Style of David Gilmour

In this lesson set, David will teach the concepts and styling that is David Gilmour.

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David Wallimann explains the fundamental concepts involved in David Gilmour's guitar playing. David also provides you with music theory concepts necessary to composing your own Gilmour melodic style arrangements.

Lessons in this Series:

David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 1

Introduction to David Gilmour

David Wallimann introduces you to a lesson series on Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. Here David provides an overview of what to expect from this series. Rest assured that you will not hit "The Wall" with this knowledge.

Length: 6:22 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 2

Gilmour and Riffs

David Wallimann is back with lesson 2 of his Style of David Glimour series. Here, DW covers some important aspects of Gilmour's rhythm playing such as barre chords, pentatonic scales, and other various rhythm tricks. Test your playing skills by jamming along with some Dorian and Aeolian backing...

Length: 17:15 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 3

Gilmour and the Blues

David Walliman explains how David Gilmore effectively uses the "blue notes" within the minor and major pentatonic scales to add extra color to lead guitar licks.

Length: 12:08 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 4

The Colors of Gilmour

Guitar and color? What does this have to do with Gilmour? David Wallimann uses the concept of adding and subtracting notes or tonal "colors" to create the unique sounds of David Gilmour. You may not be using a paint set, but you will be using notes to create colorful compositions.

Length: 15:33 Difficulty: 3.5 Free Sample Lesson
David Wallimann Guitar Lessons Lesson 5

Gilmour and Space

Wallimann explains the importance of space in this lesson. Like any good musician, David Gilmour utilizes space in his solos to create emotion and allow the listener to digest each phrase. Here, David will demonstrate how to accomplish these essential musical techniques.

Length: 9:04 Difficulty: 2.5 Member Only
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