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Style of John Mayer

Explore the unique style and techniques of John Mayer.

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Rich Nibbe gives us an in-depth look into the style of and techniques of John Mayer. Check out some soloing ideas, bends, rhythmic percussion and much more.

Lessons in this Series:

Lesson 1

Introduction to John Mayer

Rich Nibbe and JamPlay are proud to present another "In the style of" series, this time featuring the one and only John Mayer. This introductory lesson dives right in, taking a look at soloing ideas, percussive rhythm, and bends.

Length: 16:21 Difficulty: 1.5 Member Only
Lesson 2

Pentatonic Scale

Rich Nibbe takes a look at how you can apply the pentatonic scale in the style of John Mayer into your playing.

Length: 15:13 Difficulty: 2.0 Free Sample Lesson
Lesson 3

Sixth Intervals

Rich Nibbe demonstrates how John Mayer adds interest to his playing by adding sixth intervals.

Length: 8:06 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
Lesson 4

John Mayer Acoustic Techniques

Rich Nibbe explores the acoustic guitar's role in John Mayer's playing. Learn about alternate tunings, open strings, moving chord shapes and more.

Length: 17:12 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
Lesson 5

Licks and Influences

Rich Nibbe takes a took at a variety of licks in the style of John Mayer and the artists he was likely inspired by.

Length: 7:04 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
Lesson 6

John Mayer Inspired Track Part 1

Rich Nibbe plays a super catchy John Mayer inspired track. Then, he dissects each section in the following two lessons. In part one, you will learn the intro, verse, and chorus.

Length: 15:39 Difficulty: 2.5 Member Only
Lesson 7

John Mayer Inspired Track Part 2

In part two, Rich Nibbe takes a close look at the leads on the John Mayer inspired track you heard in part one.

Length: 11:15 Difficulty: 2.5 Member Only
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