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This year is already shaping up to feature an awesome roster of new teachers, artists and revered musicians. Your JamPlay Membership gives you access to all lessons, from all teachers. Find our latest additions below.

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Modern R&B Grooves

Tim Stewart

Crafting Fingerstyle Melodies

Trevor Gordon Hall

Adventures in Fingerstyle

Maneli Jamal

Cybernetic Shred

Stephanie Bradley

Speaking with Slide Guitar

Ariel Posen

Electric Techniques for Creativity

Gretchen Menn

Evolution to Modern Blues

Artur Menezes

Modern Telecaster Shred

Andy Wood

The Power of 3 Notes

Horace Bray

Blues Masters & Disciples

Stuart Ziff

Extended Range Mastery

Sarah Longfield

Brazilian Flare with Blues

Andre Nieri

Modern Fingerstyle & Tunings

Yvette Young

Fingerstyle Mastery for all Levels

Mike Dawes

Themes for Compelling Songwriting

Aaron Marshall

The History of Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy

MacAlpine Signature Leads

Tony MacAlpine

15 Rules of Rock Guitar

Prashant Aswani

Sugarman's Shredding Revolution

Dan Sugarman

Artistry and Modern Fingerstyle

Calum Graham

Telecaster-Style Country Chops

Tyler Grant

The Style of the Grateful Dead

Dave Isaacs

Find Your Voice: Improvisation

Michael Palmisano

That's just 3% of our courses

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