Style of Joe Satriani

In this lesson set, David will teach Who, What, How and Why Satriani is who he is.

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David Wallimann explains the fundamental concepts involved in Satriani's guitar playing. David also provides you with music theory concepts necessary to composing your own Satriani solo style arrangements.

Lessons in this Series:

David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 1

Introduction to Joe Satriani

David Wallimann introduces his lesson series on the style of Joe Satriani. In this lesson set, you will learn the fundamental aspects of Joe's playing style. Get ready to rock out with some Satriani style licks!

Length: 5:36 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 2

Riffs and Rhythm Ideas

David introduces some riff and rhythms that are straight from the vocabulary of Joe Satriani. Studying the ideas within this lesson will help you understand how Satch creates his signature rhythm sound.

Length: 18:07 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 3

Creating The Melody

Satriani is notorious for creating beautiful melodies. Here David breaks down some Satriani inspired compositional techniques. He opens your mind to some new creative possibilities by providing some melodic examples to work with.

Length: 12:44 Difficulty: 3.5 Free Sample Lesson
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 4

Improvising Your Licks

David Walliman continues his Satriani series with a lesson on improvisation. Several sample ideas are included as well as information on how to "recycle" your licks.

Length: 9:40 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 5

Getting Your Ideas Across

David Wallimann enlightens us again with a juicy lesson on a Satriani concept. He explains how to effectively convey your creative ideas to your listeners. Some simple playing examples are demonstrated to help accomplish this goal.

Length: 14:54 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 6

Tapping Like Satriani

David finishes up his Style of Satriani series with some awesome exercises that include two-hand tapping.

Length: 14:55 Difficulty: 4.0 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 7

"Satch and Me" Satriani Style Song

David Wallimann finishes up his epic Satriani series with a song he wrote "in the style of Satriani" Titled "Satch and Me". This lesson and song will cover every technique demonstrated through out this lesson series. Enjoy!

Length: 28:03 Difficulty: 4.5 Member Only
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