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Singing with Guitar - Video Guitar Lessons (FREE)

Singing along with the guitar is a time honored tradition that can add depth and beauty to your playing. This skill is particularly prevalent, but not limited to, rhythm guitarists. Being able to play and sing at the same time is no easy task. Now you can master it.

Take a look below to check out the different teachers that cover singing with guitar. You can scope out the entire series or sample it out by clicking to view the free lesson.

Guitar Performance

Guitar Performance

Focus: This series is all about guitar performance and the skills you need to do so. This series will cover basic vocal skills, singing and playing, equipment needed for living playing and other crucial skills.

21 Lessons Series Details
Singing with Guitar

Singing with Guitar

Focus: Singing and playing the guitar together can add another dimension to your ability as a musician and guitarist. Steve Eulberg gets you well on your way to being able to sing and play guitar at the same time. He starts with easy one chord songs and moves on from there.

10 Lessons View Free LessonSeries Details