Bluegrass Guitar Lessons & Courses

The term "bluegrass" was originally used to describe a new kind of country music pioneered by Bill Monroe in the 1930's. Monroe was from the "bluegrass" state of Kentucky. He incorporated this unofficial state motto into the name of his band, The Blue Grass Boys. Take a look below to check out the different teachers that cover bluegrass. You can scope out the entire series or sample it out by clicking to view the free lesson.

10 0 100%

Bluegrass Fiddle Tunes

3 lessons

400 27 87%

Bluegrass Flatpicking Method

25 lessons

62 6 82%

Bluegrass with Nick Amodeo

14 lessons

114 11 82%

Bluegrass Guitar with Steve Eulberg

17 lessons

185 6 94%

Bluegrass Flatpicking

40 lessons