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Learn Genres

Style & Genre Guitar Lessons

Our genre-based lessons focus on learning skills and concepts that pertain to a specific style of music. However, as you will soon learn, many concepts can be applied to several different genres. Genre lessons expand on concepts taught in our beginner guitar lessons, so it would be a wise idea to check out those lessons before jumping in here!

130 courses 3,489 lessons

We cover 20 genres in total, with courses built for acoustic or electric guitarists.

4k and 1080p

Lessons stream to your device or computer in 4k quality for newer lessons, and 1080p for a majority of our catalog.

Interactive Tabs

Tabs powered by Soundslice, the powerful interactive tab software, working natively in your browser.

Guitar Pro

Tabs are also provided in Guitar Pro and PDF formats. All tabs are fully downloadable to your devices.

Practice Help

Know what to practice after each lesson with guided suggestions, tabs, jamtracks and more.

Explore our Styles & Genres

Of course, all courses, libraries and live courses are included with your membership.