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Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman

From Prong, Ministry, Madonna

There are great guitarists, great vocalists and great songwriters, but Monte Pittman is one of the elite few who can truly lay claim to all three titles. To assert that Pittman has had a storied career is something of an understatement. His resumé includes an ongoing and fruitful collaboration with multi-platinum selling artist Madonna, having recorded and toured with her extensively over a period of more than fifteen years. Then there’s his first band, Myra Mains, his ... (more)

Monte currently offers 1 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 1 intermediate lesson.

Monte Pittman's contribution to JamPlay

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Theory and Improvisation

Getting the Most out of Your 12 Notes

Twelve notes, six strings, twenty-two plus frets - a massive amount of combinations! How do all these elements work together? Join Monte Pittman to figure out how!


Song Creation

Monte now takes some of the progressions we've been working on and dives into creating our own song!

15:47 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty

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