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Tuning Down Perhaps one day Ill realize this question is dumb and feel like an idiot for asking but for now, as a new player, I dont really understand the purpose of tuning down. Lets be sure I have the concept correct to start off with. Tuning down one step makes an E string into a D, A becomes a G ... I presume this subsequently causes chords to tune down as well. What exactly is the advantage of this? Why not just play the chords/notes as they are ( an E when you want an E...) ? Confused but Teachable
Supplemental Content The instructors talk about tablature that accompany their lessons. Where can I find them?
Acoustic or Electric? Hi I'm wondering if I should be starting on an acoustic or electric guitar. I have an Ibanez electric but people have been telling me I should learn on an acoustic. Is this true?
Asking Instructors Questions Using a Webcam This video talks about using your webcam to ask instructors a question in the live chats.
Acoustic or Electric? Chris Liepe dives into understanding what style of guitar may be best for you to start learning on.
How to Find the Key Hi, I would like to know how one can determine what key is the individual playing there chord progression in and if it is major or minor key. Please help I am having a hard time understanding this piece and know if any one could help me, it is you guys at JamPlay. Thanks Jose Otero. Rock On!
Which Acoustic Guitar? I recently joined JamPlay and it has given me the satisfaction that no other guitar sites have. I have just started with Steve's basic guitar series and I have not yet bought a guitar. So, could you please recommend me a guitar to start with like an entry level guitar? Thanks.
Pinch Harmonics Hey, I was wondering why cant I squeal my low e string and a string? I can do it on the other strings but i cant do it on those. I use Ernie Ball heavy bottom skinny top strings.
Speed and Technique Nick Greathouse's free speed and technique lessons are why i became a JamPlay member. Since then my playing has improved dramatically. Kris Norris' metal style is extremely fast and absolutely blistering. If he would do a speed and technique series of lessons I feel I would develop the style I've dreamed of for quite a number years. Please, that would be absolutely awesome.
Ear Training I was wondering if you guys intend to do some ear training area for guitar. I'm still with my seven 7 account. I didn't choose yet what site ill choose to pay for lessons, and my number 1 preoccupation is about ear training.
I'm Only Sleeping - Beatles Hi guys looking for a lesson for I'm Only Sleeping by The Beatles.
Scales I found this question on the site in the forum. Let's say I and a friend are playing together in the key of G. My friend is playing the G chord and he will play the I IV V progression. I am playing the pentatonic scale in G. When my friend changes chords, do I change the scale I am playing in or do I stay in G? I hope this question is clear. Thanks John
Playing Guitar with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I've been diagnosed with this in both wrists, just as I was about to get back starting to learn guitar. It started after being off work and using the computer for long periods over 2 weeks. I think it's most likely affected by my thyroid, so I'm going to try a few things to get it sorted (gym, stretching, less booze :( and a powerball). I'd just like to know if I can still learn to play with CTS or not? Thanks, Luke.
Requesting Songs Hello, I am a new member and am interested in learning many songs that are not on your lesson list. How do I go about requesting songs for future lessons?
Kompa Guitar Riff I'm dying to know how to play this. I do not know what scale its played on. I I can find the first note but don't know how to figure out the rest of this riff. Please help. its the following link and it starts its the part 1 minute and 59 seconds into it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYID5wsduvE
Open E Tuning You tune standard on 5th fret, is there a way to tune open e like that and if not how do I get there?
Bad Habits Hi, Let me start by saying that I'm so glad I found this website. It has reunited me with my guitar and I have had a lot of fun learning from all of you. My question is regarding bad habits. I am an originally self-taught guitarist who had absolutely no direction form a mentor and because of this I picked up a slue of bad habits and bad technique. It has been extremely difficult to get away from some (ex. I will anchor my pinky on the high E string while playing lead and if any of you saw my left hand technique you will cringe), while some have had uses (ex. I play barre chords with the ring and pinky inverted which allows for some cool tension-building chords when I move my pinky up a fret, etc). There are many many others, but throughout the years I learned a lot of cool songs and learned them with bad technique. I don't want to sit and relearn how to fret and pick all over again because I will get bored. At the same time if I keep playing the songs I learned with bad technique I will keep reverting to my old bad habits every time I play. Any advice on how to overcome this? Thanks! -- Vase
Using a Capo If I am playing a chord progression in the key of G and a 2nd guitar is playing a lead line using the Em pentatonic scale, what happens if a capo is put on the 7th fret of the second guitar. Does the lead guitar now play in the Am pattern? A capo on the 7th fret with a C chord pattern produces a G chord sound; so do you use a Am pattern (relative minor of C) to get the sound of Em pentatonic scale. I hope this isn't confusing.
Playing With a Thumbpick Quick question, I've noticed that some really good guitar players will play with the thumb pick, from Nils Lofren to some of the instructors at JamPlay. I am trying to change up my style by learning how to use the thumbpick for some country and bluegrass music. Does JamPlay have any lessons on techniques for using the thumbpick such as exercises and hints? Thanks, Ron Terranova.
Amp Shopping I'm about ready to get an amp again. Never had a rockin' head and cabinet, funds just don't allow. Anyway, have you ever gotten to use the Line 6 combo amp and whats your take on them. I was looking at the Spider IV-75 watt combo. These new amps with all the presets with 16 different amp models and 300+ hand-crafted artist-created presets and 200 dialed in song-based presets sound nice if your jammin' covers with your friends. Seems to eliminate the need for a lot of effects and I'm guessing you can always create your own anyway. So does it eliminate the need for a effects processor also? Thanks.
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