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The Strandberg-wielding, polyrhythmic tapping technician herself is here to set the record straight and document her unique approach to guitar. A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Sarah Longfield is now being praised for both her bombastic covers and dazzling original compositions. Her JamPlay exclusive course reveals her advanced techniques, how she creates and records her music and much more.

This exclusive, in-depth study of extended range guitars will challenge and inspire guitarists of all backgrounds. Learn more below or get lifetime access with purchase.

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Tapping Warmups

Sarah teaches a specialized warmup exercise which gets the fingers moving. This exercise also helps to achieve the correct balance of pressure needed to sound the notes without bending out of tune. Additionally, the exercise is perfect for toning up your timing.


Polyrhythmic Single Note Tapping

Learn single note polyrhythmic "gallop feel" tapping. Sarah demonstrates this as a 2 against 3 polyrhythm with 8th and 16th notes. This is a musical concept that is used throughout her compositions which adds a unique rhythmic flair.


Finger Tone

The importance of good finger tone for tapping cannot be overstated. Sarah teaches how to get a pleasant percussive sound without the need to use a compressor. This gives the player much more control over the dynamics of the sound.


Polyrhythmic Chordal Tapping

Building on the concepts of previous lessons, Sarah teaches how to incorporate chords into tapping patterns. As Sarah explains, the key to pulling this off, and having it sound good, is to properly manage the tension in the hands and arms.



Applying what has been learned so far, Sarah uses an excerpt from her song "Tydes". Using only 2 fingers on each hand, this is a fun and simple way to practice the concepts so far in the course. The concepts in this piece are integral to exploring the fretboard in new ways.


First Flight Excerpt #1

A slightly more advanced musical piece, Sarah teaches this excerpt to further solidify polyrhythmic tapping techniques. Learn this fun and challenging solo lick by lick while developing percussive dynamics and tapping chops.


Autumn Air Excerpt

Learn how to add feel to your tapping with the intro solo to Autumn Air. Sarah breaks the solo down note by note with extreme clarity. This piece teaches the student how to add techniques such as sliding and bending while tapping.


7-String Tapping

Sarah teaches a 2 pattern motif that starts on the 5th fret of the low b string and ascends to the 12th fret of the high e string. Utilizing string skipping extensively, this piece is a little more challening. Sarah breaks it down note for note and at slow speeds.


Odd-count Fingerpicking

In this lesson, Sarah teaches the odd-count fingerpicking patterns that are prevalent in her body of work. She details 3 of her favorite patterns and teaches them using a fun chord progression. While challenging, these fingerpicking patterns are integral to the rest of the course.


Sweep Tapping

This lesson uses one of Sarah's favorite 5-string minor sweep arpeggios. Using 16th note triplets and tapping, this is fun to play yet challenging. Sarah assumes the student has a basic understanding of sweep picking. If not, there are many great lessons on the topic in the member's area.


Sweep Picking Cleanup

In this lesson, Sarah teaches how to clean up sweep picking technique. This will help those who are just starting out all the way up to advanced players. Using 3 to 6 string sweeps, she teaches how to practice using only the strumming hand. Once clean sweeping is achieved, the student learns to incorporate the fretting hand.


Paradiddle Tapping

Mixing drumming rudiments and tapped guitar playing, Sarah shows how to take rhythm playing to new heights. First, she teaches the rhythmic concepts and then how to sync both hands for some real guitar gymnastics. While complex, she breaks everything down to individual components to make learning much simpler.


Extended Range Tapping

Sarah likes to take full advantage of the extended range that 7 and 8 stringed guitars provide. Her compositions regularly feature simultaneous bass line, chords and melody playing on one guitar. In this lesson, she explains how to work systematically to achieve this sound.


Pick Management

Where does one put the pick while tapping? And how does one switch between blistering leads and beautiful 8 finger tapping on a dime? In this lessons, Sarah teaches her unique method for managing the pick when switching strum hand techniques.


Creativity Boosting Tunings

Alternate tunings on a 7 or 8 string guitar can dramatically alter the tonal possibilites. In this lesson, Sarah explains how to creatively tune extended range guitars to get beyond overused chord shapes. She also explains her favorite tunings and corresponding chord shapes.


Open Tuning Chords

Building on the concepts of the last lesson, Sarah shows how to use open tuning chords to full effect. She uses backing tracks, at multiple tempos, to illustrate. She also teaches how to master the chords that have tricky fingerings.


Recording for Improvement

Sarah believes that recording one's self is a great way to improve. Recording allows the student to listen back and hear mistakes clearly. She explains the best way to do this and the techniques she recommends all students start with.


Overcoming Technique Obstacles

Getting stuck and hitting plateaus is part of the process of improving at guitar playing. In this lesson, Sarah explains the mindset needed to overcome obstacles and she reveals her go-to tricks to break out of ruts. This is a can't-miss lesson for any guitar player.


Quiescent Excerpt

Learn the 16th note intro to Sarah's song "Quiescent". The open C tuning and 110bpm tempo make this a great way to explore tapping melodies. She teaches how to lead with the tapping hand while filling space with the fretting hand.


First Flight Excerpt #2

Learn the tapped intro to Sarah's song "First Flight". One of her favorite tapping parts, this one jumps around the fretboard and has a bouncy, fun feel. Quite fast at 140bpm, Sarah breaks it into sections and provides multiple tempos to learn and practice with.


Polyrhythms in Chords

Learn the 4 basic chord forms that Sarah uses to build more complex chords. Then learn how to add 2:3 polyrhythmic tapping with your first and third fingers to create mind-bending musical compositions. An advanced piece, she provides multiple tempos for various skill levels.


Advanced Tapped Arpeggios

In this lesson, Sarah shows advanced tapped arpeggio techniques that are challenging for her to play. These are meant to be used as a warmup as well as technical tapping practice. Be forewarned, these are not for the faint of heart and will take time to get under the fingers.


Legato Tapping 1

Here, Sarah teaches fun, sequenced legato tapping that expands up and down the fretboard. She shows how to accomplish this technique with tapping or picking and the pros and cons of each. What makes this technique sound so cool is the amount of speed that can be attained with the simple patterns.


Legato Tapping 2

Sequenced legato tapping runs can be played very quickly, but they tend to sound predictable. So in this lesson, Sarah explains how to use the same concepts from the previous lesson sans the patterns. This is great for expansive solo playing.


Synth Tones

In this lesson, Sarah explains how she achieved the synth tones on her record "Collapse Expand". She covers midi pickups, Axe FX settings, pedals and more. She also explains how to avoid poor synth tracking with proper muting and tapping techniques.


The Multi-Instrumentalist

Sarah attributes her unique sound to the fact that she is a multi-instrumentalist. Her rhythmic tapping technique was born from her love of piano and the drums. In this lesson, she explains how learning other instruments will expand your guitar playing.

Sarah Longfield learned numerous instruments at a young age, including piano, drums, violin and others. Her parents encouraged her deep fascination with music and gave her to ability to immerse herself in it. She developed a keen interest in extended range guitars and has been playing 7 and 8 stringed guitars since the age of 12.

Sarah took lessons around that age and became obsessed with metal music. She would spend most of her free time learning songs from bands such as Meshuggah, Born of Osiris, All Shall Perish and others. This eventually led to her uploading covers to her YouTube channel and creating a massive following online.

A music and gear nerd, she has written and recorded many compositions. In addition to her band, The Fine Constant, she also releases instrumental compositions under her own name. She uses many excerpts from these compositions in her JamPlay.com master class.

Sarah tours all over the world with bands such as Animals as Leaders, Intervals, and Plini. She continues to grow her following of loyal fans, build partnerships with top instrument manufacturers and is on the cutting edge of modern recording techniques.


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