How to Play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac (Guitar Lesson)

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Mark Brennan


Mark teaches you the ins and outs of a Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fan favorite. After Mark plays the full song demo, Marla (Mark's lovely wife) joins him and sings this beautiful song.

Taught by Mark Brennan in Rock Songs with Mark seriesLength: 34:23Difficulty: 2.5 of 5

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Member Comments about this Lesson

Discussions with our instructors are just one of the many benefits of becoming a member of JamPlay.[email protected] replied

I was told on the dvd packaging that I would be able to print lesson materials. I was unable to print your tab to "Landslide". What's the deal here? I was promised access, and to be able to print...

james.nichollsjames.nicholls replied

Hello Martha, You can print your notation by clicking the supplemental button, then selecting the "Landslide Notation (PDF)" link. This will open the notation on the right of your screen, where you will notice the printer icon in the upper right corner. That should open up the notation in a new window which will give you the option to print the supplemental materials. I hope this helps :-)

TonyinFLTonyinFL replied

that was lovely.

depp604depp604 replied

I question the 74 BPM. I tried but I find it to be slow. Mark, you do not play it at that BPM, but around 150 BPM. Is it written at 74 BPM to begin with, then build up speed?

mishadibbsmishadibbs replied

Not sure if Mark is still with JP, but thanks much for the lesson. It took me while to learn, but I can now play cleanly with you and your Mrs. Thanks very much, Mark!

ArawcliffeArawcliffe replied

Excellent lesson! It made this song so easy to learn. I enjoyed the performance at the end too. Really nice! Cheers.

clm123clm123 replied

I had been working with the supplemental and your video but I was having a problem getting this to sound like the recording. On the 5. 4, 3. 2 strings ( on the first figure) sounds like it should go 5 then 3 then 4 then 2 (no two string pluck) and then right to the G/B shape with the same pattern. I know you said Lindsay Buckingham plays it differently in the beginning but it is a little difficult to make your pattern "sound right" if you are familiar with the song.

clm123clm123 replied

Well I went back and listened to the recording again and I would say that the pattern on the recording is 5 then 3 then 4 then 2 then 3 then 4 moving the shape to G/B and keeping the pattern through the verse chords.[email protected] replied

I am enjoying the landslide lesson by Mark. However I am disappointed that I can not print the supplemental material. Without seeing what the supplemental material looks like I can not determine if it will be useful to me.

guitarpretenderguitarpretender replied

I was able to print the entire supplemental material. Have you figured out why you are unable to print?

prjohnsonprjohnson replied

Superb lesson. Thanks Mark and Marla. Wonderful job on the full song at the end. Hope you two do more of these for Jamplay.

jamplaydavejamplaydave replied

Thanks Mark! What a great find. This is my wife's favorite song. I half-butchered it with custom lyrics to propose to her, so I'm excited to learn it properly and do a better job for our 10th anniversary next year! :-D

rjmmvm1219rjmmvm1219 replied

Mark and Marla sounded fantastic together!


this was beautiful and what i would love to play. solo acoustic is so awesome

kaneikedakaneikeda replied

Very good lesson, Mark, and thanks for including the solo as part of the lesson. That's the one section of this song that I've always wanted to learn, but could never figure it out on my own.

PeterAgoPeterAgo replied

Thank you Mark (&Marla!). Excellent lesson!

jcbk49jcbk49 replied

Excellent lesson!thank you!

LucyLuLucyLu replied

This is one of my most favorite songs of all time so must so I requested it for the Daddy Daughter dance 2 years ago at my oldest Daughter's Wedding. This song for what ever reason always brings a tear to my eye and watching Mark and Marta version did as well. Awsome Job Thank You Jack

SteveAikenSteveAiken replied

Thank you very much for the excellent tutorial, and well performed duo. This is the pick pattern I learned when I started first playing in the '60. I need to practice the solo stuff. You put a lot of good work in to this, your wife is a good singer, thanks

marcjbarnettmarcjbarnett replied

Thanks Mark! Working on achieving the target BPM and the solo now. The solo is slow going but I'm determined.

Terla123Terla123 replied

I want to thank you and Marla for showing me the way. A dream come true for me. Fantastic duo!!!

mcrites1mcrites1 replied

One of the songs I've always wanted to learn how to play; thanks for the lesson Mark and Marla.

garciawilliamgarciawilliam replied

great song & great lesson Thanks mark.

Mark603Mark603 replied

Mark, the solo is such a beautiful part of the song. Is there any chance that you will do a more detailed lesson on this? I notice that there are so many comments asking about it. Thanks

Mark603Mark603 replied

Mark, Thank you for this great song. Where are the chords for the solo part of the song?

caldwem01caldwem01 replied

what is a keybow?

TonyinFLTonyinFL replied

its a CAPO

reoringoreoringo replied

Thanks Mark for teaching us this song. I have enjoyed this one a lot over the years. Now I can play it also :)

Rich1165Rich1165 replied

This song is beautiful. I was in college when the album came out and it was magical. I am somewhat of a beginner but I am mastering this song. It is hard for me but you taught it great and I appreciate it. Thanks.

beehobeeho replied

That was really nice.

bevobevo replied

Thank you for this. I've always enjoyed this song and now I can play it. I really appreciate you including the solo.

whitewatersailorwhitewatersailor replied

Any chance you can do a lesson on Little Martha, by Duane Allman?

Don.SDon.S replied

Only on scene 4 and just about have the pattern with the chord changes down, Mark. Thanks for show us this tune. Suddenly I can't remember how to pick Dust In The Wind. lol

GlenBGlenB replied

Great lesson Mark. Thank you so much. Would you mind doing an add-on sometime to show us some of the other right hand picking that can be done?

riverrats77riverrats77 replied

great lesson. what a beautiful song and vocals by marla are exceptional.

martin.baylymartin.bayly replied

Fantastic - can't believe I've waited 4 years to try this song - next up for me is that solo - my daughter sang this song at her Christmas recital this year. Wish I'd learned it before so I could have accompanied her - next year maybe... Love it when you and Marla do these demos!

brady levasseurbrady levasseur replied

I'm having a hard time following your lesson. I knew how to play the intro, but it seems you're going through everything a little too quickly.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Brady......I assume that you're talking about the solo....which is a bit more advanced. Go through it one lick at a time using the tab.......Maybe more detailed explanation was in order in that seen....

Mark603Mark603 replied

Mark, Where are the chords for the solo part of this song?

Mark603Mark603 replied

Mark, Where are the chords for the solo part of this song?

kammhronkammhron replied

Very nicely done. Thanx.

jaybaileyjaybailey replied

Man this is a popular lesson and does anyone what fret smashing pumkins put their capo on for this song

kmandersonkmanderson replied

Mark - great lesson!! I'm a beginner, and I'm getting better learning the song with the metronome set at 60, what setting is the appropriate tempo? Thanks-Kevin

adg1952adg1952 replied

Enter your comment here.

zappafreakozappafreako replied

Beautiful Marla great lesson mark :) always wanted to learn Landslide

lmcbridelmcbride replied

Hi! Just played along with with Mark and Marla's performance. What a treat! That was a fun way to practice this song!

nynanyna replied

Hi, I am trying to play Lanslide with some problems, I can't seem to get a full screen to see the finger picking. The other lessons I have taken was full screen. What can I do? I am really enjoying the lesson and love the song. I am new to Jamplay so I'm sure it's me. Thank you !

stringthingstringthing replied

nyna, the toolbar under the screen allows you to inlarge to full screen mode. Next to the counter are 5 icons, the 1st is a link option, 2nd is a video marker, 3rd is a loop feature, 4th is the screen enlarger, and 5th is the volume adjustment. Hope this helps

rodeferodefe replied

I got the finger picking already.. and the chords too. However, the glitch you mention at 3:45 on.. it's very confusing the way it's explained..and I keep getting frustrated. I read you explanation on another post, but still confusing, , I tried to follow your instructions and it doesn't sound the same.. Hopefully you can demonstrate it from a different angle, slower and the whole glitch without stopping until you change the chord to continue with the regular picking.. Thank you very much!

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Roberto.....can you tell me what scene you're referring to?.....I want to help you on this........

rodeferodefe replied right here! thank you very much for your reply!

rodeferodefe replied

Still waiting on response..Thank you!

rodefe7rodefe7 replied

wow.. still no response eh?.. haha. Thank you!

faosafaosa replied

Hi I found it hard to follow the video for that section and instead followed the tab, if you do that it's easy.

patric6680patric6680 replied

Mark, excellent job. I belong to several different wedb sites that have instruction but this is by far the best... money well spent. Thank you . I look forward to more finger picking classics from you.

samueljsamuelj replied

Very nice! Amazing job by you and Marla.

noclaptonnoclapton replied

I can't play the d over f# - hands too small, fingers too short - is there a substitute chord?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

There are a couple of optional fingerings you can try....try using your thumb on the second fret of the low sixth string, and your middle finger on the second fret of the third string, with either your pinky of ring finger on the second string, third fret, although your hand may be too small for this, too. You could also just play a regular D chord, but you lose the nice descending bass line.

eddie11111eddie11111 replied

mark i like your style of playing its realy smooth your awsome man thanks for lesson bud apre

eddie11111eddie11111 replied

mark i like your style of playing its realy smooth your awsome man thanks for lesson bud apre

ifly555ifly555 replied

Never mind Mark didn't look high enough on tab! Thanks again for great lesson!

ifly555ifly555 replied

Mark What a beautiful song and thak you for playing it. Do you have the tab for the transition back to C in the solo. It's not in the notation and I just can't seem to wing it from the video. Thanks and great job!

letitiajletitiaj replied

Thanks a lot for this Mark. Learnt Travis picking with Lisa Purcell and now have a use for it. not having to much trouble, solo is taking a bit of work, but have only to get down the last three bars of it. love your work

squat123squat123 replied

Mark-simply fabulous! I am such a novice but this has allowed me to almost play this beautiful song. One question: Most of the song is played on the middle four strings in the picking pattern. However in the chorus there are a couple chords that move to the low E string. Does that mean you move the same picking pattern down to the E, A, D, and G strings? Mark I love your teaching technique and your great technical skill. Thanks Mark and Marla!

squat123squat123 replied

Mark-Please disregard my previous question! I should have been paying better attention. You explained it perfectly in the lesson!!Thanks again.

Markus WidmerMarkus Widmer replied

Mark - absolutely superb. The other day, I downloaded the chords from a website and while they may be the original chords, they were so blxxdy difficult that I gave up after 10 secs and I gave up hope altogether until I found your lesson which instilled confidence in me again. Thank you soooooo much and to your lovely wife. Will practise this song with my daughter Fiona tonight. Regards from Switzerland.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Markus...great to hear from you....good luck with this song! Mark

Markus WidmerMarkus Widmer replied

Mark - absolutely superb. The other day, I downloaded the chords from a website and while they may be the original chords, they were so blxxdy difficult that I gave up after 10 secs and I gave up hope altogether until I found your lesson which instilled confidence in me again. Thank you soooooo much and to your lovely wife. Will practise this song with my daughter Fiona tonight. Regards from Switzerland.

jsalsejsalse replied

fantastic! loved your lesson, thanks!

BigTRSBigTRS replied

Awesome and inspiring. Thank-you both.

mandrstilesmandrstiles replied

Great song and lesson. I've been gone a while but am back. Seems like some of your songs are gone, like Stairway, What happened to all your songs?

cantwellmcantwellm replied

Clearest lesson and best performance on JamPlay! Now if only someone could teach me Fleetwood Mac's "Bleed to Love Her" I'd be set for life....

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Another great song! So many great Mac tune........

tammy7689tammy7689 replied

great lesson and great performance....thank you mark for teaching this and thank you marla for singing have a great you think you guys could do "dreams"? thats another fav song from mac that i love

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Marla and I do this one with our duet.....that would be a great choice.

forestiiforestii replied

If you're having trouble with the solo (this part goes by fast in the video), everything you're missing from the video is in the supplemental content (tabs and music). This is the first song I learned on my guitar and thanks to Mark I was able play the whole thing, including the solo -- but since I'm a beginner I COULD NOT have learned it without the supplemental materials.

robpoetrobpoet replied

Mark, what are your thoughts on thumb-overs for the F# bass me less shoushly (my PA Dutch Grandma's word meaning "full of movement") This is a hard on to play and sing without crying...too beautiful, ya know? :)

robpoetrobpoet replied

of course you know I meant "hard one" , I hope...thanks for the lessons!

mike4370mike4370 replied

what a beautiful performance!

riverquiriverqui replied

Mark, when you say "ok, on the Am7 I'm gonna do this" and then just do it and not explain exactly what you did as you had earlier in the song, it makes it extremely difficult to follow. At least for me. Any helpful hints to figure out this solo? I'm stuck!

mpstiversmpstivers replied

He takes the solo WAY too fast. Slow down buddy

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Check out Scene 6.....all riffs of the solo are presented at slow speed.

dylansmomdylansmom replied

Because of this song, I joined Jamplay. Looking forward to more acoustic lessons with you, Mark. Also, Marla sounds better than Stevie Nicks, in my opinion.

twowheeltwowheel replied

Thanks Mark! I joined Jamplay to clean up 2 years of being all over the place in my lessons. You and some of the other instructors (LIsa, Eric and more) have set me on a much more focused path and this song has been the result. I play it finger style and hybrid and almost have the solo. Thanks to you and Marla.

hgreifhgreif replied

Hey, Mark, I joined jamplay because of this lesson. Thought you might want to know. Also, I am performing this piece this Wednesday in NYC. I just hope that it won't be too difficult to pick when I am nervous.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Good luck!

hgreifhgreif replied

I did well up until the solo and then got a bit nervous hearing only my guitar over the loudspeakers. Hopefully I will do better next time. Thanks.

dshoha11dshoha11 replied

i like youre playing but am a bit disappointed, when youre wife is singing, and there are changes in the chords it shows her, not youre hands, so i have to go back and re blah blah, instead of seeing it in real time

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Watch Scene 7...Full Song Demo without vocal.

wussywussy replied

Mark, What a great lesson. I am a beginner and haven't mastered the solo but how exciting it is to play some of this song. Your wife's vocal really solidified the song. Well done Marla! I hope more acoustic rock like Fleetwood mac and Jackson Browne will be in the future as this is where my interest lies. I just wanted to thank you for giving me this song. This is why I joined!

jemgibsojemgibso replied

You and your wife did an excellent job on this song. Thank you. I admit I am kind of disappointed there is not more singing with the guitar playing on Jamplay as done with this song. I think it is a good way to put a song into context. Thank you.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Check out my Aqualung lesson.

ombaksombaks replied

Mark: Great lesson. I ahve been enjoying learning the song and your instructions are great. I am having problems learning the solo from your instructions though. Couple questions. The hammer on is on what string with what finger? it isnt clear to me. the slide after that move is unclear to me as well. I have watched teh video a bunch of times. What finger is pressing what strings? thanks in advance

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Peter....sorry these things weren' clear. I assume your referring to the solo.....The first hammer on is an the third string with the middle (2nd) finger. The slide the follows I'm using my picking. You can use you ring finger on this slide if it's easier...Let me know if this helps...Mark

ms turryms turry replied

Mark, I have a tendency to cut my index finger out of this pattern and just alternate (as with the thumb) the middle finger. Is this going to be okay or should I break myself of this habit? Thanks. Excellent teaching.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

I would say whatever works to get the job done is fine. A lot of great players have their own different techniques for fingerpicking. But I would encourage you to get your index involved as it will open up a lot more possibilities of picking patterns and you'll find yourself developing a much smoother style. Give it a shot....Mark B.

ksclarkksclark replied

Hey Mark, great lesson and I'm getting close to being able to play it. The solo part of the tab has a slide and hammer on but I'm not sure which tab symbol is which. Looking forward to learning more songs from ya. thnx

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

The note you slide into has a short straight upward line before the notehead on the standard notation. The hammer-on is indicated with a slur marking, which is a curved line connecting two different notes. If the second note goes up, it's a hammer-on; if the second note goes down, it's a pull off. The curved line between two of the samed notes is a tie, and this indicates you sustain the note for the combined value of the two notes.

travr1131travr1131 replied

Such a great lesson! I love how you break it down into the separate verses and explain the picking pattern. I can now play this song, but without the solo part, still working on that. The performace at the end was great, I really enjoyed it! Thank you!

chas52chas52 replied

really super beautiful performance. mark, any ideas about doing some of the more complicated lindsey buckingham style for this great tune?????

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Lindsey Buckingham, as far as I know, plays strictly with his pick. I haven't studied his playing techniques in depth, but again, I'm pretty sure he does all his riffs with his fingers. On Landslide, it's an alternate thumb bass picking pattern...Travis picking, that he uses. The top notes of the arppegios and melody notes in the solo are played with his index, middle, and ring fingers. Take a close look at video, and it should shed more light on the subject.

chas52chas52 replied

just signed up for a month. thanks for your reply Mark. I thought I remembered seeing Lindsey doing this live and fingerpicking with a lot more notes. and it sounded great. I'll have to check out youtube.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Yea...his live performances that I've heard have a lot of new improvised stuff in them. Very cool. He's got great right hand finger picking technique.

lilbikerlilbiker replied

Yes I started a few days ago with minimal time, but I have gotten the fingerpicking down, now it is off to the chord changes and the solo. Having some issues with the glitch before the chorus, Am7, maybe you can clarify I didn't see any notes in the tab. Or I will just continue to play it over and over. I appreciate you work on this and the nice job you and Marla do with the song. Very Very nice.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

The Amin "glitch" that I am referring to appears in Scene 4: Verse chords, at the 3:35 mark in verse 1, just before verse 2. It is on the supplemental, page 2, bars 19 and 20. Notice that the Amin arpeggio in bar 19 extends into the first 2 beats of bar 20. After you play the arpeggio on the Am in bar 19, stay on the Amin into bar 20..the problem you might be having is that the right hand picking pattern changes. At bar 20 (still on Amin), pick the 5th string with the thumb and the 2nd string with the middle finger together and hold that for a quarter note...1 full count. Then continue with the thumb on the 4th string and index on the 3rd string seperately as eighth notes. At this point you are at beat three and here is where you change to the G/B chord playing the pattern in eighth notes. Check out the video again at Scene 4 at the 3:35 mark....let me know if this helps, and if you get it down. It is a little tricky, but the beauty fo the music is in the details, and it's well worth the time and effort to get it right. Good luck, Mark B.

lilbikerlilbiker replied

Thanks Mark I will give this a shot and let you know I am at work now so I will try it tonight when I get home.

lilbikerlilbiker replied

I think I got the glitch down, more practice but at least now I understand what it is, now I just need to work on the solo and I will be able to play the whole song still with much needed practice I will get it down perfect. Thanks for making it so easy to learn.

lilbikerlilbiker replied

Yes, I am really enjoying your lessons also and I got the picking pattern down pretty well and getting stronger on the chord changes, but I too am having difficulty understanding the AM7 glitch. I hear the difference when you play but do not see it in the tab as to which strings or notes are played. My ears are not trained well enough yet to be able to say exactly what the difference is or how to play it I just know it is there. I know others have had the sae question but I did not see a definitive answer. Hope you can help. Great job by you and your wife!!

got5kidsgot5kids replied

Hey Mark, I've been wanting to learn this song since H.S. and that was 25 years ago. Thanks, I just signed up for Jamplay on Mon. and learning the song by Wed., because of your awesome instructions. Thanks again. Still don't have the whole song down, but getting better every minute

pfelthampfeltham replied

Many thanks for this. Your teaching methodology for this delivery format is excellent. Learned to play the whole song in about a week of evenings. Cheers from Ottawa.

YucatanEdYucatanEd replied

Mark, really great lesson. I had been wanting to learn this one for a long time. You broke it down for us so that the chorus and verse weren't as intimidating as you hear on the radio. The solo took the longest for me to learn, but now that I have I can say that I know the song now. Thanks for a great lesson!

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied


skylionskylion replied

Hi Mark. I followed your course 1, which was great by the way. Even though I was more of an intermediate player, I am very glad I did, because it really improved my rythm. Now I am obsessed by the metronome. :) On paper (suplemental content) it says each quarter note is 140. But on my metronome you play each at 155 which is exactly like the orignal. Is my metronome wrong or is the paper wrong? (Because I notice that there are several songs not equal to my metronome and I have to listen to the orignal first to have a precise figure.) Thanks a lot for your great courses!!! I 'd be very happy it there will be a phase 2 course!!!

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Tom...sorry for the delay in a response. I'm sure I'm playing it faster than you're probably correct at it being about 155. The tempo of this song, I think, can vary depending on your interpretation, or in your mood at the time of a particulat performance. Try varying the tempo and find a spot that feels good for you. The tempo might also be determined by where the vocalist likes it, too. Let me know how it works out for you...Mark B.

skylionskylion replied

Hi Mark, Thanks for the answer. Since I have been playing with the metronome it really improved my playing. Before I played 13 years without metronome. I start slow (but in rythm) and increase when I feel I am ready. I am now following Brad Henecke's 2nd phase rock course and am looking forward to your additional phase 1 lessons. Thanks!!! Tom

jaysonjohnjaysonjohn replied

Hi Mark, thanks for a lovely rendition of this tune to you and your wife. Is this picking style also called a clawhammer ?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Jason....I've heard that term before, but I'm not exactly sure what it means.....maybe someone can help us out on this one..I've aways called this style of alternating bass notes Travis picking. I'll have to investigate clawhammer....Mark B.

rockerdonrockerdon replied

hey mark , what type of martin do u use in this lesson?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Check my comment from March 17th.

SylviaSylvia replied

Hey Mark? I seem to have a problem... I'm picking away smoothly and then all of a sudden I completely miss a string pluck. It's like the offending finger just does a low flying near miss... any suggestions to correct that?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hi Sylvia...good to hear from ya! Right hand position when fingerpicking is important. The plane of my right hand is flat, with a slight curve of the wrist. Relax the forearm, wrist, and hand. Curve the fingers naturally, and keep the thumb out in front of the index so they don't bump into each other. Hover the fingers over the strings as you play, and don' t rest the fingers on the strings unless you anre trying to dampen strings. Slow the picking pattern down to a tempo your comfortable with. Practice it until it becomes second nature, then gradually increase the tempo til you're up to speed. With practice, you can do this in your sleep. These picking patterns become a natural thing, with very little thought. Good luck...Mark B.

bravo131bravo131 replied

hi mark , I am new to the sight I have the picking pattern down and getting faster,but am having trouble seeing what your picking for the solo , is there an other angle or even a tab for just the solo ? it would make it much easier for me to learn that portion of the song ,I have played the solo many many many times and getting very frustrated

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hang in...I'll make an edit on the tab to include the right hand picking for the solo.

bravo131bravo131 replied

thanks for the reply mark, I am still learning my way around this web sight , I am trying not to get frustrated ,but I work 3 jobs and trying to find time to play my guitar , I am just glad that I found this sight , it has helped me get rid of some of the daily stess , I finally got down ( she talks to angels) excellent song ,thanks for teaching us that song , I was also wondering if you were going to teach (dust in the wind by kansas ) that song uses travis picking also ?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

I'd love to do a lesson on Dust In The Wind......I'll keep that one in mind.

bravo131bravo131 replied

hi mark : finally got down the landslide solo ,the only minor problem while playing the song is getting confused between Am7 and c they alternate so many times that some times it can get confusing, other than that so far so good ,also by the way , I started to learn dust in the wind , I found a good tab book at the guitar shop that had dust in the wind , it is definitly travis picking

SylviaSylvia replied

yeah, I play in the more classical position normally. What is happening is I miss the middle finger pick right after the second beat of the measure. I just completely miss the string. LOL It did take me a while to retrain for this pattern because the way I play dust in the wind is slightly different than this. I'll keep trying going slooooooowly to see if it gets any better.

justusfranzjustusfranz replied

Hi Mark, thank you for this great song and lesson!!!!!!!! When do we learn the next new song from you?

jimmjimm replied

Mark, I too am having trouble with the "glitch" between verses 1 and 2. The specific passage starts 3:40 in on the verse chords section(scene 4). Please clarify which strings are being used. Thanks much. Am enjoying this immensely.

mandrstilesmandrstiles replied

Any plans to do more Fleetwood/Lindsey?

csnowcsnow replied

Mark: Where the tab say "let ring" can you please explain. I have seen that elsewhere. Thanks.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Christopher....good question. When the notation "let ring" is put on the music, it's normally in an arpeggio passage, meaning the notes of a chord are played in a broken, single note style. Let ring simply means to let all the chord tones ring freely as you play them. Do not stop the resonance of any of the stings. It's the same effect you get when you depress the damper pedal on a piano as you play chords.

alaker36alaker36 replied

You two sounded great together!!

dominoguydominoguy replied

mark im a little baffled with the (am7- glitch ) part. i cant seem to get the picking right, watch the vid and read tab numerous times , any help ?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Kyle...can you give me the specific bar numbers in the tab you're talking about...then I'll see if I can give you suggestions....Mark B.

finnstar37finnstar37 replied

Hey Mark, Thanx for another awesome lesson. I have now got the picking pattern on auto pilot but the solo is really hard!! Just taking it slowly bar by bar at first. Would be great if you could post some more acoustic lessons soon. These are the best things on the site.

mike4370mike4370 replied

hey Mark, im really enjoying this lesson and im FINALLY getting the picking pattern down. again really good lesson, thanks

billlynn13billlynn13 replied

Thanks to both of you. This is another song that I have always enjoyed listening too. And I hope one day to learn to play it as well as you do.

scoffeyscoffey replied

Another great lesson Mark. Thank you. I'm a bit confused on going from v.2 to chorus. You said D7/F#, and that it's the same picking pattern but different first note. That looks like what you are doing, but the notation shows the first note on the 5th string. I'm guessing that was just a typo?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Sean...glad you enjoyed the lesson. I checked the tab and it looks correct. The D/F# going into the chorus starts with the 2nd fret sixth string (F#), together with the 1st fret second string (C).

blackriderblackrider replied

Hi Mark, a great lesson. I purchased the sheet music for this song (before I joined Jamplay) and they have a different pick pattern where the rhythm is quite different. It has an 8th note pair to begin with 16th notes till the chord change. The note are ordered differently eg. You have C-G-E-C, the other version is C-E-G-C. Your pattern sounds more like what I have heard, but now that I have learned the other pattern it creeps in while I'm trying to learn this one. Any suggestions on how to purge this other pattern? I realize that the pick pattern is up to the performer, but yours has a better feel to it.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Oh, and to purge you of the other pattern....slow practice with a metronome.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Warren...good to hear from you. I just listen to Lindsey Buckingham play this and the pattern is definitely CGEC...the thumb plays the C and E on the beat, and the fingers play the G and octave C on the "and" of the the way I'm playing it is correct, except I added an extra note...the octave C along with the bass C on beat one....guess this came about from years of playing and improvising the song. It still has the some feel, but it acentuates the first beat of every bar. You can leave the octave note out if you like, and just play the bass C with your thumb on beat beat and tempo on my tab are different than the version you have. Mine is counted with eighth notes and quarter notes at 140 bpm.....hope this all makes sense and doesn't cause any confusion....Mark B.

blackriderblackrider replied

Thanks for the clarification Mark, it makes perfect sense...Ok off to purge the other pattern.

SylviaSylvia replied

I'm with you! I keep doing it backwards. LOL sounds ok... but a bit crazy making.

rphilli9rphilli9 replied

Hey Jim, I am having a bit of trouble with clean picking. Do you have fingernails are do you just use your fingers?

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Randy....I use fingernails. You don't need to grow them too long..just a bit over the fingertip. what you want is not only the fingernail come in contact with the string, but also a bit of skin from your fingertip, so dont' grow the nail too long. After you pluck the string, be careful not to bump another string, and don't place the finger on the string prior to plucking..the right hand fingers hover over the strings with a slight curve...hope this helps. Mark B.

rphilli9rphilli9 replied

Sorry, I'm brain dead. I ment to say this to Mark

jgrisardjgrisard replied

Just joined and tuned right into your lesso.WOW, it was great thank you so much. May I ask what model Martin do you use and what kind of strings. Has a very sweet sound. Look forward to more lessons

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Hey Jim....welcome to Jamplay, and thanks for the nice comments.....My Martin is a custom shop model. It has a three piece back like a D-35. It's a dreadnought witha cutaway. It also has a lot of nice inlay work with abalone and mother -of-pearl around the soundhole, bindings, fretboard, and headstock. It has a Fishman Prefix Blender preamp...nice ax. I love to ya soon...Mark B.

mike4370mike4370 replied

great lesson, especially the full song demo with the vocals. she has a really wonderful voice. i actually thought the song sounded better capoed on the forth fret. you two sound great together.

kevinkevin replied

Nice Mark & Marla need more of those.great job.

jabrosejabrose replied

Wow, I've been struggling with this entire song for years (I had some fundamental mistakes in my tab version). This was a fantastic lesson.

Don.SDon.S replied

Mark, I really love your electric guitar lessons, but when you pick up an accoustic I'm there, pal. It's nice to hear Marla's voice at then end as well. Thanks for the great lesson, it's right up there with She Talks To Angels. If you ever get out to SoCal the refreshements are on me! Don

jay boucherjay boucher replied

Hey Mark, this is truly a work in progress for those of us who are not finger style pickers- but the way you portray this song certainly makes me want to be one! You have a great teaching style and I'd love to see you do more stuff like this, She Talks To Angels etc as I am not really into the Pink Floyd stuff. Keep'em coming!

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Thanks Jay....I plan on doing a lot more acoustic stuff, and down the road we're planning a Phase 2 series on acoustic guitar styling, which will no doubt include finger picking. Stay tuned...Mark B.

SylviaSylvia replied

Lyrics for those who want them took my love, I took it down Climbed a mountain and I turned around I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills till the landslide brought me down Oh, mirror in the sky What is love Can the child within my heart rise above Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides Can I handle the seasons of my life Well, Ive been afraid of changing cause Ive built my life around you But time makes you bolder Children get older Im getting older too Oh, take my love, take it down Climb a mountain and turn around If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills Well the landslide will bring it down If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills Well maybe the landslide will bring it down

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Cool...thanks Sylvia!

danorockdanorock replied

Mark - dude, you are a stud! Just in awe of your style and solid teaching method. Keep it coming brotha! One comment: The solo part played on the high E and B string was WAY FAST and even after 20 re-winds, cannot get it. Any help would be appreciated.

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Daniel...good to hear from you. Yea, that riff is a challenging one. Comes from the fingerstyle single note technique. Make sure you alternate r.h. fingers while picking, and free stroke. There are a couple of slurs in the riff too that will help: In bar 59 slide up from the 3rd fret to the 5th, then slide bar to 3 (the tab doesn't show the slide down) under one attack. In bar 60, pull off from the 2nd fret to open. This should help you out. And get out your metronome and practice at a slow tempo till steady, then gradually bring up to song tempo....good luck, talk to ya soon..Mark B.

robearlerobearle replied

Mark, do me a favour...slap a postage stamp on Marlas forehead and send her to the UK. There's a good chap.

joeonionjoeonion replied

Great Lesson. I was wondering if you could add the full solo to the tab, part of it is missing

MarkBrennanMarkBrennan replied

Yes, it's all there....bars 45 - 60.

cdawsoncdawson replied

Seems complete to me, page 3 of the supplemental content, about half way down.

robearlerobearle replied

Beautiful.......just beautiful..nuff said.

rphilli9rphilli9 replied

Every time I hear this song it sends chills down my spine. Though many of the lessons and demos I've worked with on this site are well done, this is by far, the best. Of course the selection does skew my opinion. I love the way all of the instructors on Jamplay seem to come in to my den to give private lessons. This is why I no longer take lessons locally and will probably a life member of your site. Hats off to Mark and Marla on their heartwarming performance of a true classic.

rphilli9rphilli9 replied

No I wasn't paid for this comment

oakieoakie replied

Great song lesson, I am at the begining of the road and one day will get here

nmoundnmound replied

Love when you end Mark's song lessons with the husband and wife duet...great job!!!

rudigerrudiger replied

That was awesome. Thanks Mark and Marla

luneytunezluneytunez replied

Thoroughly enjoyable!!! I'm not even close to the point where I could play that but enjoyed it none the less. Thank you.

carterbncarterbn replied

Great lesson Mark! Having Marla singing with you in the demo seems to help bring the lesson all together. Thanks to you and Marla!

flyrerflyrer replied

Nice Mark & Marla, Thanks for a great lesson and great mini concert!!!!!!

SylviaSylvia replied

Gotta love the Mac. thanks for teaching this one Mark!

greenogreeno replied

Great lesson Mark. Excellent vocals Marla, I realy enjoyed that. We need more of those

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Mark Brennan

About Mark Brennan View Full Biography Mark Brennan, born August 12th, 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio, began playing guitar at the age of 10. His first influences were from the Ventures and the British Invasion, especially the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Shortly afterwards he was playing in rock bands with his brother on drums, developing his ear by learning songs straight from records. Playing in a band became a passion.

In high school, he grew to love acoustic and classical guitar. He spent time playing acoustic music, influenced by The Eagles, CSN, Dan Folgelberg, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, etc. In the 70's, he headed a very popular Cleveland band, The Brennan-Cosma Band, which played a variety of acoustic and rock music, along with originals. He also took up classicalguitar, and began developing his fingerstyle technique.

Mark is a graduate of Cleveland State University (1980), with a Bachelor of Music in Classical guitar performance. He also studied Music Composition, and took many Music Education classes. After graduation, he began his private teaching career, teaching electric, acoustic, and classical guitar, along with music theory. He taught in various studios and guitar shops throughout his career, and currently has a private practice at his home in Fairview Park, Ohio.

In the 80's Mark took an affection to Progressive rock. With his band Polyphony, he was influenced by the music of Yes, Genesis, Kansas, ELP, Styx, along with a set of prog rock originals.

Currently, Mark is in the regionally successful Pink Floyd tribute band Wish You Were Here. The band performs faithful renderings of the Floyd classics spanning their entire catalog, along with a strong visual stage show. Here, Mark displays his command of the David Gilmour style.

Mark is excited to be part of's fine roster of teachers. He's looking forward to extending his 35 years of performing and teaching experience to the JamPlay members. His philosophy is about developing a passion for guitar and being the best musician you can be; being true to yourself and developing a personal style, and truly expressing your heart through your music.

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I am 66 years young and I still got it! I would have never known this if it had not been for Jamplay! I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar! Ha! I cannot express enough how great you're website is! It is for beginners and advanced pickers! I am an advanced picker and thought I had lost it but thanks to you all, I found it again! Even though I only play by ear, I have been a member a whopping whole two weeks now and have already got Brent's country shuffle and country blues down and of course with embellishments. Thank you all for your wonderful program!

Greg J.

"With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace"

I'm a fifty eight year old newbie who owns a guitar which has been sitting untouched in a corner for about seven years now. Last weekend I got inspired to pick it up and finally learn how to play after watching an amazing Spanish guitarist on TV. So, here I am. I'm starting at the beginning with Steve Eulberg and I couldn't be happier (except for the sore fingers :) Some day I'm going to play like Steve! I'm self employed with a hectic schedule. With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace, rewinding and replaying the videos until I get it. This is a very enjoyable diversion from my work yet I still feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. Thanks a lot, Greg


"I believe this is the absolute best site for guitar students."

I am commenting here to tell you and everyone at JamPlay that I believe this is the absolute best site for guitar students. I truly enjoy learning to play the guitar on Yes, I said the words, ""enjoy learning."" It is by far the best deal for the money.

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