Style of B.B. King

This series will cover all the unique aspects of B.B. King and his style of playing.

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Kenny Blue Ray has got both talent and knowledge to open up the world of B.B King's style of Phrasing, Techniques, and overall approach to soloing.

Lessons in this Series:

Lesson 1

Series Introduction & Phrasing

Welcome to a fantastic series presented by Kenny Blue Ray! This series will cover the phrasing, techniques, and creativity that B.B. King has brought to the guitar world. In this lesson, Kenny explains how to move around the guitar neck like B.B. himself.

Length: 10:02 Difficulty: 2.5 Free Sample Lesson
Lesson 2

B.B. King Style Licks

B.B. King is widely known for his solos and his overall talent to throw licks together. Kenny taps into this subject and demonstrates a number of licks that can easily be associated with B.B.'s sound.

Length: 9:50 Difficulty: 2.5 Member Only
Lesson 3

Positions 1 & 2

For the majority of B.B. King's early career, he only played in 2 positions of the neck. Kenny demonstrates these two important scale patterns and some B.B. King style licks derived from them.

Length: 10:01 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 4

3rd Position

Kenny now describes how B.B. King utilizes a 3rd position and demonstrates how he connects all 3 positions together.

Length: 10:27 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 5

B.B. King's Favorite Chords

Kenny now covers some of B.B. King's favorite chords. Although B.B. is more of a soloist, he occasionally plays rhythm and full chord voicings.

Length: 11:22 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 6

The B.B. King Touch

Kenny dives into the techniques that define B.B. King.

Length: 9:22 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
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