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Strumming Patterns and Timing - Guitar Question

"Lucasholland asked "Hello, I'm following Steve's lessons and am practicing 2 chord progressions (G, Em, C, D7, and G, Em, Am, D7) using the 5 strumming patterns he teaches with my metronome. This works fine for all the strumming patterns except pattern D (d, d, u, pause, up, down, up / d, d, u, u, pause, u,d,u). The problem is (I think) that I only have beats per measure. So I start the first down-strum on the first beat. The up-strum should be before the second beat, right? So... what I think is confusing me is that I also have strum on the offbeat... Could you show me how to practice the 2 variations on the strumming pattern (variation 1: d, d, u, pause, up, down, up; variation 2: d, d, u, u, pause, u,d,u)) with a metronome (e.g. on which beat to strum etc.)? Thanks! Lucas.""

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