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ZZ Top Guitar Lessons

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"Blue Jean Blues"

by ZZ Top

Run time: 60:04 Rock

"Dennis Hodges teaches you how to play this classic song from ZZ Top. If you are a Billy Gibbons fan or just a fan of tasty, slow blues playing in general, check out this lesson!"

Lesson taught by Dennis Hodges

"Jesus Just Left Chicago"

by ZZ Top

Run time: 33:00 Blues

"Here is a lesson on a very popular song from ZZ Top's Tres Hombres, which was released in 1973. Dennis Hodges teaches you all the parts, so get ready for some good ol' fashioned blues rock!"

Lesson taught by Dennis Hodges


by ZZ Top

Run time: 32:12 Rock

"DJ Phillips is back with a lesson on the classic blues song "Tush" from rockers ZZ Top! This lesson features a full breakdown and the correct tunings for both the rhythm guitar and slide guitar parts. "

Lesson taught by DJ Phillips