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Artist Series - Guitar Lessons

Artist Series The JamPlay Artist Series features lessons taught by progressive guitarists from all styles of music. These lessons focus on each artist's particular style, and are taught by either the artist himself(found under "Artists"), or a qualified instructor familiar with that artist's playing style ("In The Style Of").

Free Lesson Series Info 

Steve Stevens

Billy Idol

Take lessons with rock legend Steve Stevens, guitarist for Billy Idol.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Tosin Abasi

Animals as Leaders

Lead guitarist for Animals As Leaders, Tosin Abasi brings his knowledge of extended range guitars to JamPlay.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Dave Weiner

Steve Vai

Take lessons with Dave "David J" Weiner.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Erik Mongrain

Artist Site, MySpace

Self-taught acoustic guitarist Erik Mongrain shows off some of his innovations and moves in this Phase 2 Artist Series.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Joel Kosche

Collective Soul

Joel Kosche, guitarist for Collective Soul and solo singer/songwriter, will dissect his style of playing and demonstrate all of the juicy tidbits.

Free Lesson Series Info 


Unconventional... Diabolical... Just plain crazy! Learn a fresh, quirky and MUSICAL approach to extreme guitar playing!

Free Lesson Series Info 

Emil Werstler

Daath, PRS Guitars

Tackle advanced playing techniques and theory application with metal talent, Emil Werstler.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Kaki King

Artist Site

Renowned guitarist Kaki King teaches musicality, altered tunings and percussive elements in her artist series.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Kris Norris

Darkest Hour, The Kris Norris Projekt

Kris Norris kicks off the JamPlay.com Artist Series with a wide array of ideas and lessons; from changing strings on a floyd rose, to advanced sweeping / legato techniques and soloing applications.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Trace Bundy

Artist Site

Trace Bundy is a self taught acoustic guitarist that plays in the percussive/tapping genre. He was named "Most Promising New Talent" in 2008 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and won 3rd place for "Best Fingerstyle Guitarist" in the...

Free Lesson Series Info 

Miche Fambro

Artist Site

Miche Fambro, a dynamic songwriter and performer, delves into the world of acoustic guitar. Instead of focusing on specific techniques, Miche heavily covers meta guitar concepts that can truly facilitate growth as a musician.

Free Lesson Series Info 

James Malone


James Malone teaches intermediate to advanced lessons on various topics in his style of death metal guitar.

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Randall Williams

Artist Site

Randall Williams is a dynamic, powerful, classically trained acoustic musician who interest is found in the dynamic and relevant world of folk. One of Randall's specialties includes the style of cut or partial capo.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Guthrie Trapp

Learn roots music and techniques from Nashville session player Guthrie Trapp.

Free Lesson Series Info 

David Davidson

Revocation's Dave Davidson teaches you the techniques essential to his style.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Steve Smyth

Veteran metal gunslinger Steve Smyth currently is in the bands Forbidden and The EssenEss Project. Having also been in bands such as Testament and Nevermore, Steve has a unique style that he teaches here on JamPlay.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Mary Flower

Mary Flower is an award-winning acoustic fingerstyle blues guitarist known for her original tunes and smooth voice. With multiple albums and an impressive career, Mary strives to keep the blues alive.

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Jane Miller

Guitarist, composer, arranger, and Berklee Associate Professor, Jane Miller has roots in both Jazz and Folk circuits. Explore intermediate topics and Jane's original compositions through her comprehensive teaching style.

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Freebo, acclaimed bassist, guitar player and songwriter walks you through the craft of writing and playing songs.

Free Lesson Series Info 

Andy James

Learn how to shred with the amazing guitarist Andy James.

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Glen Drover

Former guitarist for Megadeth and Testament, thrasher Glen Drover presents his Artist Series and will touch on subjects such as speed, rhythm, and solo creation.

 Series Info 

Lita Ford

Lita Ford who is the guitarist for the band "The Runaways" will present a series that will include the knowledge and personal experiences of what it was like to be a prime female guitarist in the late 70's and early 80's.