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The 2020 Guitarist Toolkits

Free with Your Membership Make 2020 the Year of Guitar

Back and better than ever. Another year arrives with a fresh arsenal of resources from our team. After a full year of development, discover our 2020 Guitarist Toolkits. Available for free with your Annual Membership, access 42 individual courses, 553 lessons, 482 JamTracks and 600 pages of tab.

New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

The 2020 Practice Plan

Make 2020 the year of tangible progress on the instrument

5 Content Packs 103 lessons 79 JamTracks

As guitarists, it's easy to get sidetracked and lose focus with our guitar practice and goals. Our 2020 practice plan covers the most frustrating roadblocks guitarists tell us they face. It doesn't get any easier than this!s

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New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

Gear, Tone & Studio

Get the most out of your gear & make awesome recordings

5 Content Packs 63 lessons Stems & Guides

Have guitar tone that sounds like a cat scratching a chalk-board? Want to record at home and have it sound at least competent and maybe even professional? Then this pack is for you.

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New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

Modes, Melody & Theory

A deeper understanding of theory for melodic playing

5 Content Packs 74 lessons 78 JamTracks

Almost anyone can copy what someone else has played with a high degree of accuracy. But why limit yourself to being a living playback machine? To spontaneously create memorable music that moves the listener is the ultimate achievement for many guitarists.

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New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

Blues & Rock

Essential resources to move blues and rock players forward

5 Content Packs 44 lessons 68 JamTracks

The 2020 Blues and Rock Toolkit provides a Smörgåsbord of content that guitarists of all skill levels will love. As these genres are closely related, we've curated some of the best licks, lessons and JamTracks we have ever produced into one cohesive package.

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New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

Acoustic Learning

Expand beyond simple strums and open chords

6 Content Packs 70 lessons 74 JamTracks

If you have been stuck at the beginner stage of acoustic guitar playing for too long, or are just getting going with the instrument, this toolkit is exactly what you need.

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New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

Electric Learning

Forge ahead and beyond basic riffs and noodling

6 Content Packs 66 lessons 66 JamTracks

Fallen into fretboard traps and want to play freely? At some point, it happens to all guitarists regardless of skill level. This Toolkit provides an excellent opportunity to break out of the box and expand your electric playing to become a more well-rounded and diverse player.

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New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

Country & Bluegrass

Take your country and bluegrass playing to new heights

5 Content Packs 75 lessons 82 JamTracks

Explore the history of bluegrass and country music from the roots to the modern era with some of the best licks, lessons and JamTracks we've ever produced for the genres. Develop speed and build a bluegrass lick vocabulary using high quality JamTracks.

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New 2020 Guitarist Toolkit

Fingerstyle & Americana

A collection of resources for acoustic aficionados

5 Content Packs 58 lessons 35 JamTracks

Grab your acoustic and lose yourself with this collection of Fingerstyle, Folk and Americana lessons, licks, and JamTracks. With nearly 60 lessons ranging from picking patterns and tunings to licks, you are sure to find plenty to sink your teeth into.

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