want to)... Just joined again and have been IMMENSELY enjoying the lessons with my instructor... With so many instructors to choose from I gravitated to Jim Deeming, his easy going style and personality makes him a nature fit for me (and we are about the same age :) )... we have interacted via the Video chat and boards and I honestly feel like he is MY personal instructor... Something I would have never though possible via a medium such as this... I have dabbled in guitar for many years but have never been as focussed as I am now... I am learning TONS and progressing farther than I ever have.. For everything on offer, the 20 dollar subscription is well worth it :) My guitar and I have been strangers over the years, but thanks to JamPlay and Jim Deeming, we are fast becoming best friends!! (Metaphorically speaking mind you... I don't talk to my guitar or anything... well not a lot.. anyway) :p Thanks again... you guys ROCK!!!

Barry N.

"..I am hooked on Jamplay.."

Yes I am hooked on Jamplay. It is fantastic to be able to have lessons whenever I want. I have started with Hawkeye and am getting into the blues. He is a great teacher - and he responds to the many comments and questions he gets. It is amazing to think that I am down here in little old New Zealand getting lessons daily from an American blues man - the power of the internet!

Christopher Seremetis

"..I'm following Steve's beginner lessons and he's awesome. I feel like I'm in the room...."

JamPlay ROCKS. So far, I'm thrilled that I found out about JamPlay. I'm following Steve's beginner lessons and he's awesome. I feel like I'm in the room with him. Things I love about JamPlay:

> Screen size of the lesson videos (nice!)
> The conversational presentation style
> Multi-camera angles + diagrams
> The pace + depth of the lessons

Jeff C

"..I just wanted to say this weekend Workshop was incredible..."

I just wanted to say this weekend Workshop was incredible. I went to a Bluegrass Camp a few years ago and what made it great was that you were totally immersed in the music and classes, there were no distractions or long breaks from it. This was as close to that as you could possibly get. When I saw it posted I did all I could to make all of the sessions. Will did a fantastic job and kept the music coming, no boredom.


".. Thank you to all those who work so hard to make JamPlay better and better. When I first joined, I thought I would have a membership for one year, and simply watch all the videos. However, I will soon sign up for my fourth year - and am eager to do so. .."

"Keeps Me Coming Back"


"..I must say though, Jamplay is amazing..."

I do not have any questions so far. I must say though, Jamplay is amazing. I'm using it to get back into guitar at my own schedule, and it lets me choose what i want to learn, tells me how hard it is, and teaches it so well. I managed to learn how to tap guitar solos with such a simple technique, and trained for a simple 20 mins with the exercises you provided. I'm very happy i bought a subscription, and when i'm more financially stable, i may even upgrade to yearly ;) Thanks for checking in, hope the good work keeps up :D

Hilary S

"..Your site is awesome! .."

I am enjoying my membership very much, thank you! Your site is awesome! It is well laid out, and easy to navigate. I especially love that there are so many wonderful instructors who spend so much time teaching, and helping people like me to learn to play. I am finally looking forward to learning to
play the guitar I bought 25 years ago. Hopefully, even an old dog like me can learn some new tricks :)


Wesley D.

"..Congratulations on making the BEST site around - hands down!.."

Wow guys I'm truly blown away! :) The site is absolutely incredible - it is without a doubt the best money I've spent online. Period! It truly is refreshing to know that even when the world has been so well connected (I live in Africa!) with every facet of any information available regarding absolutely anything one could hope to find in the form of the internet that one is still able to find absolute gems like jamplay.com. I can't believe I didn't find it earlier - I've been playing guitar for 6 years now (play professionally too) and this website has such an incredible wealth of information and invaluable insider tips into some of the intermediate to advanced guitar stuff. The site truly does cater for everyone - from the absolute noob right up to the elite. My excitement is so great, and the site so refreshing, that I feel like I've just picked up a guitar for the first time again! Congratulations on making the BEST site around - hands down!

Wesley D.

Ralph H.

"..The course quality and video production values are tops.."

Actually, I'm quite pleased with JamPlay. I'm a rank beginner and had never found a course of instruction online that started with absolute basics, especially my instructor's insistence on my getting picking and rhythm down before learning a singe note or chord! What a revelation! I knew some chords but had never gotten a firm handle on picking and rhythm. Finally I'm starting in the right place and I feel I will progress quickly. The course quality and video production values are tops. Thanks for having such a great site! Kind regards, Ralph

Björn N.

"..I found JamPlay to be the best.."

I just want to answer that I'm very pleased with the service, the teachings and everything around it. I'm currently focusing on Hawkeyes blues lessons, but there is plenty of other teachings which I know I will enjoy further down the line.
I did take a look at several other video guitar schools on the Internet, out of which I found JamPlay to be the best, with a very professional, still relaxed attitude towards both the student and the subject taught.

Denver P.

"..You have far and away the best, most encouraging, effective program I've ever had the pleasure of participating in..."

I am not in the habit of writing fan mail, but somebody at JamPlay really knows what they're doing. You have far and away the best, most encouraging, effective program I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. In summary, the three principle strengths, of your course, IMHO are: (a) the step-by-step approach to mastering fundamentals, (b) the quality, and incredible patience of your instructors, and (c) the way you use the camera to make things perfectly clear.


"..So glad I found this instead of paying outrageous rates for thirty minute private lessons! .."

I'm really enjoying my membership with Jam Play! The instructors are very easy to follow and the cost is well worth it! So glad I found this instead of paying outrageous rates for thirty minute private lessons!

R. B.

"..Steve has a great sense of humor and does a superb job explaining concepts..."

I recently registered with Jamplay and knew nothing about playing the guitar. I chose to begin with Steve Eulberg, and so far I am having a great time! Steve has a great sense of humor and does a superb job explaining concepts. I'm so pleased with this program and am relieved that I can learn guitar at my own pace and in my own home. Thanks!


"..I run an internet design company.. Jamplay.com is one of the best sites I have ever visited.."

I have run an internet design and production company here in the UK for the last seven years. Jamplay.com is one of the best sites I have ever visited. It looks great, it works great and the content is fantastic. So much so that I can only just type this morning due to very sore finger tips on my left hand. Can't wait to get home and move on to lesson 2.

John A

"..If only I had known about you years ago.."

Hi JamPlay
I am really enjoying the teachings of Steve Eulberg. I have been playing the guitar for many years in various genres - folk, classical, and now leading worship, and Steve's teaching - even through the basics - is an inspiration. It is wonderful to be taught by someone who is clearly a gifted teacher. If only I had known about you years ago. I am certain that JamPlay's teaching methods will help me develop my playing skills and to become more creative.
Thank you JamPlay
John A

G. Fischer

"..The lessons are really well made.."

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that, I am enjoying jamplay very much. Cool place and I am learning loads. Is really the best site I found to learn to play the guitar. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.The lessons are really well made. So continue the good job. Thanks for the support and help.


"..Your website is a revelation!.."

Thanks for your support Jamplay staff. As a complete novice in the world of guitar playing I was finding it all very baffling trying to learn from books. Your website is a revelation! Steve Eulberg explains everything so clearly and proceeds at such a good pace for the beginner, it is now starting to make some sense (although it's early days yet!!) I am so pleased that I recommended you to my equally frustrated colleagues!! Thanks for such a brilliant service!


"..being able to log in when i have a few minutes is very useful.."

I'm finding the lessons very useful, I've played bass for years but i guess have always been a frustrated 6 string wannabe. Having the time to practice is the biggest problem. but being able to log in when i have a few minutes is very useful. Thanks.

Todd H.

"..I'm very, very impressed.."

I've been a member of Jamplay for all of three days and I'm very, very impressed. If I'd know it would be this easy to learn to play a guitar I would have started a long time ago. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for having a great site that delivers as advertised and excellent customer realations.


"..It will be by far the best $100 I will spend this year..."

I love Jamplay. I love Steve and Jim (The 2 I have taken lessons with so far). I love that I can learn at home, at my own time and pace. The instruction is very clear and I love The supplemental content pages. I love how I can keep track of where I am with the Progress feature. It will be by far the best $100 I will spend this year. I can't say enough good things about Jamplay. I would recommend it to everyone!! Thanks for a great site and resource for a newbie like me. I really am enjoying it and have learned SO much in the last 3 days!!!


".. I give you people A+ 100% rating..."

I have to admit, this has been the best place to learn EVERYTHING about playing the guitar and learning specifics about the guitar in general. I give you people A+ 100% rating. I did not even sign on in the first few days of my membership. Busy trying to learn from a dvd in a book. I could have been so much more heading to where I want to be, and that is NOT a rock star, but a musician. I'm still learning your site, you have so much to offer. Keep up whatever your doing because I am now learning...

Matthew R

"..I would just like to say how amazing your site is!!!.."


I would just like to say how amazing your site is!!!! Ive only been a member for just over a day and i am already picking up skills and things i didnt know i could do as a intermediate guitarist!!!!!

thanks sooo much!! great site!!!!!!

Matthew R

Carl R.

"..Your web site with the help of Jim are making things easy, pleasant and fun.."

I just wanted to respond to you folks and applaud you on a job very well done. I am currently going through the basics with Jim Deeming although this is not my first time playing guitar, this is the first time I'm taking it seriously, and your web site with the help of Jim are making things easy, pleasant and fun. So thank you very much you can be assured that I will be here for quite some time.

Thank you

Warren M

"..JamPlay is excellent!.."

JamPlay is excellent! I love all aspects of the service. I could not be happier unless you added ukulele to the lessons :)

Phil E.

"..Its just what I need.."

Thank YOU, had a quick look at site and think its just what i need, Been playin' guitar for 40 years on and off and in bands and as I now have time want to learn to play better, looks like you guys will enable me to do that. All the best and very well done, phil.

Vern S.

"..This site has ignited the fire again and fired up I am!!!.."

To all concerned,

It is my opinion that this site is by far the most comprehensive guitar instructional site that I have ever run across on the web, BAR NONE!!! I am extremely impressed and will be a member for years to come. I say that because I can see that there is so much knowledge to be learned here already and the knowledge base will only get larger as time goes on. I can't say enough about it and will be spreading the word for sure!

I just wanted to send the entire staff and instructors a huge thank you for all the hard work it takes to initialize, maintain and become established as the #1 site guitar instructional site on the web. I had gotten to the point where I felt like I was just spinning my wheels, but this site has ignited the fire again and fired up I am!!!

Again, thank you very much...



"..I am having fun and enjoying the process..."

I have had no technical difficulties whatsoever, (I'm using an imac 20" g5, and comcast broadband) and I am working my way through Steve's beginners lessons. Steve is excellent, and the video quality is very good. It will take me some time to get everything out of the video lessons, but I am having fun and enjoying the process.


".. Love it so far..."

Thank you. Love it so far. I'm a beginner. In the past, I've learned a bunch of open chords, tried some songs and nothing really worked. Now I have a regimented practice. Lessons and practice equal success. Twenty bucks a month is a no-brainer! Love it. You provide the lessons, I just have to follow - do what your instructors teach - Love it!


Rick H

"..Just a thanks!.."

Not a Problem here, just a thanks....I had drifted away to other sites and the advent of your Live Lesson Series has brought me back...In my opinion this is the kind of focused, not too short and not too long semi deep dive that is just right for those of us that love learning but have little patience for too many words... I am going thru David's Pentatonic series now and he is doing an excellent job.. So, I may have an issue at some point but for right now I say Good job folks :slightly_smiling_face:

Joe R.

"..I'm thoroughly enjoying your service.."

I just wanted to say I'm thoroughly enjoying your service. I've been playing self-taught guitar for 12 years now and it is extremely refreshing to come back and look at things from a different perspective. I absolutely love the time and dedication your instructors put into their courses and I believe the quality of your lessons goes above and beyond anything that any of your competitors can offer (I've tried a few). Thanks for providing such a great resource.

Di C.

"..I LOVE your site!!!!.."

Hi JamPlay team. Just wanted to let you know that so far I LOVE your site!!!! I've been playing for 30+ years and have never had a formal lesson. I started when I had a brain injury and my mother thought it would be good therapy for me. I have recovered, and so will my guitar now that I have found you :) Cheers from Australia.

Michael K.

"..Great website, guys!.."

Great website, guys! i've tried out the fingerstyle and bluegrass lesson sets so far and can see there's going to be more than enough to keep me busy for a while. the teachers for both lessons are top notch too. thanks!

Dave L

"..I LOVE IT!!!.."

I LOVE IT!!! I love it so much that I have cancelled my memberships to some other sites and haven't visited a free membership site either. I am a 67 year old beginner. As you guys know, not everyone learns the same way or likes a particular teaching style. Jam Play has lots of beginning instructors to choose from. So far I LIKE THEM ALL!!. Amazing! Each one has a little different style and approach and so if I didn't follow a skill taught by one instructor, I just try another. IT'S GREAT! My favorites so far are; Steve Eulberg, Eve Goldberg and Orville Johnson. You guys have really got this thing dialed in...keep up the good work.
thanks, Dave Lotridge, in the middle of nowhere, South Texas.

Jonathan G.

"..My guitar-playing has never increased so much and so quickly..."

Jamplay is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My guitar-playing has never increased so much and so quickly. Not to mention you get the whole picture, too - Support, livechat, and a forum where the pros will actually respond!!!!!

Just want to say thanks I love it!

Richard Donoghue


FIRST EMAIL: Wow I say it again Wow IO have taken lessons before and just got frustrated! after 2 days with this program i am playing a song!thank you thank you thank you! I am so HAPPY! HAPPY SPRING YOU MADE MY LIFE HAPPIER!
SECOND EMAIL: one more time wow funny thing i am hosting a reggae fest tomorrow I am going to play my little song they will get A KICK! CAUSE I AM ALWAYS behind the scene! believe me you touched a person that will promote you!

Ellen E.

"..I love your web site!!!.."


I love your web site!!! My first renewal notice just came up. Great teachers and great web design.

Especially the part where I can go over things as many times as I want to. I also love the variety of the genres. This web site is what the internet was made for, it's inventors would be proud of the way you have utilized it.

Thanks Ellen E.

Paul L.

"..The benefits of the site have so far exceeded my expectations.."

Dear all at Jamplay, Just a quick note to say how useful I have found the site. I have been playing the guitar for around 20 years (am of good intermediate standard) but have learnt more in the last few days watching the phase 2 lessons than in the last 10 years. The supplemental lesson materials are also very good. The benefits of the site have so far exceeded my expectations. Regards, Paul L.

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