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Style of Tom Morello

This Series will dive into the world of Tom Morello, Demonstrating how he accomplishes his very unique sound.

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Chris Liepe kills this lesson series with anything and everything that makes Tom Morello. From concepts and theory to creating those unique one off sounds that make Tom who he is.

Lessons in this Series:

Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 1

Style Of Tom Morello: Song Introduction

Chris Liepe introduces his "Style of Tom Morello" Series with an original song that utilizes key aspects of Tom's playing. This song serves as a preview to the rhythm and lead guitar techniques that will be taught throughout this series. In the mean time, enjoy a bit of entertainment and get...

Length: 5:01 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 2

Tom Morello: Writing Tools

Chris Liepe discusses one of Tom Morello's primary writing tools - the minor pentatonic scale. First, Chris demonstrates the five patterns of the pentatonic scale. Then, he shares a few ideas that will help you create your own Tom Morello style riffs within this scale.

Length: 18:35 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 3

Morello: 3 Note per String Soloing

Chris Liepe looks into the fundamentals of Tom Morello's lead guitar style. Tom frequently plays fluid legato licks in his solos. Many of these legato lines utilize scale patterns that contain three notes on each string. Chris provides some examples of legato lines to get your soloing juices...

Length: 19:49 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 4

Gear and Effects

A key aspect of Tom's playing is his unique use of effects. His effects setup is rather minimalistic. However, he uses effects in combination with conventional and non conventional guitar techniques to generate a large pallet of tonal colors. In this lesson, Chris Liepe takes a look at some...

Length: 24:02 Difficulty: 2.5 Free Sample Lesson
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 5

Unconventional Techniques

Chris Liepe demonstrates how Tom Morello combines scale ideas, melodic phrasing and strategic effects to create unconventional guitar sounds.

Length: 18:02 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 6

Structure of a Morello Style Song

Chris Liepe breaks down the structural form of a typical song written by Tom Morello. He explains how choruses can be used as emotional highs as well as where Tom may enhance the drama of a song by using effects.

Length: 7:31 Difficulty: 1.5 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 7

They Got It All

Chris Liepe teaches a Tom Morello inspired song entitled "They Got It All." This song utilizes all of the techniques taught in the previous lessons within this series. Here, Chris demonstrates his own interpretations of Morello's style. In addition, he provides insight into how you can create...

Length: 68:45 Difficulty: 4.0 Member Only
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