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The Master Course

Mark Lettieri

Three-time Grammy winning artist Mark Lettieri is a guitarist, composer and producer known for his silky smooth playing and versatility as an artist. ...

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Modern R&B Grooves

Tim Stewart

Having shared the stage with Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, and countless American Idol contestants, Tim Stewart brings seasoned pedigree to the JamPlay team....

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Tapping into Creative Fingerstyle

Amber Russell

Fingerstyle guitarist Amber Russell has had a diverse platform of musical outlets during her almost 20 years of composing music, including piano, bass,...

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The Power of the Drop-2 Voicing

Horace Bray

Want to get more mileage out of the chords you already know while using some fresh sounds? This course will teach you how to master the art of the drop-2...

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Learning to Lead: Blues & Rock

David Isaacs

Great players have the touch, tone, and vocabulary to make a guitar speak and sing. This course is a beginner’s introduction to lead guitar,...

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Secrets of Melodic Rock

Irene Ketikidi

Irene lays the foundation for melodic rock playing with a primer on scale tone basics, triads and melodic fills.. then provides an in-depth look at how...

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Rock Tactics & Pentatonic Flavors

Tony Martinez

Ever wonder why you can't quite sound like pros when playing from tabs? In this course, Tony Martinez will cover a modern approach to the blues rock style,...

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Sweep Picking 101

Straten Marshall

The impressive yet elusive technique of sweep picking. To play it correctly, it takes a certain amount of skill, but also an of understanding of how the...

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Modern Method for Classical Guitar

Evan Taucher

Award-winning guitarist Evan Taucher has toured the globe (and earned both Bachelor's and Masters Degrees) perfecting the "modern method" of classical...

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Maximizing The 12 Notes

Monte Pittman

As Madonna's long time guitarist, Monte Pittman knows a thing or two about the instrument. Monte takes us on an exploration of scales, chords and exotic...

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Modern Telecaster Shred

Andy Wood

Andy Wood offers a crash course in telecaster abuse. This course serves to unlock this chaotic, ear-perking tonality and technique. We will tackle high...

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Crafting Fingerstyle Melodies

Trevor Gordon Hall

Rated one of the top 30 guitarists in the world under 30 years old by Acoustic Guitar magazine, Trevor's style ranges from driving rhythms to delicate...

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Adventures in Fingerstyle

Maneli Jamal

Build your fingerstyle skillset with a thorough, patient and step-by-step course from Maneli Jamal. We start from the ground floor with simple lesson for...

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Electric Techniques for Creativity

Gretchen Menn

Suited for guitarists of all skill levels, Gretchen aims to show how techniques can unlock creative freedom and inspire new ideas. We tackle alternate...

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Speaking with Slide Guitar

Ariel Posen

Slide guitar is perhaps the closest we can get to replicating the human voice on the guitar. In his series "Speaking With the Slide", world renown slide...

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Modern Fingerstyle & Tunings

Yvette Young

If you are interested in writing or learning music that is melodic, emotionally driven, and harmonically detailed, then this course is for you! Break out...

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Fingerstyle Mastery for all Levels

Mike Dawes

Start your fingerstyle foray under the tutelage of a world-class player. Mike Dawes teaches you to go from a fingerstyle newbie to playing some of his...

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Themes for Compelling Songwriting

Aaron Marshall

From chord progressions and melodies, to rhythmic devices and riffs, Aaron will show us that modern guitar music revolves around thought-provoking song...

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Cybernetic Shred

Stephanie Bradley

There is a better player in all of us, but we often get trapped in unhealthy, tension-filled technique. Join Stephanie Bradley as we explore the most efficient...

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Evolution to Modern Blues

Artur Menezes

Winner of the ultra-prestigious Gibson Blues Guitarist of the Year, Artur Menezes, now joins the JamPlay roster of artists and educators. We are excited...

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The Power of 3 Notes

Horace Bray

Unlock your chords and break out of shape based knowledge with "The Power of 3". As guitarists, we tend to memorize shapes without ever really knowing...

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Blues Masters & Disciples

Stuart Ziff

Learn the roots and flavors of this timeless style by navigating the roadmap of storied bluesman throughout history. Stuart Ziff, accomplished musician...

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Extended Range Mastery

Sarah Longfield

The Strandberg-wielding, polyrhythmic tapping technician herself is here to set the record straight and document her unique approach to guitar. A multi-instrumentalist...

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Brazilian Flare with Blues

Andre Nieri

From blending Flamenco phrases with rock leads, to Bossa-Nova infused Blues, Andre Nieri delivers a unique sound to match his unique story. Hailing from...

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The History of Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy

Take the opportunity to explore a Master Course from one of the best musicians to grace the guitar. A exclusive, this 46 lesson course will...

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MacAlpine Signature Leads

Tony MacAlpine

Tony MacAlpine defines modern musical virtuosity. Fusing the elements of jazz, progressive rock, and classical music, Tony has proven that he truly is...

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Sugarman's Shredding Revolution

Dan Sugarman

This course is all about discovering and creating ways to develop understanding of two-hand synchronization, one of the core foundations of clean playing....

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The 15 Rules of Rock

Prashant Aswani

This course features 15 rock songs that are exclusive to JamPlay. Each song will be broken down into rhythm and melody and then dissected in great depth....

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Find Your Voice: Improvisation

Michael Palmisano

Join GIT graduate and professional guitar player, Michael Palmisano as he explores his personal approach to improvising on guitar. Relying heavily on his...

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Artistry and Modern Fingerstyle

Calum Graham

Award-winning Canadian fingerstyle guitarist Calum Graham aims to transform the average fingerstyle player into an artist. Using a modern approach to fingerstyle...

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Telecaster-Style Country Chops

Tyler Grant

Tyler Grant provides an in-depth look at the classic country genre from the perspective of the electric guitar. Throughout the lesson series, you will...

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The Style of the Grateful Dead

Dave Isaacs

Nashville guitarist and teacher, Dave Issacs, breaks downthe fundamentals that made The Grateful Dead so powerful. From in depth improvising techniques,...

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Rock Rhythm Guitar Essentials

John Shannon

Rock guitarist John Shannon takes you on a journey to improve your rhythm playing. Effecting all facets of rock playing, rhythm is the foundation of quality...

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Coming Soon

Definitive Guide: Hybrid Picking

Prashant Aswani

Hybrid Picking is an incredible technique to develop one's musical ideas. It's not just for soloing as you see in many modern day players, but an amazing...

Course Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

How to Write Epic Metal

J.D. McGibney

In this course we will go over the basics of theory and technique, the philosophy behind composition, rhythm, how to write leads, how to write solos,...

Course Coming Soon!

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