Ear Training with Matt Brown

Matt Brown provides instruction and exercise to facilitate ear training.

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Ear training is a skill that can be built to identify chords, their quality, intervals and rhythmic structure. This skill is invaluable for those wishing to learn songs, and compose music by ear.

Lessons in this Series:

Lesson 1

Chord Qualities

Matt Brown introduces his new series on ear training. He covers basic chord qualities for the first training session.

Length: 39:01 Difficulty: 1.5 Free Sample Lesson
Lesson 2

Introduction to Intervals

Matt Brown offers up a lesson on how intervals are notated and their spacial relationships on the neck of the guitar.

Length: 48:58 Difficulty: 1.0 Member Only
Lesson 3

Hearing Intervals

In lesson three of his ear training series, Matt Brown explains how to identify melodic intervals by ear.

Length: 52:34 Difficulty: 1.5 Member Only
Lesson 4

Harmonic Intervals

In lesson four, Matt Brown demonstrates listening techniques for identifying harmonically stacked intervals.

Length: 33:46 Difficulty: 1.5 Member Only
Lesson 5


Matt Brown discusses and demonstrates how to identify common chord progressions by ear.

Length: 30:09 Difficulty: 1.5 Member Only
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