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Reading Music and Rhythms - Video Guitar Lessons (FREE)

Reading music and rhythm is the foundation for anyone serious about music. In order to understand the theory necessary to progress as a player, a basic understanding of how to read music and how to read rhythms is necessary.

Take a look below to check out the different teachers that cover reading music and rhythms. You can scope out the entire series or sample it out by clicking to view the free lesson.

Reading Music and Rhythm

Reading Music and Rhythm

Focus: Matt brings all of his years of education right to you with this fantastic series on how to read music. You will start with the very basics and work up to some very advanced concepts.

52 Lessons View Free LessonSeries Details
Music Reading

Music Reading

Focus: Jim Deeming teaches the basics of standard notation and music reading. He will start off with the absolute basics, so beginners have nothing to fear.

9 Lessons Series Details