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Trevor Gordon Hall

Building Finger Intuition

Taught by Trevor Gordon Hall in Crafting Fingerstyle Melodies seriesLength: 28:11Difficulty: 2.5 of 5

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Member Comments about this Lesson

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hansghansg replied

why, if we are being introduced, do we need a third chord (B, F#, G#) that is a huge stretch for not-so-big hands? It's really quite discouraging. If I can't play this, should I give up that series? (Ok, I get it, maybe I should give up guitar, but I kind of came here to try and make progress, difficult as that may be.)

Bradley.ConwayBradley.Conway replied

Hello hansg! It may help you to lower your thumb position on the back of the neck. This should help you to be able to make the stretch necessary to play that chord. I wouldn't recommend giving up so easy. Good things take time. I hope that helps!

jefrankjefrank replied

It's the biggest barrier to my guitar playing that I have small hands and struggle mightily to make stretches like the one hansg is describing. I got myself a parlor-sized guitar, which helps a lot, but there's still always the moment in a lesson I'm told to make a stretch like that and I get super discouraged.

Anshu634Anshu634 replied

I think the lesson is too fast. Please teach slowly. Fingering should be played slowly.

Bradley.ConwayBradley.Conway replied

Hey Anshu634! I just wanted to let you know that you can slow the lesson down by using the tab on the bottom of the video player that says "100%" with arrows beside it. Just click the down arrow to slow the lesson down, then click the up arrow to speed it back up. I hope that helps!

kyledean2428kyledean2428 replied

That staccato exercise is brutal - I didn't realize I was so uncoordinated. Thanks Trevor.

zumacraigzumacraig replied

Tell me about it!!

8020CAM8020CAM replied

Love that E9 chord!!! My left pinky is thanking you for that as well. This is a great warm up exercise, and I am learning how to mute a note with my right hand which is new!! Liking this course very much so far. Can't wait to get into the rest of it!!

YobedemcYobedemc replied

Thanks Trevor, this is a great little exercise to get some coordination happening!

Crafting Fingerstyle Melodies

Found in our Beginner Lesson Sets

Fingerstyle guitar is a broad term that can incorporate percussive elements of playing as well as Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed amazing flurry of notes approach and so much more in between. What the percussive traditions open up are ways of viewing harmonics and various sounds incorporating the full guitar into playing, and the Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed style open up ways of finger patterns and stringing together open strings to build speed and assemble blazing lines mimicking banjo rolls and more. This course is meant to navigate through gems found on both sides of the tradition shining light on how to use those ideas for opening up more ways to polish and enhance melodic playing.

Crafting Fingerstyle Melodies: Series IntroductionLesson 1

Crafting Fingerstyle Melodies: Series Introduction

Fingerstyle guitar is a broad term that can incorporate percussive elements of playing as well as Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed amazing flurry of notes approach and so much more in between. This course is meant...

Length: 7:02 Difficulty: 0.0 Members Only
Proper PlacementLesson 2

Proper Placement

We are working towards polishing and crafting melody in this course. This can be difficult to develop without looking at possible inefficiencies in how we are holding our arms, hands, and guitar. In this...

Length: 5:21 Difficulty: 1.0 Members Only
Building Finger IntuitionLesson 3

Building Finger Intuition

Working towards how to really craft melody we will focus on using good right hand technique while switching left hand chords. This is important to gain comfort with because as we move on to other left...

Length: 28:11 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Crossing StringsLesson 4

Crossing Strings

Melody is our goal. Playing it well and with color. In this lesson we will focus on a very important technique to help cross strings with ease and confidence. Melody requires one note after another regardless...

Length: 15:01 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Course Overture Exercises Pt 1Lesson 5

Course Overture Exercises Pt 1

This batch of exercises serves as a sort of overture for what the rest of this course will cover. Each exercise will start with a D chord and add on a different ending. Each ending will highlight a specific...

Length: 19:18 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Course Overture Exercise Pt 2Lesson 6

Course Overture Exercise Pt 2

Let's expand the second half of each exercise with more movement in the left hand. It’s important to keep notes ringing as long as possible. We will cover how to use these exercises to start thinking...

Length: 20:32 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
String Crossing ArpeggiosLesson 7

String Crossing Arpeggios

Now, we will talk about how to pivot over strings with thumb while crossing as well as a moveable shape you can use anywhere on the fretboard. The pattern will always play one note per string string until...

Length: 22:52 Difficulty: 3.0 FREE
Arpeggio Chord ShapesLesson 8

Arpeggio Chord Shapes

In this lesson, we will take the same right hand finger patterns and change up the left hand. If we have a major pattern, a minor pattern, a dominant, and an inversion of major, we can play almost any...

Length: 23:12 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Connecting Arpeggio ChordsLesson 9

Connecting Arpeggio Chords

Working towards melody will require good understanding of various chords in arpeggio form. We are working up to a full etude that will hop all around the fretboard while still maintaining same patterns...

Length: 25:02 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Moving Arpeggio Chords: A Major - F# MinorLesson 10

Moving Arpeggio Chords: A Major - F# Minor

Now we'll be expanding on more changes with the same shapes while building to our Etude. We will start with our now familiar Major 9 pattern and move into placing the minor 9 pattern on low part of the...

Length: 23:42 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Moving Arpeggio Chords: A Major - F# DominantLesson 11

Moving Arpeggio Chords: A Major - F# Dominant

Let's expand again! On to the A Major and F# Dominant shapes.

Length: 19:12 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Moving Arpeggio Chords: D Major - B DominantLesson 12

Moving Arpeggio Chords: D Major - B Dominant

"Hopefully now you're starting to get the hang of this! Let's look at the D Major - B Dominant shapes in this lesson. It’s important to remember you want to be able to play each arpeggio starting from...

Length: 17:17 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Moving Arpeggio Chords: F - E DominantLesson 13

Moving Arpeggio Chords: F - E Dominant

We want to continue our goal being comfortable with every shape we have learned on different parts of the neck. This lesson will highlight putting some of these shapes in open position, as well as deepening...

Length: 17:52 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Moving Arpeggio Chords: D - A 1st InversionLesson 14

Moving Arpeggio Chords: D - A 1st Inversion

Now on to Dmajor to A First Inversion. Be sure to play each exercise and listen for the sound color of each. What do these sounds make you think of? What mental image or mood or feeling? These can better...

Length: 16:20 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Moving Arpeggio Chords: D - A 1st Inv. Bm - A 1st Inv.Lesson 15

Moving Arpeggio Chords: D - A 1st Inv. Bm - A 1st Inv.

Let's move on to the last shapes in this section: D - A First Inversion - Bm-A First Inversion.

Length: 18:02 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Creating Apreggio Progressions EtudeLesson 16

Creating Apreggio Progressions Etude

Now let’s put all of those shapes together in a progression. You can see how much mileage you can get out of one right hand crossing string picking pattern.

Length: 22:57 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Understanding Open StringsLesson 17

Understanding Open Strings

Using open strings can sometimes be a confusing proposition. Normally when we ascend in pitch we go up fretboard OR to higher strings but now when using open strings sometimes you have to go to a higher...

Length: 34:09 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Banjo Roll TechniqueLesson 18

Banjo Roll Technique

Now we will take the same right hand patterns we've been working on with a few minor tweaks, and add in some open strings. This will change the way we approach playing scales and melodies. Go slowly and...

Length: 22:49 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Rethinking Melody to Include Open StringsLesson 19

Rethinking Melody to Include Open Strings

The concept of utilizing the open strings we have available will be very important in your fingerstyle journey, so make sure you go slow and learn this new way of thinking. Open strings throw a lot of...

Length: 34:27 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Traids and Open Strings EtudeLesson 20

Traids and Open Strings Etude

Now that we have some open string ideas let’s shift to some arpeggio triad shapes incorporating what we have covered so far. Each small chunk of this etude can be seen as its own exercise so have fun...

Length: 19:51 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Adding Harmonics and Open Strings Pt 1Lesson 21

Adding Harmonics and Open Strings Pt 1

Let's put all of this together with harmonics not just being used for color but for sustaining melody notes similar to a piano sustain pedal. This frees us up to really extend sustaining life of the melody...

Length: 18:56 Difficulty: 3.5 Members Only
Adding Harmonics and Open Strings Pt 2Lesson 22

Adding Harmonics and Open Strings Pt 2

In part two, be sure to practice getting clean right hand and left hand harmonics. Go only as fast as you can play evenly in tempo making sure you don’t memorize gaps between the notes and the harmonics.

Length: 19:40 Difficulty: 3.5 Members Only
Arpeggios with Open Strings and HarmonicsLesson 23

Arpeggios with Open Strings and Harmonics

Remember, this course is all about finding different ways to play a note. In this lesson, we look at some arpeggio shapes, but look to use our open strings and harmonics to accomplish the goal of the...

Length: 25:47 Difficulty: 3.5 Members Only
Coloring in a MelodyLesson 24

Coloring in a Melody

Coloring a melody can be a multi faceted task on the guitar. We can use harmonics, open strings and fretted notes. Here we look at some ways to affect a melody and get some of these concepts under our...

Length: 34:19 Difficulty: 3.5 Members Only
Triad Melody Etude Pt 1Lesson 25

Triad Melody Etude Pt 1

Let's now take a look at the Triad Melody Etude. This etude incorporates chord movements, open strings and harmonics - all things we have been working on!

Length: 21:17 Difficulty: 3.5 Members Only
Triad Melody Etude Pt 2Lesson 26

Triad Melody Etude Pt 2

In this lesson, we will finish up learning the Triad Melody Etude. Be sure to take each section slowly and spend plenty of time with it, and you will have it down before you know it!

Length: 25:41 Difficulty: 3.5 Members Only
Modulating Melody Etude - Part 1Lesson 27

Modulating Melody Etude - Part 1

This etude will fully explore what we have been discussing. It modulates keys a few times while still using harmonics, open strings and thinking melodically.

Length: 21:23 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Modulating Melody Etude - Part 2Lesson 28

Modulating Melody Etude - Part 2

Now, the next section of the Modulating Melody Etude.

Length: 13:56 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Modulating Melody Etude - Part 3Lesson 29

Modulating Melody Etude - Part 3

Now we come to the last part of the Modulating Melody Etude. Try playing each section together slowly and make sure to let harmonics ring out as long as possible. Sometimes this requires being extra...

Length: 21:03 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Taking Care of Your HandsLesson 30

Taking Care of Your Hands

Playing fingerstyle can put a lot of demands on your hands and arms. Being able to take proper care of yourself is a must! In this lesson, Trevor shows us some of his go to exercises and tools for keeping...

Length: 18:47 Difficulty: 0.0 Members Only
Nail CareLesson 31

Nail Care

Trevor is always asked about his nails! In this lesson, he gives a comprehensive, step by step tutorial of exactly what his regimen is regarding his nails. A must see for any fingerstyle player!

Length: 18:15 Difficulty: 0.0 Members Only
Structured SpontaneityLesson 32

Structured Spontaneity

“Inspiration is for Amateurs..The rest of us just show up and get to work”... In other words, don't simply wait for inspiration to strike, instead put the work it and it will come! Learning how to...

Length: 11:39 Difficulty: 0.0 Members Only
The Meeting at the Window - Song Lesson, Part 1Lesson 33

The Meeting at the Window - Song Lesson, Part 1

In this lesson, Trevor takes us through his song, "The Meeting at the Window". The lesson begins with a complete playthrough, followed by an in depth teaching of the first section of the song.

Length: 24:47 Difficulty: 4.0 Members Only
The Meeting at the Window - Song Lesson, Part 2Lesson 34

The Meeting at the Window - Song Lesson, Part 2

Now, the middle section of Trevor's song, "The Meeting at the Window".

Length: 15:01 Difficulty: 4.0 Members Only
The Meeting at the Window - Song Lesson, Part 3Lesson 35

The Meeting at the Window - Song Lesson, Part 3

Trevor wraps up the teaching of his song, "The Meeting at the Window".

Length: 10:39 Difficulty: 4.0 Members Only
That Old Familiar Pain - Song Lesson, Part 1Lesson 36

That Old Familiar Pain - Song Lesson, Part 1

Now we get to take an in depth look at Trevor's beautiful song, "That Old Familiar Pain". Trevor will go through the piece step by step. This this first part, we get a complete playthrough, followed...

Length: 25:07 Difficulty: 4.5 Members Only
That Old Familiar Pain - Song Lesson, Part 2Lesson 37

That Old Familiar Pain - Song Lesson, Part 2

Trevor teaches us the middle section of his song "That Old Familiar Pain".

Length: 16:41 Difficulty: 4.5 Members Only
That Old Familiar Pain - Song Lesson, Part 3Lesson 38

That Old Familiar Pain - Song Lesson, Part 3

Trevor wraps us his song "That Old Familiar Pain" by teaching us the last section of the songs, which includes a little bit of percussion!

Length: 18:53 Difficulty: 4.5 Members Only
Trevor Gordon Hall

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